ADOTS Weekly Special Update
April 2, 2020
A weekly roundup of information, updates, and recommended ministry resources.
Confidence in Christ Alone
The fact is that on this side of Jesus’ return, we will continue to face death and decay and all the scariness and pain that come along with them. We who are in Christ need not fear, but in this time of uncertainty we would be wise to think soberly and prepare well. We know that because of Jesus’ victory on the cross death itself has lost its sting (1 Corinthians 15:55), but for now we continue to experience the pain of loss on this side of history’s consummation in his return. We look with confidence to the future, but that confidence only appropriately lies in Christ. -Dean Michael Guernsey

Ministry Updates
by Rachel Moorman
Virtual Worship Services - Canon Chris
In this update from Canon Chris Sorensen, we see that the abundant “virtual” work the church is doing (reaching out by phone, text, email, and social media) is impacting online worship and maintaining or increasing community connectedness.

Online Giving
Archbishop Foley says, “Many members will be out of work or lose income for the unforeseeable future so those of you who can give extra, please do so. Please remember that, even though you are not able to meet together for worship like a normal Sunday, your congregation’s and the diocese’s expenses continue. It is, therefore, very important that you continue to faithfully worship with your tithe and offerings to your local congregation. This can be done with mailing your check to the church, online giving through the website, or online giving through your bank.”

Online Ministry, From Dean Michael Fry:
We went online for the first time this past weekend (4 Lent). Our parishioners were very grateful to be able to see their church, say their prayers and hear a sermon from one of their priests. We will be broadcasting mid-week services as well (Stations of the Cross, Compline, etc…). Read more.

Situation in Rwanda - Fr. Don Hutchens
At All Saints we have joined with our mission partner in Rwanda, the Diocese of Kibungo and Bishop Emmanuel Ntazinda to ensure the good news of Jesus continues to be proclaimed. They too are in lockdown mode and transportation very limited. We have underwritten radio broadcasts every Sunday for the next five months which will carry Bishop Emmanuel’s message to the community.

Embracing Solitude
by Dean Jack King
The more I have pursued the presence of God in silence and solitude, the more I have discovered the need for simplicity. Solitude and simplicity go together. When I have been weary in soul and needing fresh inspiration from the Lord, I trust God to speak through small and few things.

One feels tempted and pressured to ‘get it right’ when praying in silence. Measuring ourselves in prayer delays the stillness we crave. The desert fathers were well acquainted with this inner pressure. A monk once asked Abba Bessarion about life in community. “What am I to do?” the monk asked. Abba Bessarion replied, “Maintain silence and do not measure yourself.”
Service Updates
by Rachel Moorman
Mission Red Bank
Fr. Al Allison shares how they are keeping abreast of physical and spiritual needs at Mission Red Bank, Chattanooga, TN — and how that led to meeting the urgent need of a parishioner and her 91-year-old friend who are sheltering at home. Read it all.

Christ the King Hiawasee, Georgia
Geri Poirier, Church Administrator for Christ the King in Hiawassee, GA, writes how a flyer of a Bible verse being shared around their congregation ended up impacting her postal worker. Read the story.

Praying for Neighbors
Canon Greg shares an idea for praying with our neighbors.

Resource Updates
Compiled and Annotated by Rachel Moorman
Canon Greg - Dealing with Fear
“We may be misunderstanding Jesus if we think he is saying, ‘Do not feel fear!’ A better way to understand what Jesus is telling us is ‘When you are afraid, trust in me! I’m here!’” Read it all at Anglican Compass

A Word from the Lord
“Anxiety and fear are in our lives and we need to get alone with God in prayer” is the title of a recent devotional from Archbishop Foley, who offers short messages as daily devotionals on the A Word from the Lord site, or delivered to your email.

Responding to Anti-Asian Racism
The Asian American Christian Collaborative has issued a statement calling on churches to actively address racist behavior toward Asians during the coronavirus pandemic. The two collaborators on the statement have experienced xenophobic comments either themselves or have seen it in their communities. Read it here.

Pace Yourself!
Pastor David Gundersen takes lessons learned from a non-stop crisis response to Hurricane Harvey to remind church leaders in this moment: Do not sprint into a marathon.

“Be disciplined not only to rest but to create new patterns and rhythms. Disruptions like the one we’re experiencing will put your mind on a treadmill that keeps your spirit churning even when you’re not actively working or worrying. [Jesus’s] years of public ministry were the most important years in world history, but he knew when to get away, when to take a break, when to say, ‘It’s not the time—my hour has not yet come.’” Read more.

Please Share: Daily Prayer Live!
Morning, Noonday, and Compline
Archbishop Beach asked us to provide live Daily Office prayer!

The clergy of ADOTS and Holy Cross Cathedral have come together to create a live Daily Office format for:

Morning Prayer at 7/8am CT/ET (

Noonday Prayer at 11am/Noon CT/ET (

Compline at 8pm/9pm CT/ET (

Weekly Hymn Sing! Every Wednesday at 2pm with Chris Sieggen of St. Thomas, Athens, Georgia.

We're using the liturgy at so that everyone can follow along each day. This website updates the prayer services of the daily office each day, so its all there!

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Prayers for Such a Time as This
We have compiled and adapted prayers from the Book of Common Prayer 2019 to include in online parish services and for home worship. Some prayers have been adjusted from the BCP 2019 to reflect the current coronavirus situation. We have included the prayer number and page numbers so you can easily find them in your own BCP 2019. You can download and print this resource as a PDF by clicking the link below.
Online Ministry Tools
Everyone is scrambling to figure out how best to worship, pray, serve, and fellowship online right now. Click here for an overview of tools, and some ideas, that might be helpful.
Send us Your Stories of God's Grace in this Time
We would love to share the stories of God's work through and among his people. Please email us at so that Rachel can help you share these stories of God working even in difficult times.
Music Resources Online
BCP 2019 and Lectionary
The ACNA has released BCP 2019! Click here to visit the BCP 2019 web page.

ADOTS has provided an online calendar of Sunday and Feast Day collects and lessons here.
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