October 25, 2018 -The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) and the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council (CIRCAC) are seeking experts to provide recommendations on pipeline integrity and safety in Cook Inlet. Cook Inlet is the birthplace of oil and gas in Alaska. More than 200 miles of pipelines move oil, gas, and related products between offshore platforms and onshore facilities. Some of this infrastructure is roughly 60 years old. As the pipelines age, it is vitally important that we ensure their integrity — to safeguard both the continued operation of these facilities and the surrounding environment. This review seeks to address concerns about this critical infrastructure.
The expert panel will review past failures, with an eye to creating future solutions—providing recommendations that may include operational best practices, investigation, regulatory changes, information gathering, and infrastructure changes.

To be considered, experts should have knowledge in crude oil production operations, pipeline inspection, leak prevention and detection, pipeline design, loss-of-integrity root cause investigations, common cause analysis, analysis of leak data, and general engineering practices. The panel will meet in Anchorage three times in 2019. It is a voluntary position, but expenses and an honorarium will be provided. More information for prospective applicants can be found here:  www.circac.org/what-we-do/risk-assessment/cook-inlet-pipeline-risk-assessment/
Applications are due January 5, 2019.
Laura Achee, ADEC Public Information Officer, (907) 465-5009
Lynda Giguere, CIRCAC Director of Public Outreach, (907) 398-6205 or (907) 283-7222