Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We had hoped for a quick resolution to the standoff causing this government shutdown. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that a quick resolution is likely. Rest assured, NATCA is doing everything in our power to educate our elected officials on the damage the shutdown is causing.  

We have put together an aggressive advocacy campaign, the first step of which is an email campaign.

Do NOT participate in this campaign on a government device, while at the federal workplace, or while on duty time.

Please email your elected officials and let them know that the government shutdown needs to end now!

This link will take you to a website that will send an email from you to your elected officials.

Ask your spouse, family members, friends, neighbors, and everyone in your contact lists to follow the link so that they can also send emails. We aren't taking a position related to anything other than ending the government shutdown and funding the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We will not ask you to advocate for or against any of the issues at play in this standoff. We simply want to let our elected officials know that this shutdown must END! The more emails that are sent, the louder and clearer our collective voice is heard. It is VERY important that EVERY member take a few moments to send these emails. 

Congress is currently out of session and not expected to return to Washington, D.C., until after the new year. We want these emails waiting for them when they return. Once Congress comes back we will be launching a phone calling campaign to reinforce our email message. We will also be conducting a vigorous social media and press campaign to highlight the negative effects to the National Airspace System as a result of this shutdown and show exactly what the shutdown is costing the taxpayers. Additionally, we will be bringing activists to D.C. to hit the Hill and we are planning a rally at the Capitol.  

Your leadership, your activists, and your NATCA staff are working around the clock to bring this shutdown to a close, but the participation of every member is critical to our success. Our strength lies in the collective voice of our membership, united, speaking as one. In order for our collective voice to be heard as loudly and clearly as possible, we need every member to send emails when asked, to make phone calls when asked, and to stay educated on the issues. In short, we cannot afford to have anyone sitting on the sidelines.

Please take just a few minutes and click on this link to send the email and stay tuned for the next steps.

In Solidarity, 

Paul Rinaldi, NATCA President 
Trish Gilbert, NATCA Executive Vice President
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