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 Summer 2015 Quarterly Newsletter

ADA 25th Anniversary Special Edition


President George H.W. Bush signing the ADA on July 26, 1990
photo by Tom Olin

"I now lift my pen to sign this Americans with Disabilities Act and say: Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down."

- George H.W. Bush

The ADA at 25: Where We've Been and the Road Ahead

photo by Tom Olin

by Mary Faithfull, DRTx Executive Director

This past weekend we marked the 25th anniversary of the ADA and celebrated the great progress our nation has made to ensure that people with disabilities are able to fully and equally participate in the mainstream of American life.


We are mindful that when the ADA was signed in 1990, it was not the beginning of the disability rights movement in the United States, though it certainly was a major milestone in a fight for equality that continues today...read more


Faces of the ADA

The ADA opened the door to employment opportunities for millions of people with disabilities. The U.S. Department of Labor recounts a few of their stories...read more

Test Your Knowledge About the ADA
photo by Tom Olin

Take our quiz to see how much you know about the ADA. Some of the answers may surprise you!


1. The ADA was modeled after:

A. The Civil Rights Act of 1964

B. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

C. Both of the above

D. None of the above


2. The ADA was amended in which year:

A. 1997

B. 2000

C. 2005

D. 2008


3. The first city to install curb cuts was:

A. Philadelphia, PA

B. Portland, OR

C. Kalamazoo, MI

D. Syracuse, NY


4. In the 1980's,  disability rights activists were known for the following sayings, chants, or signs:

A. Nursing homes = jail

B. We will ride

C. Greyhound gives dogs a bad name

D. All of the above


5. Service animals providing assistance to people with disabilities must wear one of the following with appropriately marked identification:

A. Vest

B. Harness

C. Certificate

D. They do not need to display any identification


Click here to learn more interesting facts about the ADA.


Quiz answers available at the end of this newsletter.

Texans Play Key Role in ADA Passage
photo of Justin Dart, godfather of the ADA

Justin Dart (center) -

photo by Tom Olin

Did you know that several Texans were instrumental in getting the ADA passed? President George H.W. Bush signed the legislation. Lex Frieden, who had served as the executive director of the National Council on Disability, was one of the chief authors of the bill and a leader of the independent living movement in the U.S. 
And Justin Dart, known as the "Father of the ADA" served as a member of the National Council on Disability and in other leadership roles in national disability related organizations. He and his wife Yoshiko visited each state and territory, holding public forums with other activists to promote dialogue about disability rights among citizens and lawmakers.

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Quiz Answers:
1. C
2. D
3. C
4. D
5. D

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