This month The Florida Bar has been focusing on Lawyers’ Mental Health . A new helpline has been introduced to assist members of the Bar with not only stress related to the practice of law, but also other factors that can create emotional and mental pressures. These include, for example, speaking with a case manager about needs to assist elder parents, or concerns about child care challenges. President-elect Dori Foster-Morales is pleased to provide this service in a time when usual stressors have been magnified.  Learn more about the helpline here .

Other tips for being at your professional and personal best focus on self-care . According to Psychology Today, the following steps are recommended:
  • Get adequate sleep and exercise.
  • Eat healthy foods and maintain a non-disruptive diet.
  • Take a break—both from your desk and laptop—and step outside.
  • Set boundaries: Say "no" to requests from others and say "yes" to self-care.
  • Schedule self-care time and activities into your daily routine.
  • Stay connected to friends and family.
Now is an excellent opportunity to revisit your routine and make positive changes. The new-normal can result in a better you.