March 2017


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- CEO's MESSAGE: Action on Identity and Value required to unlock blockchain use cases.

- APAC Blockchain Conference


- DC Blockchain Summit


- US States Driving Blockchain Adoption - Lessons for Australia?


- Australian Delegation to Consensus Blockchain Conference in New York


- NZ Blockchain Conference: Opportunity for ADCCA newsletter subscribers


- New ADCCA Members: Civic Ledger and LGAQ


Nick Giurietto

CEO's Message

Action on Identity and Value required to unlock blockchain use cases.

2017  started with a real bang. The first two months of the year have seen:

- the initial meeting of the ADCCA Industry Advisory Council
- the APAC Blockchain Conference held in Sydney
- an Australian delegation to the DC Blockchain Summit in     
- consultation with Attorney-General's Department on the new 
  AML/CTF rules for digital currencies.

One very clear message that is coming from industry players across the board is that there is no shortage of innovative ideas on how blockchain could be used to transform business processes and deliver entirely new products and, indeed, there are now a number of successful proofs of concept that have demonstrated that these ideas are technically achievable.

However, commercialisation of these POC applications in almost all cases requires an integrated Identity solution that permits the on-chain exchange and management of tokenised assets. Similarly, a mechanism for value exchange on-chain is the next building block.

This message was delivered by organisations large and small at the APAC Blockchain Conference and was very much on show at the DC Blockchain Summit last week.

The first meeting of the ADCCA Industry Advisory Council saw the same message repeated by business stakeholders from many different industry sectors. Perhaps uniquely among transformational opportunities, implementation of blockchain solutions will require collaboration among industry players as well as between industry and regulators and policy makers.

It is more important than ever that Australia develop an integrated policy approach for blockchain implementation - and that the first goal be the development of a national digital identity strategy.

Nicholas Giurietto
CEO and Managing Director


APAC Blockchain Conference 2017


The  inaugural APAC Blockchain Conference which was held in Sydney on March 7-9 saw almost 200 attendees come together to share the latest insights in the development of blockchain technology and progress in developing real business solutions.

ADCCA was delighted to partner with event organisers Quest Events and main sponsor IBM to develop the conference program and organise the event.

Keynote presenters included Richard Davies of IBM, Joe Lubin of Consensus, Annabel Spring from the Commonwealth Bank, Simon Cant of Reinventure, Nigel Dobson of ANZ and Peter Randall of SETL just to name a few.

Wyatt Roy, the former Assistant Minister for Innovation and newly appointed Managing Director of Afiniti moderated a comparative regulatory session that showed that Australia has real strengths to rely upon in our regulatory environment but that other countries including Japan, the UK and Singapore are the real leaders.

Networking amongst conference participants saw a real buzz fill every break and more than one business partnership is now being explored.

With the strong success of this inaugural conference, ADCCA and Quest have already begun planning the 2018 conference which will be even bigger.

DC Blockchain Summit
Australia top of mind in Washington

Meeting with "Father of the Internet", Dr Bob Kahn at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC.

ADCCA recently co-ordinated an Australian delegation to the DC Blockchain Summit held in Washington DC on March 15 &16.

This event is produced by the US Digital Chamber of Commerce with which ADCCA has a partnership agreement through our joint membership of the Global Blockchain Forum.

ADCCA worked with the Australian Embassy in Washington and arranged to host the opening VIP Reception for the Blockchain Summit.  

David Ridgway, MLC for South Australia, delivered an address that saw 80 key influencers in the US blockchain community attend and hear a message on Australia's strengths as a place for inbound investment for blockchain-based businesses.

Australia's position at the conference was reinforced in an address by Blythe Masters of Digital Asset Holdings who are working to deliver the replacement of the ASX's CHESS clearance and settlement platform.

The success of the Australian presence in DC can be marked by the half dozen US blockchain companies that are now interested in Australia as a base for their APAC expansion.

Attending the DC Blockchain Summit also provided an opportunity for ADDCA CEO, Nicholas Giurietto, and ADDCA Industry Advisory Council Chair, Loretta Joseph, to meet with the leaders of the US Congress Blockchain Caucus.

Despite the hotly contested political environment in the US, Congressman David Schweikert (R) and Congressman Jarrod Polis (D) lead a bipartisan effort amongst 12 members of congress to ensure that the US government provides bilateral support for the development of blockchain capability in the US.

At the meeting, the congressmen were particularly interested in Australia's approach to AML/CTF regulation for digital currencies and the potential for ASIC's regulatory sandbox to boost blockchain innovation.

The model of bipartisan support for blockchain innovation is one that could also be adopted in Australia.

Illinois Blockchain Initiative

US States Driving Blockchain Innovation
A Lesson for Australia?

The US State of Illinois has recently announced its Illinois Blockchain Initiative which aims to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in Illinois through a combination of regulatory reform and implementation of blockchain solutions in government service delivery.

Two key initiatives include the management of pollution reporting using blockchain and IoT sensors and a proof of concept for a blockchain based land titles registry.

Similarly, the state of Delaware is working to change its securities laws to permit blockchain based securities to be issued and has embarked on a program to implement blockchain solutions for its public archives.

In both states, the primary goal is to take advantage of blockchain solutions to deliver improved quality and efficiency of government services.  A clear second objective is to help build the critical mass of blockchain programmers, analysts, lawyers and others that will make their state a hub for blockchain innovation - and the jobs and businesses of the future.

Perhaps this is a role model for the Australian states to adopt?

Australian Trade Mission to Consensus Blockchain Conference in New York

ADCCA and Austrade have partnered to lead an Australian Trade Mission to the Consensus Blockchain Conference to be held in New York from May 22 to 24.

The Consensus Conference is the largest blockchain conference in the world with almost 2000 delegates in attendance.

The Australian Trade Mission will comprise representatives from all sectors of the blockchain community in Australia from entrepreneurial startups to corporate innovators along with regulators.

Australian startups will have the opportunity to benefit from business matching opportunities and a chance to pitch their solutions to a global audience of potential technology partners, financiers and customers.

To learn more about participating in the Australian Trade Mission click here.


Blockchain NZ
Auckland, May 8-11 2017

ADCCA  has partnered with the NZ Blockchain Association to make it easier for Australian ADCCA subscribers to attend the upcoming Blockchain NZ Conference.

Blockchain NZ will run in Auckland from May 8 to 11 and will include at least 20 international thought leaders on blockchain including Vitalik Buterim of Ethereum and blockchain author and entrepreneur Andreas Antonopolous.

Contact to find out how to access a 10% discount off ticketed prices.


ADDCA welcomes two new members this month - Civic Ledger and the Queensland Local Government Association.

Civic Ledger  develops blockchain solutions for public markets. Most recently, Civic Ledger has been awarded funding from the Business Research and Innovation Initiative for a feasibility study to improve the transparency and reliability of water market information using blockchain and smart contracts.

The  Local Government Association of Queensland is the peak body that brings together local councils across Queensland to manage their shared relationships with other governments, the business community and other stakeholders.  LGAQ has joined ADCCA to explore opportunities for the use of blockchain technology to improve service quality and efficiency for local services. 

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