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August 9, 2023

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PA Gov. Shapiro has revoked funding for pregnancy support centers

Pro-abortion PA Governor Josh Shapiro has announced the termination of the longstanding contract with Real Alternatives, effective at the end of this year.

Real Alternatives was initiated by pro-life Governor Bob Casey and, since 1995, has administered a state program that empowers women to freely choose life for their unborn children. It provides financial assistance to pregnancy support agencies like Erie's own Women's Care Center and Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Agency.

Pro-abortion organizations are hailing Shapiro's move with jubilation.

Our PA Pro-Life Federation, based in Harrisburg, and the National Right to Life Committee as well, are urging grassroots pro-life advocates to fight for pregnant woman and their pre-born children by opposing the Governor's shocking maneuver.

Gov. Shapiro need not have the last word. The legal foundation for the Real Alternatives Program is contained in what is called the Fiscal Code. This year's iteration of the Fiscal Code has yet to be acted on.


1) Please contact your state legislators by phone or email, preferably both.

You can simple say, “I stand with pregnant women. Please help to save the Real Alternatives contract.”

Click here for phone numbers and email addresses for northwest Pennsylvania legislators.

The PA state Senate will be especially influential, so start by reaching out to state Sen. Dan Laughlin or your state senator if you live outside the 49th District (almost all of Erie County). Sen. Laughlin recently toured Morning Star Pregnancy Services in Harrisburg, which is supported by Real Alternatives.

South of the 49th District is Sen. Michele Brooks in the 50th District, and to the east is Sen. Scott Hutchinson in the 21st District.

2) Register your objections with the Governor's Office by calling (717) 787-2500 or using their Web Form. You can say, "Pennsylvania women deserve alternatives to abortion and I support the good work being done by Real Alternatives. Please reverse your decision to cancel their contract."

3) Contact the pro-life leadership in the PA General Assembly and urge them to do everything in their power to keep the Real Alternatives Program alive.

State Senator Kim Ward - Senator Pro Tempore

(717) 787-6063 Hbg, (724) 600-7002, local

State Senator Joe Pittman– Senate Majority Leader

(717) 787-8724 Hbg, (724) 357-0151, local

State Senator Scott Martin– Senator Appropriation Chairman

(717) 787-6535, Hbg, (717) 397-1309, local

State Representative Brian Cutler– House Minority Leader

(717) 783-6424 Hbg, (717) 284-1965, local

State Representative Seth Grove– House Minority Appropriations Chair

(717) 783-2655 Hbg, (717) 767-3947, local

Thanks to the PA Pro-Life Federation for compiling this list!

Erie Gives Day Results

We would like to extend a very warm and heartfelt thank you to everyone who made an Erie Gives Day donation to the People for Life Education Fund yesterday.

We received a total of $10,323.00 from 102 donors. The prorated matching grant from the Erie Community Foundation will increase that amount. We are grateful for this financial backing from the Erie community and pleased to know that our grass roots pro-life efforts are appreciated.

To all who choose to advance the right to life by contributing to People for Life, on Erie Gives Day and throughout the year, thank you!


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