Update from ACT for Youth | January 2024

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Engaging Youth in Program Design and Planning

Young people are experts in their own experiences and can provide unique insights and perspectives that improve programs and outcomes. But how can organizations bring youth into the planning process successfully?

Here we provide an overview and link to resources on engaging youth in program planning.

Involving Youth in Program Planning

Research and Resources

Survey on Racism, Discrimination, and Health

Kaiser Family Foundation: In a reflection of how pervasive racism and discrimination can be in daily life, a new KFF survey shows that many Hispanic, Black, Asian, and American Indian and Alaska Native adults in the U.S. believe they must modify both their mindset and the way they look to stave off potential mistreatment during health care visits.

Racism & Health

Fentanyl Awareness Youth Challenge

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has launched a new initiative that invites U.S. youth ages 14–18 to propose community strategies addressing fentanyl and fake pills to prevent youth drug overdose deaths. Ideas can include social media posts, vlogs, podcasts, and video journals. The top six submissions will be awarded $5,000, and up to 25 youth will receive a $2,000 honorable mention.

Submission Date: February 26

Fentanyl Awareness

Social Media and Adolescent Health

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine: Social media has been fully integrated into the lives of most adolescents in the U.S., raising concerns among parents, physicians, public health officials, and others about its effect on the mental and physical health. This video report provides expert analysis of the state of adolescent health and social media.

Social Media & Adolescent Health

Professional Development

Fostering Financial Literacy for Youth: Budgeting and Saving

Pase: This online workshop will help afterschool program staff build their knowledge and skills to deliver financial literacy and budgeting trainings for teens and youth who are college bound or entering the workforce. 

When: January 31, 10:00 AM EST

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Tutorial for using the Helping Young People Choose the Birth Control Method Right for Them

Activate: A new five-part tutorial illustrates how youth-supporting professionals can help young people choose the birth control method that’s right for them. The tutorial and companion guide can facilitate conversations that center young people’s birth control preferences, needs, and priorities. 

Birth Control Tutorial