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Send a Letter Supporting Propane Getting Volkswagen Settlement Dollars

Propane-powered vehicles are eligible for funding to offset the harmful nitrogen oxide (NO x) emissions caused by the Volkswagen scandal.  This is a unique position where states are being given money to replace older, dirtier diesel vehicles with much cleaner models.  Propane has been successful in replacing diesel fleets.  This settlement presents a great opportunity for propane marketers and other industry professionals to continue that success.

For nearly six years, German automaker VW intentionally cheated the laboratory emissions testing, causing nearly 500,000 cars in the United States to emit 40 times the acceptable NO x standard.  Last year, VW and the U.S. government reached an agreement where VW would establish a $2.7 billion environmental mitigation trust fund to offset the estimated 59,000 tons of excess NO x emissions.  A federal judge approved the settlement on October 25, 2016, beginning the process of allocating this money.

The development of mitigation plans is taking place at the state level, so NPGA is relying on its extensive grassroots operation to advance this initiative.  NPGA has been engaged with the State Associations and PERC to develop our industry's outreach efforts for this settlement.  This has included an informational "tool kit" that went to the State Association Executives in October, as well as a group discussion during the annual Leadership Summit in November.  To assist marketers with taking advantage of this opportunity to utilize the settlements funds for eligible propane vehicles, we have developed letters that you can send to your State Officials in charge of this funding.

There are still several steps that need to take place before this money is made available, but the momentum is already building in the states to develop mitigation plans.  Propane is in an advantageous position to maximize a state's use of these dollars to offset VW's excess NO x emissions.  We need your help advocating for our industry in your state's mitigation plan.
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