Administrative Eyecare: Editorial Preview

Editorial Preview

May/June 2020 Show Issue

The Administrative Eyecare May/June 2020 issue focuses on how to develop the organizational leadership skills that all ophthalmic practice administrators need—and other critical topics such as improving decision making, keeping the cash flowing, and increasing employee retention. The deadline to reserve space for this issue is March 19, 2020, and materials are due April 1, 2020.

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Cover Story

Organizational Leadership: Attaining skills for a new role

Synopsis: Ophthalmology practices and other healthcare organizations are complex environments. They require strong leadership, not only to run day-to-day operations but also to inspire staff and effect positive change in providing quality care. Here, experts share insights about what leadership looks like, how to develop leadership skills, and where to look for evidence of success.


Advanced administration: Every mushroom is edible once—7 steps for recovering from a mistake

Synopsis: If you are in management long enough, you will make some big mistakes. Assuming they aren’t fatal to your career, here’s how you recover.

Advice for new administrators: Clinical-therapist-turned-practice-administrator—5 observations to consider when improving employee satisfaction

Synopsis: Applying perspectives grounded in principles of mental hygiene allowed this therapist-turned-practice-administrator to work at improving company culture. In one year, employee retention rate increased from 56% to 89%.

Business operations: Building a case for using contribution margin analysis in decision making

Synopsis: When it comes to making decisions, financial assessments like the contribution margin analysis will de-escalate emotions and allow for exploration of all viable options.

Customer care: Use these “free” techniques to improve patient flow

Synopsis: These suggestions for improving patient flow and refining your practice’s processes will give you more serenity, better patient satisfaction, and better financial performance.

Fast practice: How surgeons think…and how to help them think better

Synopsis: By encouraging each other to think broadly and collectively, surgeons and administrators working together have the best chance of creating an environment where practices can excel in these challenging times.

InfoTech: Securing patients’ payments—PCI and HIPAA compliance

Synopsis: If a practice is complying with HIPAA, hasn’t it already secured credit card data sufficiently? Isn’t PCI DSS redundant? The quick answer: No, and here’s why.

Marketing minute: Exit strategies for retiring doctors

Synopsis: Whether a practice is for sale to a partner, a new doctor, or a private equity firm, these three exit strategies will make the practice more attractive to buyers.

Reimbursement: Applying locum tenens as fee-for-time compensation

Synopsis: Maintaining consistent revenue isn’t optional in a market of declining reimbursement; using locum tenens can help keep the cash flowing.

Technicians: Technician training in the small practice

Synopsis: These five techniques will allow technicians in your small practice to train themselves.

COE Corner: You know more than you think you do!

Synopsis: This administrator had heard it multiple times, but never really believed it: “When you do this job, you know more than you think you do.” Here, the story of how she proved it true.

Making the case: Max capacity—Identifying and supporting overwhelmed employees

Synopsis: When an overwhelming workload is properly addressed—and addressed early on—you can keep your hardworking employees happy and retain them for years to come.

ASC: Risk assessments for ASCs

Synopsis: A risk-based approach to operations management is essential not only to best manage your facility and mitigate risk, but to assure compliance with myriad ASC regulations. This article offers perspectives on how to get on track with current risk assessment requirements.

Optical: Nuts and bolts of integrating your optical―The people factor

Synopsis: Integrating an optician into your private practice takes thoughtful consideration and carefully laid plans. Beginning with the management tools outlined here will set you up to provide superior comprehensive care.

Peer to Peer: How do you brand your practice to increase your visibility?

Synopsis: Administrators share their insights.

Space reservation deadline: March 19, 2020

Materials due: April 1, 2020

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