Victim Assistance Program (VAP) joins the ADM system of care this month, joining a network of over 25 providers that offer prevention, treatment and recovery services to Summit County residents across the lifespan.
This local agency provides crisis intervention to victims and/or family members of a victim after a traumatic event or violent crime.

“Victim Assistance Program meets people they serve at the peak of a life-altering emergency and other traumatic events. Often times we know drugs and alcohol or mental health problems are contributing factors, and we are proud to partner with the team at VAP to address these traumatic incidents during the crisis and its immediate aftermath. As a contract provider of the Summit County ADM Board system of care, this funding will enable VAP to continue to help and support the people and families they serve. Likewise, as a hub for our local recovery system, this partnership provides the ADM Board system of care another path to recovery and improves access and overall care coordination in Summit County. We are very excited to welcome Victim Assistance Program into our network of providers,” commented Jerry Craig, executive director of the County of Summit ADM Board.

Established in 1972, Victim Assistance Program provided over 49,000 individual services to almost 6,000 people last year. There services include on-scene response, 24-hour hotline, service referral and advocacy, just to name a few. The non-profit will provide crisis intervention if a victim presents with an outstanding mental health or addiction crisis during their time of service with VAP.