Please call your Senator today and ask for 5 minutes of their time. We need you to voice support for 2 bills in the Senate now.

S.248 is the Hands Free bill and will significantly reduce fatalities in South Carolina's roadways.

S.245 is the 3 Feet to Pass bill and will simply define safe passing distance between cars and bikes as 3 feet.

Here is how to help:

  1. Find your SC Senator here.
  2. Urge your state Senator to vote in favor of the Hands Free (S.248) and 3 Feet to Pass (S.245) bills, and explain why in your own words.
  3. Use the following tips for effective communication:  

Ask the assistant for 5 minutes of the Senator's time. If that's not possible, simply leave a brief message with the assistant. Explain you hope they support the bill and provide the bill number and name. Then explain very briefly why this is important to you. Be simple, civil, concise, and direct. One call can go a long way!