We need your help.
S.245, the 3 Feet to Pass bill, needs co-sponsors.
Please help us with the following:

  1. Ask your state Senator* to co-sponsor S.245, and
  2. Urge your state Senator* and Representative** to vote in favor of the Hands Free bill, when votes are called.  

*Find and contact your Senator here, and
**find and contact your House member here.
If you don't know who is your legislator, you can find them here, by entering your address.
What does it mean?
The bill provides additional detail to an existing SC law, regarding "safe operating distance" by specifying safe distance as 3 feet, between a motor vehicle and bicycle.

Why does SC need this bill? 
This is a public policy response to address how 45% of bicyclist deaths are due to unsafe passing (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), and it presents a great opportunity to launch a public awareness campaign for a defined safe passing.

What will this bill do? 
The bill creates opportunity to present a consistent and simple public message about how to safely pass a bicyclist. It clearly defines proper behavior from drivers of motor vehicles when passing a bicyclist, in order to increase security for cyclists.
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