“Day Without Immigrants” National Labor Strike Scheduled For Tomorrow, February 16th

The Time is Now to Ban Together 

Through social media and concerned dairy owners, the American Dairy Coalition has learned more information about an anticipated “Day Without Immigrants” labor strike to take place Thursday, February 16th.  In addition to the dairy industry, the strike is anticipated to stretch to other industries, including service and hospitality.  Immigrant parents are being encouraged from some immigrant activist groups to keep their children home from school.     

This potential labor strike looks much different than employees not working to attend a protest – strikers are told to stay home and not spend any money to increase the financial impact.

According to Laurie Fischer, ADC CEO, “The State Based Visa Program would allow current working immigrants the opportunity for legal status, providing they are employed and the state they work in adopts the program.”  This bill is a step in the right direction but we need more exposure. ADC is also working on several other federal bills to legalize our very valuable workforce. Help is needed. All employers and employees must unite and work together to ensure a bill is passed ASAP.

The American Dairy Coalition is at the table in negotiations surrounding several possible immigration reform bills, including the State Based Visa Program.  This program would allow states to opt in to a federally approved program allowing them to sponsor a number of workers in their state to obtain visas.  This program would provide a legal opportunity for workers, however stop short of providing citizenship.  

About the American Dairy Coalition
The American Dairy Coalition is the united voice of the dairy, agriculture and livestock industry. Successful policy making, in order to best serve this industry, starts in Washington DC. We focus only on top priority issues in order to remain nimble and quickly adapt to the ever changing federal policy making environment. ADC is the only national organization solely focused on advocating to advance the growth and success of progressive producers and agriculture companies. 

In the past year, ADC has grown to represent over 30,000 dairy producers through memberships, as well as national and state dairy associations.  ADC has collaborated with many groups and individuals to make a significant impact on the agriculture industry.