Immunity From Liability

As you know, Governor Kelly vetoed S Sub for HB 2954 on Tuesday of this week. That “Mega Bill” included our immunity to liability coverage for COVID-19. We were included as “health care providers” along with the doctors, hospitals and many others. The legislature is coming back Wednesday, June 3, 2020 for a special session and we must fight for protection along with other provider types.

Lobbying is already taking place by the Federico Team and along with our assistance, messaging has been created to help our Legislative champions push our agenda. The trial lawyers and Kansas Advocates for Better Care (KABC) , however have also continued their push to leave long term care out of the coverage. We need to avoid this at all cost.

We must not let our profession be the bargaining chip if compromise language is proposed.

We must not let them leave us out. Please reach out today and over the weekend to EVERY ONE of these key legislative leaders to tell our story as to why we need this protection just the same as nearly every other healthcare provider types.

I’ve attached some of the talking points that will help guide your comments but please, tell your own story. Make sure to send your message to both the home and the office email address if both are provided.
Representative Ron Ryckma n

Representative Daniel Hawkins

 Representative Blaine Finch

Representative Tom Sawyer
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