Administrative Eyecare: Editorial Preview

Editorial Preview

Jan/Feb 2021 Issue

The Administrative Eyecare Jan/Feb 2021 cover story focuses on how telehealth is changing the practice of healthcare—while also addressing other critical topics such as getting to the root of interpersonal conflict, productivity and people skills for new administrators, building a patient-centered culture, a checklist for work-from-home employees, transitioning a technician to a lead role, and much more. The deadline to reserve space for this issue is November 16, 2020, and materials are due December 1, 2020.

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Cover Story

How telehealth is changing the practice of healthcare

Synopsis: Until recently, telehealth was rarely used in the United States, typically using electronic communications to provide remote care for patients in rural or medically underserved communities. All that changed with COVID-19 when healthcare delivery had to be reimagined. Here, administrators and other experts show what that means for their practices.


Advanced administration: Put away the Band-Aid™ and pull out the splinter!

Synopsis: Unresolved conflict is a time waster and energy drain. This article illustrates steps administrators can take to get to the root of interpersonal conflict as fast as possible and create a win–win for everyone involved.

Advice for new administrators: A new sheriff in town—Productivity and people skills for new managers

Synopsis: You are new to management. You’ve been waiting to get your first shot. While attributes for success differ among organizations, this list of some common skills will benefit you wherever you are.

Business operations: Litigation—A (mostly) avoidable nightmare

Synopsis: According to a 2017 survey, 55% of U.S. physicians have been sued. Despite these statistics, being sued is not inevitable. This article shows administrators how to help their physician avoid litigation.

Customer care: Building a patient-centered culture

Synopsis: People drive success in any organization. An intentional strategy that puts people first by creating a patient-centered culture will ensure that practices reap the rewards. Here, how to build that patient-centric environment.

Fast practice: Speak up, step up

Synopsis: Patterns of behavior when responding to challenges, adversity, and even comfort need to be re-evaluated and freshened up to reflect newer, more effective approaches. Here are seven things administrators could do to reconsider their most effective approaches, not only for the benefit of their career but for the benefit of the practice they serve.

Human resources: Checklist for work-from-home employees

Synopsis: Before you convert your staff to teleworking consider this checklist, derived from the playbook of an administrator who successfully implemented “work from home” at her practice.

InfoTech: Managing privacy and security in telehealth

Synopsis: Ramping up telehealth in response to COVID-19 greatly enhanced patients' and providers' safety. But, experts say, it also created privacy and security gaps that put protected health information (PHI) at risk. This article details how practices should review their telehealth programs now to close any gaps in privacy and security.

Leadership Log: Embracing the overwhelm

Synopsis: Advice from her mentor played a crucial role in this author’s ability to stay sane in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, bringing new insights to what leaders must do on days they ask themselves, “Can I keep going?”

Marketing: More important than ever—Reputation management in 2021

Synopsis: COVID-19 and other practice challenges have raised questions about online reputation management. This article provides answers.

Technicians: Transitioning a technician to a lead role

Synopsis: The difference between flourishing or floundering in a new position often comes down to how much—and what kinds of—support employees receive from a manager. In this article, four things managers can do to support staff they want to transition to lead roles.

Making the case: Rising above—Strategic leadership during crisis

Synopsis: Managers who find the courage to be disciplined and accountable, staying strategic throughout the chaos, will come out the other side a better leader. Here, ten strategies that help.

Optical: How monitoring optical KPIs can improve optical profits

Synopsis: Optical services have become more prevalent in ophthalmology practices. However, managing optical has its own unique issues. This article reviews the three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) needed to run the optical efficiently.

COE Corner: Launching a new phase in my journey of never-ending learning

Synopsis: Passing the COE exam launched a new phase of this administrator’s career—including her vow to take on the next challenge that her journey as a lifelong learner presents, even if it means reversing her intention to never, ever, take another exam.

Peer to Peer: To what will you aspire—and what do you hope to inspire—in this new year?

Synopsis: Practice administrators share their wisdom.

Space reservation deadline: November 16, 2020

Materials due: December 1, 2020

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