Administrative Eyecare: Editorial Preview

Editorial Preview

November/December 2021 Issue

The Administrative Eyecare November/December 2021 cover story “Lessons Learned from the Pandemic” brings administrators’ hard-won expertise—guidance that can be scaled to any practice, regardless of size—to readers. Additional articles address critical topics such as solving office management problems systemically, imbuing daily work with meaning and purpose, adding a force majeure clause to business agreements, using meetings to encourage empathy and efficiency, managing liquidity in practice finances, and much more. The deadline to reserve space for this issue is September 23, 2021, and materials are due October 6, 2021.

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Cover Story

Lessons From the Pandemic

Synopsis: Administrators share insights learned on the ground while leading their practices through the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond the imperative of strong leadership, the article presents five strategies that can be scaled to any practice, any size, any time. As one administrator, now on the other side, said, “There is always more than one answer, more than one way to complete a task, and recovery is a sign of stability.”


Advanced administration: Jellyfish have it tough—How structure determines behavior

Synopsis: Instead of framing challenges as “people issues,” this author suggests looking at them as systemic issues. The key: asking “What is it about my system that allowed this to happen?”

Advice for new administrators: Too good to fail—Bringing “just cause” enthusiasm to your practice

Synopsis: To become a world-class ophthalmology practice that is both self-sustaining and enduring, it’s essential for leaders to espouse the just cause—i.e., the meaning or ultimate purpose—driving day-to-day business.

Business operations: Your practice employment agreements need a force majeure clause

Synopsis: Ophthalmology practices, this author posits, should consult legal counsel to add a force majeure clause to any new employment agreements the practice enters. The practice should also amend any existing employment agreements it already has by adding a force majeure clause. This article describes what, why, and how practices can do this.

Customer care: Using meetings and other strategies to encourage empathy and efficiency in the ophthalmology practice

Synopsis: The clinical aspects of treatment are the main reason, but not the only reason, a patient comes to your practice. In these times more than ever staff must not only provide quality care but also connect with patients in a personalized and compassionate way.

Fast practice: Keeping your practice liquid

Synopsis: Liquidity management is a core business discipline, and an important skill to master, even during the best of times. Here, five basic principles to help administrators achieve mastery of this important discipline.

HR: Fairy tale or horror story? Hiring and retention in the post-pandemic labor market

Synopsis: The Society for Human Resources Management predicts a turnover “tsunami” in the post-pandemic period, with up to half of all U.S. workers looking for new employment. This article offers practice leaders three strategies for being more creative in their recruiting and retention practices.

Technicians: The view from home

Synopsis: During the pandemic, this administrator had to completely change her office role so she could meet both the needs of her family and the needs of the practice. Though she could not exactly successfully manage a clinic from home, she could and did continue to contribute to the success of the practice. Here's how.

InfoTech: Update on phishing and ransomware—Responding to a surging threat

Synopsis: In 2020, ransomware attacks on the U.S. healthcare industry surged. The estimated cost was nearly $21 billion—not to mention the impact on patient care delivery. This article provides an update, based on interviews with information security experts, on what practices can do to curb this threat.

Marketing: How to optimize Google ads for your practice

Synopsis: Google holds more than 90% of the search engine market. The wealth of tools available through Google Ads, such as geofencing, ad-writing tips, and budgeting options, can help practices create digitally visible, impactful ad campaigns.

Reimbursement: Coverage or not? Harder than you might think!

Synopsis: This article reviews the current state of coverage documents and how practices might consider responding if the answer about whether a service is covered is less clear than in the past.

Retina: Diagnostic testing reimbursement—Align documentation and CPT codes

Synopsis: With the high utilization of diagnostic testing in retina practices, it is prudent to ensure practices capture and retain the payments for the services they provide. This article clarifies the difference between providing a "review" and an "interpretation and report"—a critical distinction for ensuring reimbursement of services.

COE Corner: One bad chapter doesn’t mean your story is over

Synopsis: When a family health crisis turned this administrator’s whole world upside down, she promised herself that she was going to emerge as a force to be reckoned with. She immediately began setting goals—achieving the COE credential among them—that helped her turn a corner and show her son what a strong, determined mother he had.

Making the case: ’Tis the season—The gifts of being a practice administrator

Synopsis: Despite the challenges of their job, practice administrators are in a unique position to experience many benefits that make life meaningful, engaging, and joyous. By consciously choosing to focus on the positives in their lives, administrators often realize they have a lot to be grateful for.

Peer to Peer: For what will you be giving thanks in 2021?

Synopsis: Practice administrators share their reflections.

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Materials due: October 6, 2021

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