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Monday, December 19, 2022


Dear Dana Point Boaters,

Boater Questions and Concerns


Your Dana Point Boaters Association requested that 5th District Supervisor Elect Katrina Foley request answers to the list of questions compiled by concerned boaters. Her office was able to secure a reply from Kelly Rinderknecht, The Marina at Dana Point Manager. Click here to review the reply to the questions.


Answers beget more questions, and we are sending an additional list to clarify some of the answers. It would have been nice if the response had included more details. Kudos to Supervisor Foley and her Staff for obtaining a reply from DPHP.


Class Action Lawsuit Update


A word from the Plaintiffs’ attorney, Dennis Winters:


“On December 15th, attorneys, representing the Class Action Plaintiffs in the pending legal action in Superior Court of Orange County, filed a Motion to Certify the Class. This is an important milestone in the litigation. The Court needs to find that the boaters are a proper class whose interests are similar enough that the issues of the excessive, improper slip fee increase can be tried together and that issues are appropriate for class action determination. Once a\the Class is certified, that will put the case on the road to a resolution as it will confirm we can proceed to a jury trial on any factual issues.


The hearing on the Motion is presently set for April of next year. I know all the boaters are impatient for a resolution. Unfortunately, complex litigation such as this takes time. (The average time from filing the lawsuit to the resolution of a Class Action is said to be 2.7 years; we hope to do this one in much less time.) The attorneys are working on this virtually every day to bring this to a successful and, we hope, a relatively swift conclusion.”


Click here to read the Motion.


Dana Point Boaters, it has been over a year since we collectively started this challenge. Thank you for your continued support, patience, and financial donations. Our efforts and, hopefully, our success will help protect the rights of all CA recreational boaters up and down the coast. We are staying in the fight because we are standing together, united with one common goal. Thank you! Please continue to spread the word to your boat neighbors about our legal efforts and the importance of donations to the legal fund. We need you now more than ever!


Enjoy the Holidays!

Legal Endeavors are Expensive

Lastly, legal endeavors are expensive, and we appreciate all who have donated to our legal fund.

Please consider doing so today. If you haven't donated, consider an ongoing monthly donation by clicking the box "Make this a monthly donation," click here. These legal costs keep mounting as we continue moving forward with the Class Action Lawsuit. Your information will remain private. 

In the meantime, please continue to submit your comments on slip rate increases and other subjects by Click Here.
All donations are private and your identity will never be shared

Your Dana Point Boaters Association Directors, Advisors, and Advocacy Members Thanks You For Your Support!

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