June 2017
ADM Update

 ADM Recovery Challenge 5K Video Available!

Now you can see how much fun was had in support of a good cause at last month's ADM Recovery Challenge 5K!  

2017 ADM Recovery Challenge 5K
2017 ADM Recovery Challenge 5K Video

Many thanks to everyone who supported our race!

 Save the Date: August 18th, Symposium 

The Summit For KIds Symposium this year will focus on how families are affected by the opiate epidemic and will take place on Friday, August 18th, 2017.  

Additional information and registration link may be found here.  

 Featuring Dr. Rich Mahogany for Men's Health Month

June is Men's Health Month so it is a perfect  time for men and those who love men to visit  ManTherapy.org

The goal of Man Therapy 
is to show men that talking about their problems and getting help is masculine.

Dr. Mahogany explains in his own words:

As Dr. Rich would say, "You can't just rub dirt on your emotions," so visit mantherapy.org.

Congratulations ADM Staff Reaching Milestone Anniversaries 

Congratulations to Mary Alice Sonnhalter on celebrating her 10 year anniversary as the Manager of Community Relations at the ADM Board! 

Thank you for your years of service!

Recovery is Worth the Fight

Ready to fight your addiction? We've got your back. Call the ADM Addiction Helpline to connect with treatment.

No one fights alone.  CALL 330.940.1133.

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