The Census wants to place ad buys in
areas of Alabama with lower response rates.

The National Association of Broadcasters has been aggressively seeking federal advertising opportunities for local radio and television stations facing enormous economic challenges due to the pandemic. To that end, NAB has been in contact with the Census Bureau on utilizing local broadcast advertising to increase response rates to the census in areas where they fall below the national average. We've been told the focus will be on rural radio.

We're pleased that the Census Bureau just announced a $75 million RFP process for spots that will target mostly rural areas beginning in August and September. The media planning and buying window is underway and ad contracts will be approved in July for the August start. We encourage stations that are interested in submitting a proposal to do so as soon as possible.

Click on the state map below to go to a live version
where you can see county by county response information.
The Census Bureau wants to specifically address all
counties NOT in blue!

If your station serves these areas, you are STRONGLY
encouraged to respond.

Below are screenshots of each page of the RFP. I made up answers in order to be able to advance and grab these eight photos. My answers ARE NOT ACCURATE. DO NOT COPY MY ANSWERS.
Alabama Broadcasters Association
June 29, 2020