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Ask Your Representative to Vote "NO" on Minimum Wage Increase Proposals
It has come to our attention that multiple bills seeking to raise Virginia's minimum wage will be heard in the Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor this upcoming Monday afternoon, January 27th. Please see below sample language you can use to contact our local Senators sitting on this Committee to urge them to vote "NO" .

Dear Senator______:
I write to you to request that you oppose any effort to raise Virginia’s minimum wage above the current federal mandate. Several bills relating to this matter are scheduled to come before you in the Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor this upcoming Monday, January 27 th .  This is an issue that affects many of your constituents and I hope you will carefully consider the impact these policies may have on our region’s businesses and employees. 
Current proposals to raise the Commonwealth’s minimum wage could have a stifling effect on job growth and employment in our region.  The percentage of employees whom are currently paid at or below the minimum wage is small, but businesses that already pay their employees above the current minimum wage will inevitably see their cost of labor increase as the labor market is made artificially more expensive.  This will lead to increased automatization in some sectors, downsizing, business migration to surrounding states, and higher prices for the goods and services we all consume.  In short, our region’s economy could be affected in a very negative way should these bills become law.
I believe a uniform, statewide minimum wage tied to the federal mandate is to the best benefit of our region and will prevent a downturn in our local economy.  I appreciate your consideration of this important issue, and I hope you will  oppose any change in Virginia’s minimum wage law when these pieces of legislation come before you for a vote.

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The following senators represent the broader VA West region and sit on the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee. Please use the link below to find the legislator who represents not only your home, but also your business.  Your correspondence will be given more serious consideration if you are a constituent of whom you contact.
Senator John Edwards
(804) 698-7521

Senator Creigh Deeds
(804) 698-7525

Senator Stephen Newman
(804) 698-7523

Senator Mark Obenshain
(804) 698-7526

We encourage you to personalize your message and tailor it to your own experiences. Calling is always the best option, followed by sending an email. Please contact Terry at tdurkin@roanokechamber.org should you have any additional questions, and please contact your representative without delay.