We have an important task in front of us TODAY! There is an important amendment regarding GMO grass being proposed by Senator Don Williams at 1 PM today that your support is needed for.

We discovered last year that when enough of us asked, our legislators responded with the first in the nation legislation to require labeling of GMO foods. Our voices make a difference, and we need to make ourselves heard today.

Two bills which propose to limit toxic lawn care pesticide use on municipal properties are being considered in the Connecticut Legislature. The Public Health Committee held a hearing on HB 5330 last Friday and the Environment Committee will hold a hearing on SB 443 today, Monday, March 17 at 1:00 PM in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

An amendment to ban GMO grass and other perennials is planned for each of these bills. Read
Why we need to ban Genetically Engineered Grass here, and see why pesticides and children don't mix here

These bills and the amendment need your support today and until they are passed.

To help keep our children and the environment safe from toxic pesticides you can submit testimony electronically today at

If your schedule and whereabouts allow a last minute appearance, you can testify at the hearing at 1PM today. It is interesting, rewarding and challenging to see democracy at work, and together with our partners we can make a difference.

Read the proposed legislation here.  We don't yet have the language for the amendment to ban GMO grass and other perennials.

This is ongoing work, so at any time please call and e-mail your legislators and ask them to support HB 5330 and SB 443 with an amendment to ban the sale or use of genetically engineered grass and other genetically engineered landscaping plants. Encourage your legislators to speak to members of the Public Health and the Environment Committees where the bills are currently being considered, and perhaps your legislators themselves are on those committees. You can find your state Senator and Representative here.
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