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JUNE 2019
PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE presidentmessage
Dear Colleagues:

Chris Zink This month, let me introduce you to the Continuing Education Committee, ably chaired by Jen Brown with members Rick Mitchell, Carol Gillis, and Steve Martinez, and with Mike Davis as the committee's liaison with the ACVSMR Board of Directors.

This committee is tasked with arranging our roster of speakers for sponsored continuing education tracks that will be relevant to you as members. But more than that, this committee is committed to increasing the quality and quantity of the scientific abstracts for presentation at our continuing education opportunities as well as to advocating for a stand-alone continuing ed meeting that would be tailored specifically to ACVSMR diplomate-level presentations.

With these goals in mind, the Continuing Education Committee has achieved the following goals in the last year:

Achievement #1: This one should probably be listed as Achievements 1 through 7, since the committee established the programming for the ACVSMR tracks at VMX 2018/2019/2020, ACVS 2018/2019/2020, and WVRS @ IAVRPT 2018. This deceptively simple-appearing task involves advertising and conducting the abstract competitions for each meeting, reviewing all abstracts and selecting the winners as well as scheduling the speakers and coordinating all of the complexities of each day of lectures with the host venue.

Achievement #2: Wrote and submitted to the membership a survey requesting input from the membership on their level of interest in having an independent meeting as well as other topics related to that goal. By the way, the survey got an outstanding response from the membership, Thanks go out to each member that took the time to respond. The usefulness of such a survey is very much proportional to the percentage of responses. In response to the survey, the committee drafted a complete prospectus for an independent ACVSMR meeting. Further development was not approved by the BOD at their October 2018 meeting.

Future goals of this committee include improving our roster of speakers for our sponsored CE tracks, increasing the quality and quantity of the scientific abstracts for presentation at our meetings, and continuing to advocate for a stand-alone CE meeting tailored specifically to ACVSMR diplomate-level presentations.

Thanks, CE Committee!

All my best,
Chris Zink_s signature 

Chris Zink, DVM, PhD
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation  
President, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Nominations for Board of Directors and Committee Positions Due July 31stnominations 

ACVSMR is seeking nominees for open Board of Directors and committee positions. Serving on the Board of Directors or a committee provides significant points toward diplomate recertification and the opportunity to take an active part in the College. 
Open Board of Director Positions
1. Vice President - Seeking nominees that are an equine diplomate 
The Vice President is the first step in a four-year commitment that progresses through Presidential duties. The nominee is expected to fulfill all of the following requirements
  • Business experience - A strong background in business, legal and organizational policies to assist the College in its continued development and growth. The candidate should have no major conflicts of interest.
  • Leadership experience - Demonstrated skills and experience by holding leadership positions in other veterinary specialties or large veterinary organizations that provide the needed wisdom and experience for successful management of the College
  • Service record - Nominees should have an established and proven record of service to the College
  • Collegiality - Respect and encouragement of individual strengths and fostering and development of collegiality among the membership. Nominees should have a demonstrated ability to build consensus within the College
  • Respect and trust - Have strong support of colleagues within the field of expertise
2. Regent - Seeking nominees that are a canine diplomate with a rehabilitation focus
This is a four-year position serving on the Board of Directors. Regents advocate for and represent their discipline within the college. The nominee is expected to fulfill all of the following requirements
  • Service record - Nominees should have an established and proven record of service to the ACVSMR
  • Knowledge and experience - Have a strong understanding of their field of interest and the relevant sports medicine and rehabilitation issues in either the canine or equine practice category
  • Unbiased judgment - Have the ability to provide strong, but fair representation of the field, regardless of personal views
  • Collegiality - Respect and encouragement of individual strengths and fostering and development of collegiality among the membership. Nominees should have a demonstrated ability to build consensus within the ACVSMR
  • Respect and trust - Have strong support of colleagues within the field of expertise
How to Submit Your Application for the Board of Directors:
Each Board of Directors candidate must be nominated by two active diplomates in good standing. Self-nominations will not be accepted. All nominees will be required to submit a letter of intent that includes why they are qualified or desire to be a member of the Board of Directors, a description of prior service to the College, and a current curriculum vitae. Please email these documents to
Deadline for submission of application materials is July 31, 2019.
Open Committee Positions
1. Nominating Committee - Seeking one new member with a canine practice focus.
The nominating committee communicates regularly via email, with the principal period of workload being from June to September of each year. The Nominating Committee will spearhead the search for nominees for open Board of Directors positions and committee members from the general membership.
2. Public Relations and Marketing Committee - Seeking three new committee members with two members having a canine practice focus and the other an equine practice focus.
This committee is responsible for establishing industry and private collaborations for funding opportunities, marketing the College, developing promotional materials, enhancing public awareness of this new specialty, fostering relationships with other specialties and fostering relationships with potential employers of ACVSMR-diplomates and creating awareness of the benefits of employing ACVSMR-diplomates in their institutions. The Public Relations and Marketing Committee conducts conference calls once monthly and members are assigned individual duties within the responsibilities of the committee (such as website, social media, newsletter etc.)
3. Credentialing and Residency Committee - Seeking three new committee members with two members having an equine practice focus and the other a canine practice focus.
This committee is responsible for establishing appropriate residency training requirements; preparing and disseminating information concerning the residency training for each certification practice category; monitoring candidate progress during residency training; and certifying candidate completion of the respective residency training prior to board-certification examination.
4. Continuing Education Committee - Seeking one new committee member with an equine practice and expertise or interest in continuing education; preferably an equine surgeon from academia that also has a solid background in research and experience with reviewing abstracts
Committee members are responsible for organizing educational programs in the areas of sports medicine and rehabilitation and providing educational opportunities for candidates preparing for the certification examinations. They also work closely with the Public Relations and Marketing Committee for sponsorship of continuing education programs.
How to Submit Your Application for Committee Membership:
All nominees will be required to submit a letter of intent that includes why they are qualified or desire to be a member of a specific committee, a description of prior service to the College, and a current curriculum vitae. Please email these documents to
Deadline for submission of application materials is July 31, 2019.

Join Us October 18 for the ACVSMR Business Meeting and Lecture Track at the ACVS Surgery Summit in Las Vegasacvs 
ACVSMR Business Meeting and Lunch

The ACVSMR Business Meeting will be held Friday, October 18, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada, in conjunction with the ACVS Surgery Summit.

All ACVSMR diplomates and residents are welcome to attend. The ACVSMR education sessions will break for lunch at 12:30 pm, and attendees are encouraged to visit the exhibit hall for a complimentary box lunch (voucher required) and return for the business meeting.

ACVSMR Lecture Track phoenix 

ACVSMR is pleased to present its lecture track for its annual Educational Meeting on Friday, October 18, 2019, at the ACVS Surgery Summit in Las Vegas.

Registration for the ACVS Surgery Summit is now open!
To register or learn more about the meeting, please click here.
ACVSMR residents are eligible for the resident rate for the ACVS Surgery Summit. Please select that option at registration.  
Friday, October 18, 2019 - ACVSMR Special Session
8:00 am
Keynote: From deserts to mountaintops: Exercise in extreme environments
Michael Davis, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVSMR

9:30 am

ACVSMR Scientific Abstract Session
10:15 am
Treatment failure with use of autologous stromal vascular fraction cells for gracilis fibrotic myopathy in two German Shepherd dogs
Ilan Frank, DVM

10:35 am
Long-term outcome in horses undergoing interspinous ligament desmotomy for overriding dorsal spinous processes
Kara Brown, VMD

11:00 am
Internet survey of risk factors for injury in flyball dogs
Christina Montalbano, VMD, CCRP, CVA

11:25 am
Effects of therapeutic ultrasound on carpal range of motion and lameness in osteoarthritic horses
Brady Stutzman, BS

11:45 am
Estimation of concentrations of 3-acetyl-11-keto-b-boswellic acid and 11-keto-b-boswellic acid in Boswellia serrata supplements formulated for humans and pets
Erin Miscioscia, DVM, CVA

12:10 pm
Water treadmill exercise alters limb joint range of motion, but prolonged water treadmill training does not alter on-land kinematics
Persephone Greco-Otto, BSc

12:30 pm
Lunch - ACVSMR Business Meeting

ACVSMR Canine Track  
ACVSMR Equine Track
1:45 pm
SMR year in review - Research and hot topics in sports medicine and rehabilitation
Samuel Franklin, DVM, PhD, DACVS-SA, DACVSMR; Joe Wakshlag, DVM, PhD, DACVN, DACVSMR
No foot, no horse: where we've been, where we are, and where we need to be
Sarah Sampson, DVM, PhD, DACVS-LA, DACVSMR

2:15 pm
Exercise-induced gastritis in working dogs
Michael Davis, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVSMR
Use of bisphosphonates in athletic horses
Michael Schoonover, DVM, MS, DACVS-LA, DACVSMR

2:45 pm
Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) in the working dog: Awareness and atraumatic disease management
Bovine sports medicine
Michael Schoonover, DVM, MS, DACVS-LA, DACVSMR

3:15 pm

4:00 pm
Heat injury in the working dog: considerations, conditioning, and performance
Effects of swimming on cardiorespiratory function in horses
Samantha Franklin, BVSc, PhD, DACVSMR

4:30 pm
Acclimatization of the canine athlete
Rider effects on respiratory function
Samantha Franklin, BVSc, PhD, DACVSMR

5:00 pm
Diagnosis and management of injuries of the digit - the conservative approach
Jennifer Brown, DVM, DACVSMR
Ski asthma and respiratory immune function in horses
Michael Davis, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVSMR

5:30 pm
Surgical management of injuries of the digit
Exercise-induced arrhythmias in horses
Samantha Franklin, BVSc, PhD, DACVSMR

ACVSMR Instagram page Send Us Your Photos for Our New ACVSMR Instagram Account! instagram

We are pleased to announce that we have started our Instagram account under the name VSMR.official. Load the application Instagram on your smart phone, and then like our publications.

More over, we need your stories and pictures. Since Instagram is made to have a more visual content, you can send a small video clip or a couple of pictures with 2 to 5 lines of text to explain your case, announce a meeting, or also share some fun pics of your everyday practice.

We welcome your ideas and posts about sports medicine and rehabilitation, and we ask that you also direct your clients to this account for additional information.

Please send your photos, stories and ideas for posting to Philippe Benoit at as Instagram Coordinator for ACVSMR.

ACVSMR Facebook page We've Changed Our Facebook and Instagram Posting Rules facebook

To encourage members to provide material for our Facebook page and Instagram account, the rules for publishing on these sites have been changed. Now we allow authorship notice on these media, the name of the publisher and his or hers affiliations can be mentioned.
This is a great way to publish a little case report or add some photos of a rehab process with a short explanation while gaining acknowledge in the community for this work! You can then add the post from the ACVSMR site to your social media to show you are an established member of ACVSMR.
We are pleased to have more than 3,800 followers on Facebook. If you have not done so already, please like the page and link to your business page.  
Posts can be send to Rob van Wessum at for Facebook and Philippe Benoit at for Instagram. 

Available Residency Position residencies

ACVSMR is pleased to share news of available residency positions. Please see our Available Positions section below for additional information about internships and jobs.
Canine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation ACVSMR Residency, Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Burnsville, Minnesota - Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine is offering an ACVSMR residency position in 2020. Located in the Twin Cities metro (ranked in the top 10 places to live in the US), this program aims for excellent clinical and technical competency. Research is also strongly supported. Our clinic sees over 45% sporting dogs. The resident will have training in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound, interventional procedures, (e.g. preparation/administration of PRP), and orthoses and prostheses (including modifying devices). Resident compensation includes health insurance, dues, and licensing fee. Registration and expenses are covered for continuing education. For more information, please email or visit

Diplomates: Be Sure Your Email Address Is Currentemail

Email is our main way of reaching the membership, and we want to make sure we can contact you about membership and other issues directly affecting you, as well as news from the College. We do not give your email out to third parties.

Please help us out by taking a moment to log in to the Diplomate Area of our website to make sure your preferred email address is listed in our system and your contact information is up to date. Thank you!

Help Build a Resource Library for Veterinary Students! library

The public relations committee of ACVSMR is hoping to develop sports medicine and rehabilitation student clubs in veterinary schools. We are conducting a survey of all U.S. veterinary schools and are planning to establish contact with advisors of existing clubs. In addition, we will be reaching out to faculty at the remaining schools offering assistance in developing student clubs.
For our organization to be most beneficial to these student clubs, we are now requesting that ACVSMR diplomates help us to create a library of resource materials. These can include case reports (canine and equine), webinars, and videotapes of clinical conditions with diagnosis, etc. We will make these resources available to student club advisors for use in club meetings, crediting those who have supplied the resources.
We expect interest to be high and are hoping that you will support us in this effort by helping to build our library. Please contact Dr. Linda Blythe, Thank you!

Send Us Your Photos and Success Stories! photos

Send us photos from your activities! Have you been involved in a recent canine or equine competition? Do you have a success story about a patient to share? Did you recently present at a sports medicine or rehabilitation-related conference?

Help us spread the word about rehabilitation and sports medicine by sharing photos and success stories of your activities! Please send your photos with captions and success stories to We will acknowledge you and/or your practice in the credits of each photo. Thank you!

Send in photos to ACVSMR

ACVSMR model release form Model Release Form
We also have created a model release form that your clients can sign to give permission for ACVSMR to publish their photos.

Download the model release form.

Please email completed forms to Dr. Kenneth Bruecker at

Join the ACVSMR Speaker Registry! speakerregistry
Thank you to the ACVSMR members who have volunteered for our speaker registry. We invite all interested members to register so that we are able to recommend canine and equine speakers for upcoming meetings.

If you are interested in joining the speaker registry, please send an email to Dr. Jennifer Brown, chair of the Continuing Education Committee, at with your contact information and topics of interest. 
JUNE - SEPTEMBER 2019 presentations
Diplomate Presentations in the Next 90 Days  
Diplomates: Please send details of any upcoming lectures and workshops that you will present to our newsletter editor Dr. Kenneth Bruecker at These lectures qualify as continuing education for diplomates pursuing recertification.

Pacific Veterinary Conference in Long Beach, California
June 21-24 - Lectures: Rick Wall
Topics: Localization of Pain and Dysfunction, Lameness and Ataxia, Modalities used in Veterinary Rehabilitation and Pain Management, Canine Athletes and Core Body Strength, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction - Trigger Points

Maryland VMA Summer Conference in Annapolis, Maryland
June 23 - Lectures: Matt Brunke
Topics: Introduction to Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Rehabiliation

AOVET course in Taipei, Taiwan
July 13-16 - Lectures/labs: Kenneth Bruecker
Topic: Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management

AOVET seminar in Taipei, Taiwan
July 17-18 - Lectures/labs: Kenneth Bruecker
Topic: Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Causes of Lameness in Dogs

CuraCore course in Fort Collins, Colorado
July 19-21 - Lectures/labs: Tara Edwards
Topic: Integrative Rehabilitation: Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease (CrCLD)

AVMA Convention in Washington, DC
August 6 - Lectures: Matt Brunke
Topics: Introduction to Veterinary Rehab; Pain Management: The Fundamentals; Managing OA: Beyond the NSAID; My Patient Sways Like Marilyn Monroe, But She's a Newfoundland: Hip Dysplasia

Workshop on Neurologic Diseases of the Horse in Lexington, Kentucky
August 9-11 - Lectures/labs: Kevin Haussler, Sherry Johnson
Topics: Anatomy of Equine Axial Skeleton: From Nose to Tail; Rehabilitation of Horses with Neurologic Disease; Equine Chiropractics; Neuro vs. Lame Wet Lab

Canine Rehabilitation Institute course in Wheat Ridge, Colorado
August 16-20 - Lectures/labs: Kristin Kirkby Shaw
Topic: Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nursing

August 19-21 - Lectures/labs: Hilary M. Clayton
Topic: Demonstration of Technical Sportswear to Improve Riding Precision

August 30-September 1 - Lectures/labs: Chris Zink, Janet Van Dyke
Topic: Canine Sports Medicine

Canine Rehabilitation Institute course in Wheat Ridge, Colorado
September 6-10 - Lectures/labs: Janet Van Dyke, Kristen Kirkby Shaw
Topic: Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation

AOVet North America master course in Glendale, Arizona
September 11-13 - Lectures/labs: Kenneth Bruecker
Topic: Canine Sports Medicine Traumatology

Canine Rehabilitation Institute course in Wheat Ridge, Colorado
September 12-14 - Lectures/labs: Chris Zink
Topic: Canine Sports Medicine

PennVet Working Dog Practitioner course in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 20-22 - Lectures/labs: Matt Brunke
Topics: Rehabillitation and Sports Medicine Examinations on Various Working Canines (Military, Guide Dogs, Etc.)

Canine Rehabilitation Institute course in Wheat Ridge, Colorado
September 27-28 - Lectures: Kristin Kirkby Shaw
Topic: The Business of Canine Rehabilitation

September 27-29 - Lectures/labs: Matt Brunke
Topics: Canine Manual Therapy (Modules 3 and 4) Including Massage, Joint Mobilization, Palpation

Available Positions

Diplomates: Please send us details of any job opportunities, residencies, or internships at your facility. Please limit all postings to 100 words or less and submit them to our newsletter editor Dr. Kenneth Bruecker at

Note: All postings will be listed for 3 months and then removed unless we are notified that a posting should be repeated. Please notify us if a position is filled.

Available Residencies

Please see the available residency postings listed above. Additional internships and residencies in sports medicine and rehabilitation may be listed at

Available Internships
Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Intern, Veterinary Orthopedic and Sports Medicine (VOSM) Group, Annapolis Junction, Maryland - This program is directed towards either individuals who are interested in expanding their fundamental rehabilitation and sports medicine knowledge, or looking to pursue a residency in the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (traditional or alternative tracks). This program is designed to serve the successful applicant as a sub-residency, and enhance their qualifications and competitiveness for subsequent application to formal residency programs. This service places a strong emphasis on didactic training (surgical rounds, journal club, rehabilitation rounds) as well as support for clinical research. To learn more, see the VOSM Careers page. To apply, please email cover letter, CV and references to Alyse Carter,

Available Jobs
Credentialed Technician with CCRP/CCRA Certification, Stamford, Connecticut Cornell University Veterinary Specialists (Stamford, CT) seeks a credentialed technician with CCRP/CCRA certification (or desire to work towards it). We are a dynamic SMR Service fully integrated into a VECCS Level I Specialty facility. The SMR caseload includes in-hospital ICU/ER cases, orthopedic surgical post-ops, Neurologic cases, all specialty in-house referrals and busy outpatient appointments. We service pets, athletes, and working animals! UWTM, all modalities, CT/advanced diagnostics, and acupuncture service. This candidate will focus on client/patient relationships, directly provide care under the direction of our board-certified SMR Specialist, collaboratively coordinate schedules, and provide rehabilitation plan instructions to clients. Please email
Medical Director (DVM, ACVSMR) *Signing Bonus*, Northern Virginia Veterinary Surgical Centers Rehabilitation (VSCR), a full-service physical rehabilitation and pain management practice in Northern Virginia, seeks an experienced full-time Medical Director. Requirements: DVM with 5 years + experience, Diplomate ACVSMR preferred and CCRT or CCRP certification, with a minimum of 3 years of experience if not ACVSMR diplomate. This position based in Vienna, VA with additional coverage in Leesburg and Winchester. Competitive salary, paid CE, generous benefits package that includes health/vision/dental, 401(k); paid vacation; ** signing bonus of $5,000! ** Apply online here:
Veterinary Acupuncturist / Veterinary Rehabilitation Practitioner, Sherman Oaks, California Full/Part-Time or Relief Veterinary Acupuncturist/Veterinary Rehabilitation Practitioner (CVA or CVA & CCRT/CCRP eligible or certified) Qualifications: Excellent client communication skills, minimum of 2yrs veterinary experience or veterinary internship completed and training/coursework/experience with acupuncture, pain management, orthopedics or rehabilitation therapy. Requires: DVM or VMD,State of CA license, DEA license. If you are interested in working with our dedicated and compassionate team, please send your resume to Dr. Joanne Bak at Pacific Animal Wellness Rehabilitation Center (PAW REHAB) is a state-of- the-art veterinary facility dedicated to physical rehabilitation therapy for pets.  
Full-Time Veterinary Rehab Technician, Sherman Oaks, California PAW REHAB (Sherman Oaks, CA) is seeking a full-time veterinary rehab technician. We are a veterinary clinic which specializes in physical rehabilitation and acupuncture for pets. 2+ years of veterinary clinical experience preferred - including: patient care, restraint, common animal diseases and veterinary medications. Applicant should also be knowledgeable in canine anatomy. We're looking for candidates who love client interaction and education. Should possess strong communication skills. RVT, CCRP, CCRA or VTS in rehabilitation or pain management is preferred. We offer competitive pay and benefits for full-time employees. Contact: Joanne Bak DVM, CCRT at  (818) 847-7299
Veterinarian - Rehabilitation Medicine, Kirkland, Washington - Seattle Veterinary Specialist, a BluePearl Veterinary Partner in Seattle, WA, affiliated with BluePearl Veterinary Partners, is seeking a full time rehab clinician (CCRT). Our hospital is looking to grow and develop a new service for our location. We have neurology and surgery on site and would like to expand case load to include referrals. We have a under water treadmill, cold laser, shock wave, rehab work space for land exercises, & currently have it staffed with a rehab (soon to be certified) technician. A clinician trained in acupuncture would be a plus! For more information, please visit our careers page at:
DACVSMR or Board-Eligible Candidate for Associate Clinician, Oneida, New York - Oneida Veterinary Associates, an ambulatory based equine practice, is seeking a DACVSMR or board-eligible (residency completed) candidate for a full-time Associate Clinician. The Associate would join the practice owner who specializes in reproduction with an additional strong focus in Internal Medicine and take over the lameness caseload. The practice serves one of the largest breeding farms in the Standardbred industry. A short-range goal is to build a small clinic/hospital. We offer an extremely competitive compensation package commensurate w/experience, along with paid vacation, CE stipend, full health benefits, malpractice insurance, professional membership dues, retirement, fringe benefits. An interest in ownership is desired, but not necessary. Interested and qualified candidates should forward a letter of intent, CV and three DVM/VMD references (at least one DACVSMR) to Dr. Michael Miller at
Veterinarian - Rehabilitation Medicine, Orange Park, Florida - BluePearl of Orange Park is seeking a full time licensed Veterinarian with CCRT or CCRP certification. We are looking for a highly motivated, team-oriented therapist who will continue to grow our rehabilitation department and work with our skilled specialty team that includes a certified rehabilitation technician. Expectations include diagnosing and managing individualized treatment plans; communicate directly with referring veterinarians, as well as in-house surgeons and neurologists. Our rehabilitation department is equipped with therapeutic ultrasound, therapeutic laser, land treadmill, underwater treadmill and many other rehabilitation modalities. To learn more or to apply please go to
Full Time and Part Time Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Technicians, Tampa, Florida - Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine is seeking both a part-time and full-time veterinary rehabilitation technician. We are a growing sports medicine and rehabilitation practice dedicated to high-quality patient care. We have a broad caseload of sporting dogs covering many disciplines as well as pet dogs recovering from a variety of orthopedic and neurologic issues. We are offer all rehabilitation modalities (laser, ultrasound, underwater and land treadmill, etc) and therapies in our 1 year old facility. You can learn more about our practice at Please submit cover letter and resume to
Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor in Equine Ambulatory Medicine and Surgery, Woodstock, Connecticut - Tufts Veterinary Field Service invites applications for a clinical track Assistant or Associate Professor in Equine Ambulatory Medicine and Surgery. We seek an experienced equine practitioner proficient in lameness and general practice skills. Board certification or eligibility in a relevant specialty is preferred (ABVP, ACVIM, ACVS, ACVMSR). TVFS in Woodstock, CT is a clinical and teaching unit of Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. The position is available immediately. Submit applications electronically via Interfolio at Inquiries can be directed to Dr. Julia Wilkinson (
Recent Publications publications 
Diplomates and residents, please send your recent publication information to Dr. Kenneth Bruecker at so we can announce it here.

Clayton, H.M. and Hobbs, S. J. 2019. Ground reaction forces: the sine qua non a legged locomotion. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 76, 25-35.
Kaashoek, M., Hobbs, S.J., Clayton, H.M., Aerts, P. and Nauwelaerts, S. 2019. Orientation and location of the finite helical axis of the equine forelimb joints. Journal of Morphology 2019, 1-10.
Andrews-Rudd, M., Farmer-Day, C.,   Clayton, H.M. and Marlin, D.J. 2018. Comparison of stirrup lengths chosen for flatwork by novice and experienced riders. Comparative Exercise Physiology 14, 223-230. DOI:

Egenvall, A., Byström, A., Roepstorff, L., Rhodin, M., Eisersiö, M. and   Clayton, H.M.  2018. Modelling rein tension during riding sessions using the generalized additive modeling technique. Comparative Exercise Physiology 14, 209-221. DOI:
Engell, M.T., Hernlund, E., Bystrøm, A., Egenvall, A., Bergh, A,   Clayton, H.M. and Roepstorff, L. 2018. Head, trunk and pelvic kinematics in the frontal plane in un-mounted horseback riders rocking a balance chair from side-to-side. Comparative Exercise Physiology 14, 249-259. DOI:
Farmer-Day, C., Rudd, M., Williams J.,   Clayton, H.M. and Marlin, D.J. 2018. Rider reported factors influencing choice of stirrup length in dressage, showjumping and eventing. Comparative Exercise Physiology 14, 231-238. DOI:
To see publications from previous months, visit the Publications page of our website.
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