We need you to take ACTION!
I am coming to you with an ACTION ALERT , but this is not about discriminatory ant-LGBT legislation. To that, we are carefully watching the Legislature as they meet. While the House is taking up discriminatory bills, none are expected to be heard by the Senate who will only be hearing legislation connected to COVID-19 and the budget.
We ask our legislators to keep focused on the recovery of the state and do more that will harm that recovery like passing discriminatory legislation.

We need you to not oppose something, this time we need your support FOR something. 

Your help will ensure that our businesses and nonprofits are protected as they reopen.

The  Tennessee Recovery and Safe Harbor Act  is going before the Legislature for consideration. The Act provides employers, businesses, nonprofits, and healthcare providers ("covered entities") with the necessary protection against undue civil liability associated with COVID-19.  The measures provided in this legislation will protect healthcare providers, as well as businesses struggling to keep their doors open, from the risk and expense of lawsuits associated with the virus.  This bill is meant to protect good operators that do their best to protect their employees and customers. Bad operators who are negligent and ignore worker and patron safety would still be held accountable.

You can see a  summar y of the bill  and the  bill itself .
We need your help with making phone calls or emails to legislators in support of this.

You can  find your legislators at this link  by putting in your address. Contact them and tell them you are a constituent.

Want to do more? Contact  members of the House Judiciary Committee  and tell them you support the bill.

Here’s a summary of key talking points that you can use in your email or on the phone:

  • Many small nonprofits and small businesses would be wiped out by the cost of defense of one lawsuit because of their precarious financial situation right now.
  • The legislation does not preclude legal action against bad actors—this is not an immunity bill, it is a safe harbor bill.
  • The purpose of the bill is to discourage unnecessary lawsuits.

That said, the talking points may be less important than one simple personal phone call actually talking to the legislator saying—

My organization, my members, and my stakeholders need the Tennessee Recovery and Safe Harbor Act to pass and we need you to vote in favor of it. We need this safe harbor to do our work in the community. We want to know we can count on you to support us.
We know that a personal phone call from a constituent makes a big impact. Here is my ask:

  1. Will you agree to make 3-5 calls?
  2. Will you ask one other person to do the same and ask them to recruit one other person and so on and so on? This is how you and others can help save small businesses and nonprofits.
  3. Time is of the essence, will you make these calls in the next 5 days?

Please let me know if you will participate and/or if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Joe Woolley
Nashville LGBT Chamber
pronouns: He, Him, His
mobile: 615-585-0743