The process of gaining accreditation to conduct adoptions from Colombia was filled with paperwork, meetings, strategic planning, late nights, early mornings, and too many emails flying back and forth to count. We vowed to be transparent, ethical, and honest throughout all of our future work in Colombia. And we do not take those vows lightly. But the most important vow we made was to be a voice for the children of Colombia. We have been entrusted with their futures and their well-being – a burden that is terrifying, humbling, and honoring all at once. A burden with a gravity that can often be overwhelming, but which is also the driving force behind the work we do each and every day. 

We are honored to introduce you to the beautiful children of Colombia, who so desperately need ALL of our help. And please, as you look at each and every one of them, ask yourself, “What can I do to help?” Whether it is forwarding this email along, emailing for more information, hosting, sponsoring a host child, or praying, please join us in being a voice.
Meet Duvan
"My name is Duvan. I am 15 years old. I enjoy soccer very much. I like the local team very much and I am an archer. My favorite food is Badeja Paisa (a typical Colombian meal). I would like to live in the US because it is a very friendly country. To me, I like it more because snow falls and it is cold. I would like to have a family in the US. If God wants, he can choose me and also the ICBF and hopefully that wish will be fulfilled because we have to hope. I would like to have a family that is cool and that are good people. To adopt me to their family and understand me. Thank you for reading this message. "

Duvan will be turning 16 in April. Which means a family would have to file I-800 before his 16th birthday or he will age out of the system and no longer be available for adoption. Duvan is healthy and precious. He desperately wants to find his forever family to call his own. We are praying that you are the family that can make this possible! If so, please contact Misty Lucas .