January 5, 2018

Action Alert: Call legislators NOW!
Remind leadership that citizens are watching ahead of draft  proposal introduction

Legislative leaders plan to release their redistricting reform proposal for the May primary ballot in the next few days, so now is the most important time yet to make your voice heard. Call the redistricting working group members today to reinforce the message that we need real reform.

The determination and dedication of anti-gerrymandering activists gathering over 190,000 validated signatures has brought legislators to the table. They need to know Ohioans are paying close attention and will recognize and reject sham attempts at reform. To make this clear, they need to hear from you, and it needs to be now.

In the next three days, even if you have already called or written, call the office of each member of the working group and tell them reform must require meaningful bipartisan approval and keeping communities whole.

Senator Matt Huffman - (614) 466-7584
Representative Kirk Schuring - (614) 752-2438
Senator Vernon Sykes - (614) 466-7041
Representative Jack Cera - (614) 466-3735

If you aren't used to calling legislators' offices, here is a brief script you can use to talk to their staffers or leave a voicemail message. The information below is enough for a call, or feel free to add some personal information about why you support redistricting reform.

Sample Script
Hi, my name is ______. I'm an Ohio citizen calling to urge [Senator/Representative] ______ to make sure the redistricting proposal introduced in the legislature constitutes real reform. What's good for state legislative districts is good for Congress.

I believe future district maps must require meaningful bipartisan support. Districts also need to respect communities and keep them together as much as possible. I also feel transparent mapmaking is absolutely essential.

[If you want to include personal reasons for support, add those here.]

I will be paying attention to see if the plan introduced at the Statehouse meets these criteria and discussing this issue with my friends and neighbors going forward. Ohioans are educated and active on this issue, and we will not accept any sham reform that perpetuates our current broken, hyper-partisan system .

Keep writing and emailing as well, but we are calling on all redistricting reformers to call these legislators' offices immediately as a final push before a plan goes public. The deadline to pass a measure to appear on the ballot is February 7, so a proposal will almost certainly be released in the next few days. Legisl at ive leaders need a final reminder that paying lip service to reform will not stymie or silence us!

Thank you for helping us make Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio a reality.

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