State Liquor Authority Takes Steps to Ease Pressure on Businesses 

Today the NYS Liquor Authority held a board meeting and discussed many issues that have come to light during the COVID-19 crisis and took meaningful steps to help restaurants and bars. These changes are as follows: 

License renewals – The SLA is waiving the requirement to submit payment when submitting a renewal application until June 1. Restaurants and bars are still asked to submit renewals when required, but they will be able to defer payment allowing them to keep more money on hand. All licensees will keep their current license and will be mailed a new one once the fees are paid for the renewal.

Penalties and fees – The Authority is continuing to assess penalties against licensees who are found to be violating the law, however they have decided to delay mailing out the penalty letters for 60 days.

Price-Posting – The SLA is allowing wholesalers one week to make changes to this month’s price posting. These changes are required to be for reduced prices or discounts only. No increases will be allowed during this period.

Municipal Notices – For licensees that are required to file a municipal notice along side their application, the SLA will accept an email from the municipality acknowledging receipt of the notice if they are currently only accepting electronic documents.

These changes will take effect immediately. 

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