Action Alert: Stop the Medicaid Veto Override

Recently  we asked you to take action and urge Governor Kasich to line-item veto the Medicaid cuts included in the state budget bill, House Bill 49.

The good news is that it is widely expected that Governor Kasich will veto some or all of the Medicaid cuts in the budget. The bad news is that legislative leaders are trying to whip up enough votes to override that veto, with a veto override session tentatively scheduled for Thursday, July 6.

We need your help to Save Medicaid and Save Lives by urging legislators NOT to override Kasich's veto. Here are two things you can do:
  1. Please call your state legislators and urge them NOT to vote to override the Governor's veto. The vote margin is closer in the House, so call your Representative first, but call your Senator as well.
  2. Members of the health care coalition are planning a "Save Medicaid" rally at noon on Wed. July 5 to urge persuadable members of the legislature to oppose the override. Attend if you can, and please share with your networks.
Medicaid expansion has covered over 700,000 people and been a lifeline to many struggling individuals and families, with particular impacts for people affected by the opioid crisis and women. Unfortunately, state legislators turned their backs on their fellow Ohioans and added provisions into the state budget to undermine Medicaid, including:
  • Freeze enrollment for Medicaid expansion as of July 2018 so no one else can join, including people who drop off the rolls for as little as one month but become eligible again soon thereafter (this affects as many as half of Medicaid recipients every year)
  • Work requirements for able-bodied adults to receive Medicaid, which would impact people looking for work or on a waiting list for mental health or addiction treatment
  • Proposal to charge premiums for some Medicaid recipients, potentially driving away or kicking off those who could not afford to pay
Similar measures pursued in other states caused 70 percent of enrollees to lose coverage within a year and a half; in Ohio, this could mean as many as 500,000 people being kicked off their insurance.

Thank you,

LWVO Advocacy Team
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