A little over a year after being acquired by American Addiction Centers, AdCare’s local management has partnered successfully with corporate leadership on a number of patient care improvements.

We have, for example, implemented EarlySense technology to monitor the vitals of our more acute patients. Used along with 24/7 medical supervision during detox, this revolutionary device tracks and analyzes the heart and breathing rates of our patients in their hospital beds without ever coming in contact with the patient's body. EarlySense can alert nurses to changes in vital signs so they can address complications quickly.

Physical improvements with an eye toward enhancing the admissions and discharge planning experiences of our patients are under way. These remodeled spaces will transform the patient's arrival and departure from our facility.

On the outpatient services side, we’ve taken steps to ensure that Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is available on the main campus. We also continue to evaluate and refresh our outpatient services curriculum by adding specialty groups such as Mind-Body-Spirit, Cannabis, and a dedicated First Responders program. There are several other initiatives under way that we are excited to finalize. These are just a few examples of the many improvements that are being noticed by all.
System-wide, our employees continue to work together on approaches to advance patient care. Our quality-improvement efforts recently earned us re-accreditation for Behavioral Health Care from The Joint Commission (TJC). The industry’s gold seal of approval, TJC accreditation recognizes AdCare Hospital’s demonstrated compliance with rigorous performance standards and our commitment to providing quality patient care.

I am pleased with the many positive changes that are visible throughout AdCare. I look forward to continuing to enhance our services as part of the American Addiction Centers' family.

  Jeffrey Hillis, CEO
AdCare Hospital

AdCare Outpatient Services in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts  is pleased to provide a Cannabis Group from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM on Thursdays. "The primary purpose of the Cannabis Group is to educate patients about marijuana and the risks it may pose to recovery," said Tanya Gouveia, MPA, MS, LCDP-II, LADC-I, the clinician facilitating this new group. 

The methods of marijuana use, THC potency, and the effects of use are among the many topics covered in the Cannabis Group at AdCare North Dartmouth Outpatient.  LEARN THE FACTS ABOUT MARIJUANA 
The Cannabis Group Challenges Beliefs about Marijuana
The Information provided in the Cannabis Group challenges the belief systems of many members around marijuana use. It's helpful for participants to consider the role the drug may play in their recovery by asking questions such as:

"Would my marijuana use become an invitation to return to my drug of choice?"
"Would I become dependent upon marijuana?"

Many say they use marijuana to relax and feel better. The group talks about alternative life-style practices that are healthier, safer, and produce similar effects without the risk of jeopardizing one's recovery. For example, AdCare specialty groups such as Mindfulness, Whole Person Wellness, Spirituality, and Mood Management provide healthy life-style options that support recovery. To learn more, visit AdCare Outpatient Services.  To enroll in the Cannabis Group at AdCare North Dartmouth, please call 508-999-1102.
Thank You!
Kara Levinson, Director of Nursing (above right), and Maria Fullam, Nursing Admin, thank the nursing staff for all their hard work.

Mary Chiecko, a key member of the Community Services Department since September of 2016, has been promoted to Director of Community Services. “In this new role, Mary will provide leadership to our AdCare community services representatives, oversee local public relations, build our alumni relations, and participate in the development of media plans with our corporate parent,” said Jeffrey Hillis, CEO.

Mary, who joined AdCare as the Community Services Representative for Western Massachusetts, has ten years of diverse marketing, business development, and communications experience, and is known for her outstanding customer service skills. She received AdCare's Community Services Representative of the Year Award in 2017, and the Employee of the Month Award for January 2018. "I am pleased to have a full team of AdCare community services representatives dedicated to assisting referral sources throughout our regions," said Mary.
Community Services Representative for
Western Massachusetts

For the past eight years, Yesenia "Jesse" has worked within AdCare as the office manager for AdCare Outpatient Services in West Springfield, MA. In addition to substantial administrative experience, Jesse thoroughly understands and practices AdCare's teamwork approach to customer service and referral relationships. She is also bilingual!
 Community Services Representative for Southeastern MA

Micaela has worked within the AdCare system as a counselor and administrative-assistant for AdCare Criminal Justice Services (ACJS), and as a community wellness advocate for the Boston Medical Center Health System. She earned  a bachelor’s of arts degree in psychology from Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.
Community Services Representative for
Central MA

Jaci has worked as a coordinator for the Massachusetts Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative (MOAPC), providing opioid prevention, education, awareness, and support throughout Worcester’s North County. As a school-based clinician, she has partnered with community supports such as DCF, DMH, and local school departments to enhance the overall functioning of children and families struggling with substance use and other behavioral issues.
AdCare Community Services Representative for Quincy and Greater Boston

Krystal has worked within the AdCare system as an assistant program director for the Community Corrections Center of AdCare Criminal Justice Services (ACJS) in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and as a mental health/substance abuse counselor for Bayridge Hospital in Lynn, Massachusetts. She has also served as a volunteer member of the Woburn Coalition against Substance Abuse and a Co-Facilitator of the Motherhood Program at Lawrence District Court.  
In September, AdCare Criminal Justice Services (ACJS) will celebrate 25 years of providing substance use disorder (SUD) programs in correctional and community settings.

The seed for ACJS was planted in 1994 when AdCare Hospital earned the contract to provide comprehensive services at MCI-Longwood, Massachusetts' first drunk driving program. Recognizing that services provided within the criminal justice setting are specialized to both the inmate population and the criminal justice organization that administers them, AdCare established a separate division, AdCare Recovery Services (ARS), focused exclusively on the delivery of contractual services within the criminal justice system.

Dr. Stephen Valle, an employee of AdCare Hospital in its early days, returned to the AdCare system in 1996 to lead and expand AdCare Recovery Services, later renamed AdCare Criminal Justice Services, Inc. (ACJS). Under the leadership of Dr. Valle and Lisa Talbot-Lundrigan, v ice president of operations, the company quickly grew to include county-based inmate programs in Bristol and Barnstable, as well as services to the trial court in their community corrections centers around the state.

Over its 25 year history, ACJS has provided some level of service to every one of the Commonwealth’s fourteen county-based Sheriff’s Departments, to the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Departments of Correction, to the Massachusetts Trial Court’s Office of Community Corrections and Drug Courts, to the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and to numerous steering committees, task forces, and specialty focus groups.

ACJS programs are exclusively contractual services and operate as fully functioning and staffed programs housed within the secure facilities of the criminal justice system. ACJS also provides technical assistance and training to jails, houses of correction, court, community corrections, and other public safety institutions. All of these services are in keeping with the company’s mission statement to increase public safety and reduce recidivism through evidence-based, effective offender rehabilitation and change programs. For more information about ACJS programs and services, visit our website.

Our parent company, American Addiction Centers, provides coast-to-coast addiction care. In addition to AdCare Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts and AdCare Rhode Island in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, American Addiction Centers has facilities across the United States.

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