Requiring Abortionists to Meet Health Standards
As we know, Medical Associations implement physician discipline through standards for access to their local medical facilities.

A Louisiana law requires the doctors who Planned Parenthood fly into their state to perform abortions to meet the same standards for skill and safety as resident physicians.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for June Medical Services, LLC v. Gee on March 4, 2020 to determine if Louisiana's law is constitutional.

Members of Congress are filing an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to side with Louisiana, Gee.

Here is a list of 57 Members of Congress who have already signed the amicus brief.

If you do not see your Congressmen and Senator on this list and would like to, please contact them. Those interested in signing the brief are asked to do so by next Tuesday, December 17 .

Last week, 197 Members of Congress filed an amicus brief in support of the abortion operators, such as June Medical Services, LLC. We must respond!
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