Advocacy Alert from Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
Help LMM Take Action

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry is working on the front lines of providing essential services to the most vulnerable populations in our community. We continue to work with community partners and local governmental offices on the need, and are increasing our services to a broader population as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
During these times of uncertainty, LMM is steadfast in making sure the basic needs of our clients are provided. We need YOU to help by taking action on these three advocacy opportunities  TODAY so we can obtain extra resources in this time of need.
1.  Call or email your Member of Congress and ask them to include housing and homelessness resources in this COVID-19 spending package. Communities need funding now to help address the acute needs of people experiencing homelessness. As the economic impacts of this pandemic continue, millions of households will need emergency rental assistance and eviction prevention measures to help them keep roofs over their heads. TAKE ACTION HERE

2. Congress is preparing a trillion dollar economic relief package. We are calling on Congress to include $60 billion to help charities keep their doors open and to continue to provide help in communities. TAKE ACTION HERE

3. Sign on to the ACLU of Ohio's petition to Governor DeWine, which asks the governor to develop and implement a comprehensive, science-based action plan requiring Ohio jails (and related entities) to minimize the spread and impact of COVID-19; issue mandates and executive orders to accomplish the adoption of these plans and best practices; work with cities and counties on the best ways to quickly and significantly reduce jail populations in the name of public safety. TAKE ACTION HERE 

Thank YOU for taking action that will allow LMM to continue to serve the community in this time of great need.