October Specials • Studio Guidelines + News
*additional information for walking classes & specials*
Congratulations to Diana Spiess, voted Best Trainer by Mature Living Reader's Choice Award 2020!
Fall into your healthy habits with these great specials in October!
**these specials are running until November 15th!**

Purchase 10 classes and get 5 FREE!

  • This special can be purchased with 1/2 system credit 
  • 10-class packages expire 4 months from date of purchase. 

Sign up for 5 Private Training Sessions and get 5 FREE classes!
  • 1/2 system credit can be used for class packages and specials.
  • System credit can not be used for private training packages or the Health Coaching program.
  • Sign up for the “essence of wellness” 5-month Health Coaching program and get 10 FREE regular classes.

Sign up for the “essence of wellness” 5-month Health Coaching program and get 10 FREE regular classes.

As of July 1st, only 1/2 of current system credit can be used for purchases due to quarantine ramifications. We are grateful for your understanding and are doing all we can to sustain essence through such a difficult time. We are not reducing any system credit amounts and are still honoring all of the large specials we offered before this all happened without notice or ability to plan. 

Urgent Sessions with Diana Spiess

Due to COVID and all things considered, Diana’s schedule and availability is now different. She is not expecting much of a change any time soon and is booking with the expectation that closings could happen again. With that said, if you are needing an urgent appointment, you can message her here for details and she will look to see where she can schedule you. She cannot promise how soon she will be able to get folks in but will do her best.  

Urgent sessions are: pain from mis-alignment that is stopping you from functioning, dis-stress that is debilitating, or via online sessions, urgent health coaching for emergency needs.

Please know that Diana will only be able to see emergencies with this option and, again, will do her best to schedule and cannot promise how soon.

System credit cannot be used for these sessions nor can current packages. There will be a fee specific for these sessions.

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Nominations end October 18th...then the voting for 'Best of Toledo' begins! You can vote daily until October 18th! Thank you!
Walking Yoga with Chelsea
Wednesdays 9:15–10:15 am
Thursdays 5:30–6:30 pm

This Yoga I class will run in the following locations this month. Keep an eye on the Essence Facebook Page for weekly location reminders. Chelsea will e-mail directions each week to those registered for class.

*Oct. 7/8: Wintergarden/St. Johns Nature Preserve, Bowling Green
*Oct. 14/15: Swan Creek Metropark, Toledo
*Oct. 21/22: W.W. Knight Nature Preserve, Perrysburg
*Oct. 28/29: Oak Openings Metropark, Whitehouse

As the weather turns cooler but we still want to take yoga outside... let’s walk! With the trail as our mat, we will create warmth in the body through movement and then pause here and there for some poses. Our walk will be a meditation, an opportunity to release what’s not serving us and draw in cleansing energy from the natural world. With plenty of space in our outdoor classroom, we need not wear masks; but we can wear shoes, gloves, and whatever else the weather calls for. Yoga is life— it is not just poses on a mat in a studio; it is a way of seeing the world, a way of choosing to move through our environment. This class will allow us to explore our options. Come outside in October for Walking Yoga!

In-Studio Classes and Zoom Classes!

Everyone entering essence must have a proper mask or face cover on covering both nose and mouth. Masks must be worn at all times and during all classes and private sessions...no exceptions.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
Join Us Online for Great Classes on Zoom!
Important Zoom Class Reminders: 

  • For those participating via zoom, you must be visible on camera. We can not allow participants coming on with us without a camera option going forward for safety reasons.
  • Be signed up at least 2 hours before the class begins
  • Zoom link will be sent 1 hour before class begins to your email 
  • Be signed in 15 minutes before class 
  • Ask all in your home to be off the internet for best reception for Zoom classes 
  • You will be on mute during Zoom classes and can send a chat message to the instructor if needed. 
  • For yoga classes, please leave savasana at the beginning or stay on the entire time to avoid being disruptive to the class. 
Workshops + Special Classes

Atma & The Koshas
...for the living today
with Diana Spiess, M.S., Licensed Sound Therapist, CVSMT, E-RYT500hr, Reiki Master, Board Certified Metaphysician. iRest®️Level 2 Teacher

Date: Sunday, November 1st
Time: 12:30pm - 3:30pm

$25 per person ($40 for 2 YEP sessions)

Many have learned about the 7 main chakras and never have heard of or studied some of the other, many chakras (energy centers of our being). Atma is of so much importance for us in the human, 3-dimensional existence and, even now with more being learned by science, we can begin to learn and understand so much more about ourselves. With this growth in understanding, we easily return to our awakened self and find more ease in trusting out instincts and feel deep connections to all of life.

The ancients recognized, even without the modern equipment that we have today, that we are well beyond existing in our physical body. The energetic layers of who we are reach beyond what our 5 senses can perceive in the 3-dimensional realm. Diana will explore so much in this workshop to help anyone in search of understanding and a deep connection to self beyond what we might recognize in existence.

Call the studio 419-873-6463 to get signed up today or go online to our site.

See Diana's fullnbackground here:

Fall Silent Retreat

Book time for yourself to renew, restore, relax, and energetically cleanse in so many ways!

October 16th-18th

Check in 4-5pm Friday 16th
Check out 3:30pm Sunday the18th

Lial Renewal Center in Whitehouse, Ohio

Silent retreats provide space for participants to experience the powerful impact of having an extended time and space to restore. Past participants are so amazed at the power of this retreat and many have attended more than one! The foods are wholesome and delicious (vegan/gluten free), the grounds are stunning and so calming, and the guided meditations and practices will restore and relax you. Diana shares many techniques for finding balance, and her private energy sessions are powerful for those that choose to add them on.

Private Room with own private bathroom:
$400 (includes both nights and all 6 meals)

Training Opportunities

Now Enrolling for the 2021 Yoga Teacher Training Program!

The price for YTT 200hr for 2021 is $3450 if paid in full. The early bird rate (see below) is until Oct. 31st. There is a payment plan option. Please contact Glory for details and YTT sign-up forms. Email Glory

** Due to all things we must now consider, spaces are limited for the 2021 YTT 200hr program. Sign-up early! 

**The early bird rate for YTT 200hr 2021 is $3250 ($200 off) if paid all at once and is available until October 31st. A non-refundable deposit of $500 can be taken to hold a spot but to receive this early bird rate, all is due by October 31st. 

"Participating in the 200hr YTT program this year has been a life changing experience. I told myself that this was for me and there didn’t need to be a specific purpose for doing it. When I finally committed to being ALL in… body, mind and spirit… diet, exercise & meditation, the universe opened doors for me that I would have never seen before in my life. The program has helped me to find internal balance, healing and an alternate purpose that aligns with the essence of my being. The more I learn, the more I realize I have to learn. I committed to the 200hr YTT program thinking I would delve deeper into the study of yoga and teaching, what I found was the pathway to my life and my true self.” –Melinda Fletcher


"I met Diana at a Silent Retreat and from there decided to start my YTT200 at Essence. The training has been amazing. I am learning so many things about strengthening my body, managing stress, and what brings me joy. Diana is very dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of yoga, but also making the connection between this and other aspects of life - how your body works, the importance of breathing, and the precision of poses. She works to drive a connection between what you are learning, what is different, and what really matters. The relationship to your classmates is very special, and taking this training during COVID has helped keep me grounded. A very holistic program, I would recommend to others." -Kim Howard
“I never anticipated to learn all of the extremely valuable lessons that I have been learning throughout my time in YTT. Diana does an amazing job of integrating a wide variety of interesting topics to provide a holistic perspective for body, mind, and spirit in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment. This training has provided me the opportunity to prioritize my health and wellness through a better understanding of how to acknowledge my body. Moreover, I am learning the foundations of anatomy, yoga philosophy, proper alignment, how to cue poses effectively, and so many other skills that aid in my confidence to instruct yoga. Most importantly, I am learning how to hold space for all people and honor 
every person’s experience during a yoga class. Whether you are interested in deepening your personal practice, embarking on a health and wellness journey, or seeking to teach yoga to others (perhaps even a combination of all three!) I highly recommend Diana’s 200 YTT program.” –Kelsey Madison Dietrich
“I started my journey into the 200 YTT January 2019 with an open heart. Little did I know how well this would serve me. This openness has allowed for such growth in my being. On my journey I reconnected with who I truly am. Far more than learning how to teach Asanas, I learned how to connect to what was my essence. As I began to make choices that supported my core self I gained a clarity. This clarity has radiated out to others. Sharing all the tools Diana has shared with me I now share with others. You can literally see the ripple effect in my community. The time had come to make the choice to continue with the advanced 300 hour program and it was effortless to continue the journey! This program is structured in such a way it can move you forward in tandem with still working through the 200 hour program. The 300 hour advance yoga teacher training has lead me deeper into the skills, philosophy and personal awareness one needs. The confidence that you gain allows you to lend it to others so they may to explore what is their essence. I truly believe one person can make all the difference. Diana has done that for me and I hope to do that for others. Perhaps this yoga teacher training can do the same for you.”
–Clarissa Votow
Diana has started her own Pilates Teacher Training! A few have already begun the Matwork Training and she is working on launching more very soon... even online! Contact her if you are interested and/or would like more information: diana@essencembs.com

Pranava Joy Podcast
"What matters most?" The latest episode of the Pranava Joy Podcast is now available!

Listen to episodes at:
Essence of Wellness Health Coaching

“I have been working with Diana for years with all she does and offers. I have made such huge strides in my health: back pain gone, energy much better, stomach issues and joint pain gone, and with the help of her newest capabilities as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner I am sleeping so much better, rashes I have been trying to figure out are gone, and for the first time in my life I know what it feels like not to be craving foods but rather I feel nourished! I have lost 13 pounds and I truly have tried everything in the past with no permanent success like this, I can not speak highly enough of all she does and I feel so much more in control of my health and understand all that I am accomplishing and why.” ~ Cindy B. 

“I love to exercise and have tried numerous diet things through the years. I have had a hard time figuring many things out as to why I could not lose weight, felt fatigued, and hurt even when I was trying to stretch and release muscle tension. Diana has helped me get rid of so much pain and I have sent many of my friends to see her with the same benefits. Now, with the her help, I have gotten to the root of many things and am seeing profound results. I have lost 29 pounds, am sleeping double the deep sleep time, and I do not feel hungry often at all. I know when I need to eat, but I do not feel “starving” and have no desires for junk things that I once did. I am so excited to be getting to the answers and, with her help, I can work on all the angles I need: body alignment, stress management, nutrition, and understanding why I am doing all I am.” 
~ Lesley K.

Cost is $650. * System credit cannot be used for Health Coaching

This is a 5-month-long integrative, functional, and all-inclusive health coaching program from your own home or anywhere you are! The program is flexible so you can start at the beginning of any month. Start now— what are you waiting for?

Join a community specifically focused on improving health and well-being and begin to feel empowered to make life-style, nutrition, exercise, and many more life adjustments that you find might help you live a healthier, happier journey.

Diana has acquired her Master of Science degree in Health Coaching and Applied Nutrition. She also is an NBC-HWC with the US Medical Board of Examiners and International Board Certification with IAHC as a Health Coach! This, alongside with her other 7 health and life coaching certifications leaves her the most experienced and trained Coach in the area! Her clients are seeing amazing results and getting answers to many things that have been holding them back on their health improvement progress. Check out her background here www.dianaspiess.com or email her at diana@essencembs.com.
Healthy Recipe of the Month
Vegan and Gluten Free
Jackfruit Chili with Fajita Veggies
Click here to Get the Recipe!

This delicious chili combines some of the best fall flavors into one delicious bowl!
Diana Spiess, M.S., NBC-HWC, E-RYT500, C-IAHC, AADP
Letter from Diana
Use your energy to heal
The powers we forget we have.

I often use acronyms to help my clients stay their course of wellness care as they maneuver through all that life presents. Staying R.E.A.L. (Remember Everything About Living healthy) is one I use and find to be so very important...maybe well beyond what some would think.
We can be eating the best foods, taking the best supplements, and have great folks helping us navigate...but if we are not a managing our energy and using our free will to choose thoughts that are high frequencies and that bring ease, we are wasting so much of those foods, supplements, and more. Anything that puts us in fight-or-flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) will keep us from digesting nutrients and takes blood and energy away from our vital organs. How we manage stressors sets the stage for everything. Learning techniques to not just manage after or during a stress but also before is so important. We forget how well we are able to set the stage before any day or event.

Take time to day dream visions that bring hope, joy, excitement, peace, and love of life. If you’re going to use your mind, choose how you do it and use it to raise your vibration and see outcomes that bring joy! The only moment where life really exists is now. Your power is right here, right now. Be present and remember that even 1 positive thought travels through all of your trillions of cells telling them all how to function...telling them you are safe right now and that they should do all of their miraculous functions to keep you healthy and alive!

Stay safe and healthy.

Diana Spiess
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Reminder! Keep your Valuables Safe.

Please consider keeping valuables and things you do not need in your trunk or at home when coming to the studio. Due to space and safety concerns, we cannot have extra belongings in the rooms while classes are going on. Although we take pride in our amazing community and studio, Essence is not responsible for lost or stolen items, and we are hoping to help you prevent any issues while also keeping the studio safe and spacious for everyone.
Studio Policies

No recordings, photos, or copying of classes, workshops, or private sessions without written permission from the owner. Please leave all cellular devices on silent/off and in your bag during sessions/classes.

In order to make the space comfortable for everyone, please refrain from wearing colognes or perfumes to class.

Thank you! Namaste!
Normal Reception Hours
Please call the studio during these hours, but do not come in to the studio unless you are signed up for a class, private session, or by appointment.

Mon-Fri 8:30-11:30am • Mon-Thurs 4:30-7:30pm • Sat 7:45am-11:30am