Mayor de Blasio Announces Voluntary "Restaurant Revitalization" Program

In his press conference today, Mayor de Blasio announced the creation of a voluntary program that will provide temporary funding to selected restaurants, to be used toward subsidizing higher wages for employees for 6 weeks. The maximum amount a restaurant could receive is $30,000, and during the 6 week period, they would be required to pay $20/hour. The restaurant would pay wages up front, with the City providing reimbursement. Following the funded 6 weeks, recipients must pledge to pay $15/hour on top of tips within 5 years of returning to regular business.

´╗┐The program will be targeted at the 27 communities hardest hit by COVID-19, and aims to include 100 restaurants. Preference will be given to restaurants that also provide free or reduced-price meals to community members impacted by COVID-19, such as essential workers, low-income or elderly residents. A full list of details and considerations  is here . Application and participation in the program are fully voluntary.