Please attend. Let's fill up all the overflow rooms AGAIN! There are no citizen comments during this meeting.

March 12, 2024, 5:00 p.m.
Special St. Croix County Board of Supervisors meeting
1101 Carmichael
Hudson, WI 54016

A special board meeting has been scheduled for March 12 where three proposed resolutions are being drafted by corporation counsel and the county administrator. One in support of U.S. Rep Tom Tiffany's proposed federal legislation; one in support of Wisconsin state legislation, SB916; and one for the county saying No to refugee resettlements by withholding financial support.

Don't forget: every time you hear the word "grant" from someone, that's your money. Every time you hear "funds", that's your money. Every time you hear the word "taxes", that's your money that the government is redistributing.

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St. Croix County Board of Supervisors meeting, March 5, 2024. Chair comments, Bureau of Refugees presentation, citizen comments and Board discussion at the beginning of the meeting. For those who choose to be educated, listening to the Bureau of Refugees presentation is disturbing in his lack of knowledge of our area and facts of the Eau Claire refugee resettlement. Estimates are that there were over 150+ people in attendance supporting a pause in refugee resettlements in our area. Those in attendance were from within a 100-mile radius of those affected by Eau Claire's decisions from unelected people.
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St. Croix County, Wisconsin

Listen to this podcast for an update of what is happening in St. Croix County regarding the refugee resettlement issue. Call and e-mail supervisors. The enemies of our Constitutional Republic are doing the same. We have a Republic. Can we keep it?

Call/email the St. Croix County Supervisors
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Much more documentation upon request. Please e-mail [email protected].

"In this interview Matt Bocklund and I sit down to discuss a number of findings from a series of open records requests related to World Relief and Eau Claire City unelected officials attempts to bring in, under the cover of darkness, potentially unvetted refugees in violation of federal law. You will not want to miss this if you are at all interested in rule of law, taxation without representation and the notion of the lesser magistrate theory."

Representative Hurd Testimony on SB 916 Refugee Resettlement Notification

In 2017, St. Croix County had one tuberculosis case from outside St. Croix County that involved a local manufacturing facility. These were the costs associated with that one tuberculosis case.

U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany: MUST WATCH: The illegal migrant encampment in the Coronado National Forest that I spotted last Thursday is now filled with illegal aliens. The Biden administration allows this to take place on PUBLIC LANDS all paid for by your TAX DOLLARS. As Chairman of the Federal Lands Subcommittee, I traveled to Arizona to see the environmental degradation of illegal immigration on our federal lands firsthand. ut what I saw was much more than just piles of trash. NGOs – like Catholic Charities and the Red Cross – are helping facilitate the Biden Border Invasion, and they must be investigated. These NGOs aiding illegals are receiving federal dollars, and it’s Congress’ duty to provide oversight.
St. Croix County Administration Committee meeting February 20, 2024

Please watch from the beginning for important information on potential refugee resettlements in St. Croix County and other counties within a 100-mile radius of St. Croix County.

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If you live within 100 miles of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, this affects you. St. Croix County is within 100 miles of Eau Claire. Please plan on attending the March 5, 2024, St. Croix County Board of Supervisors meeting to offer citizen comments to support a resolution to pause refugee resettlements in our area. At the February 20, 2024, St. Croix County Administration Committee meeting, dozens of people showed up to voice their concerns about the unvetted refugees that may be placed in our community.

Please watch from the beginning of the meeting where Chair Carah Koch explains the procedure for the proposed Resolution to Pause Refugee Resettlement that will be discussed at the Board level March 5, 2024. Note: The Bureau of Refugees that has been invited to speak are NOT elected officials and work closely with unelected NGOs (non-government organizations). Follow the money trail. Listen to the citizens who are very educated as to how refugee resettlements affect the sheriff's office, county budgets and so many other taxpayer-funded programs.

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Scroll down for more history. The Resolution below was postponed indefinitely with Chair Bob Long instructing County Administrator Ken Witt to put something together for the Board for the March 5 meeting. We don't know what documentation will be presented to the Board, as the agenda has not yet been posted. If the Bureau of Refugees is invited to speak, then people like Frank Gaffney, Ron Brantsner and Dr. John Palmer should be invited to speak.

St. Croix County Administration meeting January 16, 2024

Citizen comments at the beginning, Committee member comments after.
Do we Know Where They Are?': Glenn Grothman Grills Refugee Resettlement Director On Missing Minors
'Basically We're Trafficking Children': GOP Lawmaker Rips Handling Of Unaccompanied Minors At Border
St. Croix County, Administrative Committee, Proposed Objection to Refugee Resettlements
5:00 p.m., Government Center, 1101 Carmichael, Hudson, WI 54016

Click here for agenda and copy of proposed Resolution.

The Resolution documentation is found on
Pages 36-47.

Contact information for full St. Croix County Board:

Click on the image below to read the full Whitewater Police Department letter to Biden
Please attend the meeting and speak during citizen comments. See below for links and information related to this issue.

St. Croix County Administrative Committee
Bob Feidler [email protected]
Paul Berning [email protected]
Scott Counter [email protected]

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Is YOUR representative a co-sponsor? Call them now and ask.

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Proposed Wisconsin State Legislation
Call YOUR Reps and ask them where they stand

Chippewa Valley Legislators Introduce Refugee Resettlement Notification Bill

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Please thank U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany, again!

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