Advocacy Alert from Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
Help LMM Take Action: House Bill 680

Voting is a powerful action that can lead to systems change. Voting must be easy and accessible in order for all voices to be heard.
The Ohio House of Representatives is debating House Bill 680, which will make it harder for Ohioans to vote in the upcoming election. HB 680 will prevent the Secretary of State from mailing ballots to all Ohio voters and require any emergency plans to be established two months in advance of the election, making it difficult for officials to respond to actual emergencies.
This legislation makes voting harder, not easier. Call or email your representative and tell them to vote NO on HB 680:
  • Call House Speaker Larry Householder (614) 466-2500
  • Call Your State Representative
  • Call the bill sponsor: Rep. Cindy Abrams (614) 466-9091 
If you decide to call you can  use this script, provided by  Cleveland Votes , to express your opposition to HB 680.

THANK YOU for your support!