Governor Baker Considers FY20 State Budget Adopted by House and Senate

´╗┐Exciting news! The Conference Committee has finished its work and the House and Senate have adopted an FY20 budget that includes significant investments in behavioral health.

The FY20 budget has now moved to the Governor Baker's desk where it awaits his consideration.
Please email Governor Baker and ask him to support:

  • An additional $1 million for the Department of Mental Health (DMH) Rental Subsidy Program. This funding will help about 80 DMH clients who are homeless, unstably housed, or stuck in inpatient settings find secure, stable, and affordable housing.

  • $10 million for a new Behavioral Health Trust Fund. The trust fund will support a loan forgiveness program for behavioral health workers and a public awareness campaign to reduce the stigma around mental illness.
Click here to email Governor Baker.

Here is some draft text to help you customize your message:

Dear Governor Baker,

As you consider the FY20 budget, I ask for your strong support of the following provisions to further the mental health of the people of the Commonwealth:

1) $7.548M for the DMH Rental Subsidy Program (DHCD 7004-9033)
This $1M increase over the FY19 budget will help 80 DMH clients who are homeless, unstably housed, or stuck in inpatient facilities secure housing.

2) $10M for the Behavioral Health Outreach, Access, and Support Trust Fund (1595-4512 DMH)
This fund will help expand access to behavioral health services in the Commonwealth through a public awareness and anti-stigma campaign, and investments in loan repayment programs to strengthen the workforce.

Thank you for your attention to the needs of people with behavioral health conditions, their families, and their communities.


Your Name
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Your hard work throughout this budget season has made a very big difference! Please take three minutes and email Governor Baker now. With his support, new funding for the DMH Rental Subsidy Program and the Trust Fund will be included in the final budget.

As you know, these dollars are so critical. Thank you for your continued commitment and advocacy.

Danna and Jessica
Danna Mauch, PhD, President and CEO
Jessica Larochelle, MPH, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations