January 9, 2018

Action Alert: Redistricting Presentation
Legislature expected to unveil proposal in committee

A presentation on redistricting has been scheduled for TOMORROW, JANUARY 10 at 9:45 am in the Senate Committee on Government Oversight and Reform by Senator Matt Huffman from the Congressional Redistricting Working Group. The meeting will take place in the Senate Finance Hearing Room (room 126S on this map - the easiest way to find it is enter from 3rd St, then head up the stairs).

We expect to find out details of the legislature's proposal, so we are calling any redistricting reformers who are able to attend the committee meeting. It is unlikely there will be opportunity for public participation beyond listening to the presentation, but making our presence known - ideally packing the room - is critical to having a say as this process continues. We will be in attendance for the entire hearing because, though the presentation is last on the committee agenda, the chair can call up items in any order they choose.

For those of you who cannot make it to the Statehouse tomorrow, it is unlikely the committee will be streamed live on the Ohio Channel. Statehouse reporters will likely be tweeting much of the important information from the presentation, and we will share information as well as any materials or video afterward via email and social media. However, the best way to be informed is to be in the room where it happens!

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