Call or write your member of Congress and tell them you oppose this latest action.

NEPA must remain intact for the protection of our public lands, public health, and public input.

We shouldn’t have to fight our government to prevent activities that endanger lives.


Trump Admin Expands
NEPA Rollback

 As many across the country protest racial inequity and COVID cases go on the increase, it’s business as usual for the Trump administration, which issued an executive order that waives National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) environmental review on large scale infrastructure projects.

Based on the administration’s usual tactic to declare emergencies to circumvent bedrock legal protections , this action sidesteps NEPA requirements to identify significant environmental and health impacts and allow for public input before projects are approved.

This impacts more than our public lands.

While NEPA provides important protections for our public lands and waters, it is also critical to safeguard public health and gives everyone the opportunity to speak out and stop projects that could have potentially damaging and far-reaching effects in their communities.

Unfortunately, communities of color and the economically disadvantaged often bear the disproportionate burden of toxic air and water pollution and this latest rollback gives industry a green light to cut corners, exploit communities, and risk our health.

Everyone deserves to live, work, and play in healthy communities with clean air and safe drinking water. NEPA is essential for ensuring that federal agencies put the health of the land and its residents first.
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Contact your elected officials and ask them to speak out against this proclamation.

Write letters to the editor to help create awareness about the importance of protecting this monument from continued commercial fishing.

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Why it is important to protect it (EarthJustice).

Commercial Fishing in a National Monument?
Last week the White House was on a rollback binge when it issued a proclamation that would allow commercial fishing to continue in the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument (NCSM). When the monument was designated in 2016 by President Obama, commercial fishing was to cease in 2023.
This move comes even after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit dismissed a suit brought against the government by a coalition of fishing groups who opposed the monument designation.
As the first major marine monument in the Atlantic Ocean, the 5,000-square-mile region was granted protection due to its rich biodiversity and critical habitat it offers to the endangered right whale, sea turtles, and more than 54 species of deep-sea corals.
This is just one more action by the current administration to favor business over the environment .

Maintaining healthy, undisturbed ocean ecosystems is critical to our planet’s health and increasing resilience to a changing climate.

Good News for the LWCF!
This week, the Great American Outdoors Act (S.3422) passed in the Senate, putting to rest worries about full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)!

The bill ensures the $900 million LWCF fund (bankrolled by offshore oil and gas royalties), will be used to protect national parks and forests, wildlife habitat, and local recreation projects without being raided by the annual appropriations process.
Boasting bi-partisan support, the Great American Outdoors Act also establishes funding to address long-deferred maintenance projects on federal lands.
Let’s celebrate this environmental win
—be sure to thank your Senators today!
Help us protect wild places for future generations.