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September was a wildly busy month for ADAO, but we got a lot done and are ready to take October head on!  Put your feet up before you start reading our Mesothelioma Awareness Month eNewsletter!

Colombia!! As an invited guest, I joined impressive experts and activists  at the University of Rosario's "Asbestos: A Silent Killer?"

Mesothelioma Awareness Day was strong for ADAO's education, advocacy, and community efforts.
  • We hosted our 13th Congressional Staff Briefing , "TSCA and Asbestos: EPA's Failure to Protect Public Health,"  with nearly 40 staffers from almost 20 states attending alongside an expert panel of speakers. Following our briefing, we met with House and Senate Members and staffers to discuss new data, AHERA violations, and asbestos imports. Thanks to you, we delivered over 117,000 petition signatures  to the wonderful Senator Merkley's office and showed just how important it is that this lethal carcinogen be banned once and for all.
  • Special thanks to Sen. Durbin for allowing ADAO to honor the memory of asbestos victims with a   flag flying over the Capitol on Mesothelioma Awareness Day.
  • Lastly, ADAO also submitted a "Right to Know" legal action to the EPA demanding that under section 21 of TSCA, any asbestos user and/or importer be required to report the amount of asbestos being imported and where it is being used.
Excitement and gratitude lingers on from Miles for Meso event and Warrior Dinner. More than 100 runners dedicated their run to Warriors. 

Wait! What? Asbestos in schools, more violations, new EPA OIG report, and the LA Times published my Op-Ed.

This October we will take part in Health Literacy Month with a four-part blog series sharing information about asbestos disease prevention and awareness. The series will present information that is easy to understand and share. The four October Health Literacy Month Blogs are:
  1. Part 1: Prevent Asbestos Exposure
  2. Part 2: Recognize High-Risk Occupations
  3. Part 3: Understand the Warning Symptoms for Asbestos-Caused Diseases
  4. Part 4: Finding a Center of Excellence for Treatment
We are so excited to see the outpouring of support in our petition to the EPA, demanding we ban asbestos NOW without any loopholes or exemptions. We encourage you to continue to share the petition with friends and family so we can meet our goal of 150,000 signatures and continue to show both the EPA and the government we will not stand down until we have a ban!

Our fight continues, but yes, we ARE being heard.

Linda Reinstein,  Social Networks




2018 October Health Literacy Month: ADAO Begins Four-Part Asbestos Awareness and Prevention Blog Series

Four-Part Series Features:
October 8th - Part One: Prevent Asbestos Exposure
October 15th - Part Two: Recognize High Risk Occupations
October 22nd - Part Three: Understand the Warning Symptoms 
for Asbestos-Caused Diseases
October 29th - Part Four: Finding a Center of Excellence for Treatment



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October 2018:  Health Literacy Month

October 2018:  Health Literacy Month  Week 1: Prevent Asbestos Exposure

October 2018: Health Literacy Month Week 2: High Risk Occupations with Asbestos Exposure

October 1-4, 2018: UICC World Cancer Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

October 19, 2018: Patient and Carer Day in Staffordshire, United Kingdom

April 1 -7, 2019: Global Asbestos Awareness Week

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