Administrative Eyecare: Editorial Preview

Editorial Preview

May/June 2021 Issue

The Administrative Eyecare May/June 2021 issue focuses on the evolution of marketing in ophthalmology; trends, challenges, and silver linings identified during the pandemic; the perfectionist’s guide to medication inventory; and much more. The deadline to reserve space for this issue is Mar. 22, 2021, and materials are due Apr. 2, 2021.

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Cover Story

Cover story: Patient experience is the new marketing—The evolution of getting the word out and people in

Synopsis: Every touchpoint in an ophthalmic practice relates to marketing and brand loyalty in some way. More recently, the global COVID-19 pandemic has introduced an anomaly of sorts: These touchpoints are becoming “touchless.” Here, ophthalmic professionals reflect on how to best market practices and retain customers in an era of exploding technology, new platforms, evolving best practices, and changing consumer habits.


Advanced administration: Trends, challenges, silver linings—Our journey toward a “better normal”

Synopsis: Research from a small sample population—eight clinic administrators who responded to a request for information on ASOA EyeMail—provides insights into pandemic trends and challenges.

Advice for new administrators: The perfectionist’s guide to medication inventory

Synopsis: Manual inventory is fraught with errors and time-consuming tasks. Using the guidelines outlined in this article allows practice administrators to perfect their inventory management in ways that benefit the bottom line.

Business operations: Preventing broken business relationships

Synopsis: These five practical, proactive solutions to prevent relationships from reaching the breaking point can help business partners save time and money while enhancing productivity and creating the strong business relationships that can weather any storm.

Customer care: How empathy changes customer service

Synopsis: Here, how this practice accomplished the seemingly impossible: patients being more relaxed during their exam, a surfeit of thank-you notes complimenting the staff, less frustration at check-out, and less conflict overall.

Fast practice: Risky business—“Chief risk officer” is central to every practice administrator’s role

Synopsis: With COVID-19 provisionally receding as an existential threat to medical practices, now is a good time to absorb lessons learned. This article offers keys to risk prevention, management, and mitigation, whether the crisis comes on slow, as did the pandemic, or fast, such as the unexpected death of an administrator or partner.

Human resources: B.R.E.A.T.H.E.—7 steps for de-escalating any situation

Synopsis: Emotional regulation is an integral part of any manager’s tool kit. Mastering this skill enhances patient and job satisfaction and elevates company culture. This article provides a seven-step road map to mastery.

InfoTech: Increase practice efficiency by getting the most out of your technology

Synopsis: Most physician practices today are trying to do more with less. Yet many are not using EHR and PM software features that can increase practice efficiencies. This article examines why software features may go unused, which ones are frequently overlooked, and actions practices might take to get the most out of their technologies.

Leadership Log: Work in the time of corona—Journal excerpts

Synopsis: Could this practice have done something better? Sure. Did they learn any lessons? Yes. But, says this administrator, “lesson” is the wrong word. Here, one administrator’s observations about the human spirit in a challenging, unprecedented time.

Marketing: 5 iron-clad coaching exercises to improve counselor conversions

Synopsis: Bringing a behavioral paradigm shift to these three areas—adopting a mindset of prosperity, seeking to enrich everyone on the practice team, and embracing success—is not woo-woo, but good business advice. Following five steps to shifting that paradigm allows practices to cut costs while still improving customer service.

Philanthropy: Volunteerism fuels Operation Sight’s mission to make cataract care accessible

Synopsis: Operation Sight’s nationwide volunteer network empowers the program to grow and thrive, particularly within the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, insight into not just the immediate meeting of a need but the long-term power of a program that serves uninsured and underinsured patients in financial need.

Making the case: A cut above the rest—How to become indispensable

Synopsis: Practice administrators play an instrumental role within the organization. Many factors—several of which are in their control—can help show leaders what a valuable employee they are. Following the strategies listed in this article will give administrators a reason to feel secure as “an indispensable member” of their practice.

Retina: Modifier -25—Does your documentation support it?

Synopsis: Establishing a clear understanding of modifier -25 and the documentation required to support both the office visit and the procedure is essential for good documentation—and is the focus of this article.

COE Corner: COE certification—Prescription for tough times

Synopsis: Mastering the knowledge base represented in the multiple areas essential to practice management—the six pillars of the COE credential—allows you to know where business opportunities exist when facing adversity in running a medical practice.

Peer to Peer: Brag on your practice—What are you proudest of having accomplished during this unprecedented year?

Synopsis: Practice administrators share their reflections.

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Materials due: Apr. 2, 2021

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