December 2016


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 Launch of the Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct

- APAC Blockchain Conference - SPECIAL OFFER


- PWC Launches Vulcan Payments Solution


- ADCCA appointed to Standards Australia Blockchain Technical Committee


Nick Giurietto

CEO's Message

Launch of the Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct

November  30th saw the launch of the Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct at an event hosted by Deloitte.

The Code of Conduct is the result of ADCCA members voluntarily stepping up to set practice standards for digital currency businesses in the absence of clear consumer protection and AML/CTF regulations for this important sector.

ADCCA believes that Australian consumers deserve a reliable guide to help them choose a reputable business partner when dealing with digital currencies. The Code of Conduct sets externally audited best-practice standards for consumer protection.

An ADCCA Certified Digital Currency Business can be identified by the ADDCA Trustmark on its website:

ADCCA Certification provides proof that the business has strong consumer protections in place, including:
  • customer funds held in trust account
  • data security protections
  • privacy policy
  • transparent pricing
  • external dispute resolution scheme

The Code of Conduct also fills a gap in Australia's Anti-Money Laundering / Counter-Terrorism Financing Rules.  These rules do not currently clearly apply to most digital currency businesses in Australia.  This is expected to change in 2017 but ADCCA members are proud to have VOLUNTARILY adopted AML/CTF protections while the new rules are developed.
Nicholas Giurietto
CEO and Managing Director



APAC Blockchain Conference
Sydney, March 7-9 2017

ADCCA  is excited to partner with Quest Events to host the APAC Blockchain Conference in Sydney on March 7 -9, 2017.

ADCCA has helped design the conference agenda to have a clear focus on cutting past the blockchain hype to provide real insight into the opportunities and use cases for blockchain technology - as well as the barriers that must be overcome!

The agenda features leading blockchain practitioners from across Australia and around the world, including
  • Joseph Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum & Consensus will identify how the latest real-world applications are helping organisations around the world harness new opportunities
  • Ahmed Fahour, CEO for Australia Post, will give insights into how they plan to use blockchain innovations to remain competitive and reduce costs
  • A panel discussion featuring the CEO of Standards Australia, Bronywn Evans
    , alongside representatives from Citigroup, Westpac and Ledger Assets will examine what is needed to build an effective regulatory framework
  • In-depth case studies from Commonwealth Bank
    and ANZ on how they plan to leverage blockchain technologies
  • Liam Maxwell, National Technology Advisor to the UK Government, will discuss how to develop a vision for using the blockchain to improve the delivery of services, and how to ensure technology is robust and scalable


ADCCA newsletter subscribers qualify for an extended early bird offer.  Get in before 22 December and get an extra 10% off the now-closed early bird pricing.

Call or email Quest Events to take advantage of this special offer before 22 December:

02 9977 0565

PWC Launches Vulcan Digital Asset Services

PWC launched its Vulcan Digital Asset Services capability on November 15th.

The development of Vulcan was led from Australia by PWC Director, Robert Allen who described it as "a cloud-based platform that enables banks and corporates to offer a suite of new digital currency related products and services to individual, retail and institutional customers within a trusted, transparent and compliant ecosystem. It is the first of its kind globally and has been created to bring digital assets and currency to the mainstream."

The Vulcan platform supports multiple currencies and multiple assets and links digital identity with a secure digital wallet and payments infrastructure.  This allows banks, merchants and consumers to access both digital and fiat currency and transact with one another in a fast and efficient way anywhere in the world.

To learn more about PWC's Vulcan Digital Asset solution, click here.

ADCCA Appointed to Standards Australia Blockchain Technical Committee

Standards Australia is building out its plans for the co-ordination of development of international standards for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Those plans include an international committee meeting to be hosted in Sydney in early April 2017.

As well as providing the international secretariat, Standards Australia is, of course, working with key stakeholders here in Australia to ensure that Australian perspectives are collected and aligned as our national input to the development of these global blockchain standards.

ADCCA is delighted to have been appointed to serve on the Australian Technical Committee for this initiative.


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