Georgia's IC&RC Affiliate Board for Addiction & Recovery Professionals
Dear Attendees, 

Thank you so much for attending the 9th Annual ADACBGA Conference 2021!  
We are so glad you could join us with our workshops and discussions.

Please take a moment to help us improve future conferences by evaluating your experience. Your feedback is extremely valuable to our ongoing effort to offer another conference in 2022. 

Presentation Links 
Evaluation Links 
Certification 101 
Engaging Men in Personal Growth and Treatment 
Engaging Women of Color in Addiction Treatment 
Faith-Based Therapy For Diligence In Recovery 
Screening for Substance Use Disorders 
The Emerging Impact of Marijuana and CBD – What we know and what we don’t 
Vaping Me Crazy! Weed Between the Lines! 
An Introduction to Sexual Diversity and Gender Identify in Addiction Treatment 
Clinical Cultural Competence and Community Support for the African American Men 
Ethical Decision Making with Administrators, Clinicians, and Peer Service Providers 
From Client to Staff: Navigating the Clinical Supervision Process 
Holistic Approaches for Maximum Wellness 
Mindfulness, why it is a vital piece of the puzzle in addiction treatment 
Navigating Societal Gender Roles: Trauma-informed responses for healing 
The Stigma of Medication Assisted Treatment: What’s the Truth? What’s Myth? 
Opening Plenary 
Addiction as An Attachment Disorder 
How Does EMDR, Implicit Memory, and Polyvagel Theory influence Addiction 
Incorporating Grief and Trauma Therapy into Substance Abuse Groups 
Integrating Wellness in Client Recovery and Care 
Medication Assisted Treatment and Pregnancy 
Ethics and Boundaries 
Guidelines to Clinically Evaluate and Report SUD 
HIV and Addiction: What SUD Counselors Need to Know and Why 
Innovative Interventions: 42 Ways to Do an Alcohol or Drug Intervention 
Peer Recovery…What to Know 
Sacred Circles… 
What Clinicians Need to Know About Telemental Health from a Treatment, Digital Marketing, and Ethical Perspective 
Life Patterns Therapy: Effective Interventions to Help Clients Recognize and Modify Unhealthy Patterns 
Middle Plenary 
Lunch Speaker 
Counselor to Clinical Supervisor: Sometimes it’s Lonely at the Top 
Do’s, Dont’s, and the How to’s: Best Practices in Group Facilitation 
Everyday Ethics for Everyone 
Practical Treatment Approaches for Adolescents with SUD 
Wellness a Cultural Effective Intervention for Men with Co-Occurring Disorders 
Certificates for Conference

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The deadline for completing those evaluations is Monday, July 19th.  
CE certificates should arrive via e-mail within 2 – 4 weeks after the deadline for evaluations. 

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Be sure to mark your calendars for the 10th Annual ADACBGA Conference on June 13-15, 2022. Registration information will be available on our website. 

We are more than thankful that you attended our event. We hope you enjoyed the experience. 

Looking forward to meeting you again next time. 
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