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Easter Week
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Not Even the Gates of a Hellish Pandemic Will Prevail Over God’s Church
"It seems, then, that the height of the COVID-19 pandemic is precisely the time to speak about hope rooted in God’s promises. These promises are not about the American economy. God has made no guarantees in that regard. He has also not guaranteed that all of us will survive. We will not. What, then, has he promised? That not even the gates of hell will prevail over the church (Matt. 16:18).

I don’t know what the future of Christianity holds in the weeks and months to come. I do know, however, that the church will not be overcome by a virus. I know this is not the end, and I know that we will in fact worship together again.

But is it possible to say even more? Is it possible to say, like Ezekiel, that the intense pain of this season can lead to a grander vision for a reinvigorated people of God? Is it possible to say that at the end of all this, we won’t simply resume our work but expand and grow the church with fresh confidence in God’s providence? I for one am anxious to see what kind of church emerges from this trial. I pray that it will be glorious." Read more here.

-The Rev. Canon Esau McCaulley, Esau McCaulley is a priest in the Anglican Church in North America and an assistant professor of New Testament at Wheaton College.

Taking Care of Our Clergy
Our priests and deacons have been reporting long hours, lots of stress, and at the same time, amazing ministry opportunities. In conference calls with Rectors, and contact with deacons and assisting clergy, the Bishops report that morale is high, and so is fatigue.

During this next two weeks, we are encouraging all clergy to take one week off, or at the very least minimum of two days, completely away from church ministry. These few days away from church ministry, to re-charge and take care of personal business, will greatly assist the Church its mission in the next few months. Of course, many of them are caring for young children or are bi-vocational and cannot take two days off of other responsibilities. But away from church responsibilities will lighten the load.

We’re also encouraging all lay leaders to support deacons and priests in having dedicated time off (in which only one designated person contacts them in case of emergency). Please help facilitate – and guard- this time.

by Greg Goebel and Rachel Moorman
11 Self Care Reminders for Clergy and Caregivers by Daniel G. Bagby
The novel coronavirus crisis is creating a different and deeper kind of compassion fatigue. Among other demands, pastors and other ministers are spending more time than ever utilizing a different mode of communication, including technology tools that are unfamiliar to many of us. Read 11 ways we can help clergy in this time. .

The Slow Word Movement with Rev. Summer Gross
As a spiritual director who spends much of my ministry creating space for people to be in the Presence of God, I know the value of setting the table for just two. And when one of my people needs a nourishing meal? I’m there. My beautiful sister Stephanie is a busy mama who runs a non-profit bringing awareness to human trafficking. When we celebrated her birthday last month over brioche at a small cafe, she leaned over and said she was feeling hungry for more of the Word. I watched her try to enjoy breakfast with a toddler whose curiosity meant she could barely carry on a conversation. She asked me for these small videos setting the table for her to be with Jesus. A few simple unpolished videos and a few days later she asked if she could start sending them to friends. The SLOW Word Movement was born.

The CARES Act and Churches
Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) on March 27, the largest stimulus and relief package in U.S. history. One important provision of the CARES Act for churches and non-profits is the Payment Protection Program (PPP), which sets aside $350 billion in potentially forgiveable loans — the main purpose of which is keeping people employed.

The American Anglican Council and Canon Phil Ashey have been analyzing the program with legal counsel in order to advise our clergy and vestries. Accepting federal funds leads to concerns about infringement upon first amendment rights — however, after reviewing the provisions, the AAC’s position is that the usefulness of the PPP to keep congregations, clergy, and staff afloat for eight weeks outweighs the risks.

Canon Phil Ashey advises churches who think they may need payroll support to begin talks with your bank immediately about applying for the program, as small businesses and non-profits have already begun applying when the program opened on April 3. Find out more here.

ADOTS Member Prayer Videos
Scriptures and Texts from BCP 2019 read by members of ADOTS churches. View them at
Tornado Relief in the Chattanooga/Cleveland Area
by Rachel Moorman
On Easter night, tornadoes and severe storms swept across the South, killing 32 people across many states and decimating homes and businesses. At least 15 tornadoes touched down in Georgia alone. An EF-3 tornado with 145 mph winds hit Chattanooga, TN. Additionally, social distancing mandates and financial strains from COVID-19 have made the burden even greater on those who are suffering great loss right now.

The Diocese of the South has created an online Emergency Relief Donation Page to facilitate supporting those who are in need through our local Anglican congregations in hard hit areas. Your monetary gift will be automatically earmarked as a Relief Donation and passed on to Anglican churches as they partner with organizations in their communities.

From Fr. Mitchell Baker, Emmanuel Fellowship Ministries in Cleveland, TN:
“We have dropped off cash donations to the Caring Place. They are the primary food bank for Cleveland. They have already had people there who lost their homes because of the tornado. They have also assisted in finding some of them temporarily housing and hoping they can get them connected back into FEMA.”

From Fr. Jake Stum, Pastor at Mission Cleveland, TN
“In Cleveland we have one neighborhood that was significantly impacted which is about a mile from where our church worships. We are primarily serving by taking work crews water and food. We are also working with the Red Cross to ensure people have temporary shelter and food until insurance money arrives.”

Please consider a gift to help those devastated by the April 12-13 tornadoes. The Emergency Relief Donation Page will remain a fixture on the ADOTS site to help address needs within the region whenever disaster strikes.
Please Share: Daily Prayer Live!
Morning, Noonday, and Compline
Archbishop Beach asked us to provide live Daily Office prayer!

The clergy of ADOTS and Holy Cross Cathedral have come together to create a live Daily Office format for:

Morning Prayer at 7/8am CT/ET (

Noonday Prayer at 11am/Noon CT/ET (

Compline at 8pm/9pm CT/ET (

Weekly Hymn Sing! Every Wednesday at 2pm with Chris Sieggen of St. Thomas, Athens, Georgia.

We're using the liturgy at so that everyone can follow along each day. This website updates the prayer services of the daily office each day, so its all there!

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Prayers for Such a Time as This
We have compiled and adapted prayers from the Book of Common Prayer 2019 to include in online parish services and for home worship. Some prayers have been adjusted from the BCP 2019 to reflect the current coronavirus situation. We have included the prayer number and page numbers so you can easily find them in your own BCP 2019. You can download and print this resource as a PDF by clicking the link below.
Online Ministry Tools
Everyone is scrambling to figure out how best to worship, pray, serve, and fellowship online right now. Click here for an overview of tools, and some ideas, that might be helpful.
Send us Your Stories of God's Grace in this Time
We would love to share the stories of God's work through and among his people. Please email us at so that Rachel can help you share these stories of God working even in difficult times.
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BCP 2019 and Lectionary
The ACNA has released BCP 2019! Click here to visit the BCP 2019 web page.

ADOTS has provided an online calendar of Sunday and Feast Day collects and lessons here.
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