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April 29, 2015
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News from the general aviation industry



FAA Deputy Administrator Urges Avionics Repair Shops to Promote ADS-B Out Equipage to Aircraft Owners

Deputy FAA Administrator and Chief NextGen Officer Michael Whitaker recently addressed nearly 1,900 attendees at the AEA International Convention & Trade Show in Dallas. Whitaker reconfirmed that the Jan. 1, 2020, deadline for ADS-B Out compliance is firm, and he encouraged repair shop managers to continue promoting early adoption to pilots and aircraft owners.


"We have to continue to work to make sure we meet that (Jan. 1, 2020, ADS-B Out) deadline by encouraging early equipage," Whitaker said. "One of the things that we clearly understand is not everybody can wait to 2019 to equip their airplanes. There is equipage going on now; that rate needs to continue to increase. Encourage your customers to equip now. The prices have gone down to extremely competitive levels; it's unrealistic to expect it to drop much below where it is. And now we need to start getting that equipage out there. This is the time to equip rather than competing for space as that deadline looms. It's a very obtainable objective. We've made huge progress, and it's important that we really keep on track."


Whitaker's speech is available in its entirety on the AEA YouTube channel, courtesy of the Aero-News Network. More...


ADS-B In: Airspace Insights Beyond the Horizon

Compared to ADS-B Out, the poor stepchild of the system, ADS-B In, is gaining more and more acceptance with fewer complaints -- particularly among those in the pilot community not already blessed with a panel that delivers situational-awareness tools such as almost-live weather and traffic. Lower initial costs, greater appreciation of its benefits and flexibility of use underpin much of ADS-B In's recent acceptance. Particularly the cost. As prices decline for both In and Out compliance, even some past complainers are coming around. More...


Regulatory Update

All the latest from the international aviation authorities


NPA Seeks to Lessen EASA Involvement in Part 21 Certifications
The NPA 2015-03 was recently issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency and is open for comments. The document can be found here.  The NPA proposes an amendment of EU 748/2012 Annex I -- Part 21, and is aimed to ensure a full compliance with Part 21 with the framework of safety management provisions of ICAO Annex 19 in the field of design and manufacturing (production). Closely linked with the above objective is the objective of implementation of performance-based oversight in product certification. This would require a risk-based approach setting standards for the determination of the level of involvement of the agency when it verifies the applicant's demonstration of compliance of the product with the applicable type certification basis. This would aim to:
  • Improve effectiveness and reduce, where possible, the involvement of the EASA when verifying compliance demonstration in the certification process.
  • Reduce cost to maintain the Part 21 organisation approval.
  • Systematic risk management.
  • Safety-performance-based oversight focusing on areas of greater risk.

This NPA will be supplemented by other NPAs that will follow to propose the introduction of a safety management system into the design and manufacturing processes. Comments to this NPA should be received no later than June 2, 2015. More... 


On the Radar 

Upcoming AEA and industry events


AEA Europe Regional Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, May 5-6
The first AEA Regional Meeting of 2015 takes place in Barcelona, Spain, May 5-6. An optional half-day SMS training session is available on May 4. Registrations will be available on-site. More... 

EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 20-26
For seven days from sunrise to well past sunset, Oshkosh is filled with dazzling displays of aerobatics, informative programs and hands-on workshops, diverse aircraft spanning all eras of flight, concerts and more. More...

AEA Connect, Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 10
AEA members gather in Latin America for a special one-day networking event between avionics facilities, manufacturers and ANAC. This event takes place one day prior to the start of LABACE. More...

The Connection

Meet the leaders in the general aviation industry


Elliott Aviation's Relentless Pursuit of Innovation

In January, Elliott Aviation announced the downtime guarantee for King Air G1000 installation was increasing to $3,000 a day. At the beginning of March, the company's experience in these installations was approaching 175 systems. Elliott claims to have perfected the streamlined installation process. As a result, the company offers a 15-working-day guarantee and assurance to the aircraft owner that the installation will be done on time. Learn more about this AEA member company in Avionics News.  More...  


L-3's Lynx: The Next-Generation Transponder

One thing the avionics industry does well is blend various capabilities and technologies into a single product. The nav/comm is a great example; the nav/comm/GPS/moving map is a better one. Both product categories met customer demand by enhancing and combining their underlying technologies into a convenient form factor. Linkage, you might call it. That's the basic idea behind one of the more interesting products new on today's avionics market: L-3 Aviation Products' Lynx family of panel- and remote-mounted ADS-B solutions. The company's new offerings combine some mature technologies from the surveillance and situational awareness columns, making for a surprisingly strong first entrant in what ultimately could be a new product category. L-3 calls them "next-generation transponders."  More...
In the Classroom 

Professional development opportunities



Basic Wiring & Avionics Installation Training Course, May 11-13

This course is designed for currently employed repair station personnel, A&P mechanics, and others interested in improving or acquiring the skills necessary to perform avionics installations in general aviation aircraft. This three-day seminar employs in-depth theory and hands-on lab exercises to immerse the attendee in the best practices used to plan, manage and install a general aviation avionics panel. It is FAA-accepted for 26 hours toward IA renewal training. More...



Navigation Systems Line Maintenance & Testing Training Course, May 14

This course will provide in depth knowledge of theory, operation, testing and troubleshooting for common aircraft navigation systems, to include VOR navigation systems, instrument landing systems, and global positioning systems. Students will receive training on the setup and use of the Aeroflex IFR 4000 associated with the testing of aircraft navigation systems. It's perfect for those who have completed the AEA's Basic Wiring and Avionics Installation Course or for those who want to enhance their aircraft line maintenance knowledge and understanding of navigation systems and their testing. More...


Digital Databus Theory & Analysis Training Course, May 15

As today's modern airplanes become much more technologically advanced, so must the professionals who maintain them. The advanced avionics and instrumentation systems used in these aircraft rely on various forms of digital databus communication. Understanding digital databus theory is becoming more and more important for avionics technicians, and even A&P mechanics, to effectively test and troubleshoot these highly advanced aircraft systems. More...


Certified Repair Station Training Course, May 18-22

This is a week-long course divided into training modules designed for start-up repair stations as well as mature operations looking to improve their understanding of the regulations, perform internal audits and edit repair stations manuals. More...

The Raw Feed

Industry buzz on social media



AEA Convention Highlights Now on YouTube

Thanks to the production efforts of the Aero-News Network, YouTube viewers can now watch ANN's coverage of the 2015 AEA Convention in Dallas, which took place April 8-11. Catch up on the event's highlights, including the state of the association address from AEA President Paula Derks. More...


The Static

News from AEA member companies


ANODYNE ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING CORP.  completed DO-160G and DO-214 testing on its new line of LSA Series Amplifiers and LS Series Speakers. According to the company, they are the only amplifiers and speakers in their market/class today with this level of qualification. These LS and LSA series components are used in various combinations to create the new 300W, 600W, 900W and 1200W External PA systems. Numerous programs are underway with various helicopter OEMs for the installation and certification of the 300W, 600W and 900W systems. 

COBHAM AEROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS introduced its RT-7 panel-mount tactical radio, a new addition to Cobham's Flexcomm  family of RT-5000 remote-mount radios. As a 29.7 to 960 MHz, software-defined radio, the RT-7 line is upgradable as requirements develop and change. According to the company, when modules become obsolete, operators won't need a new radio -- they'll  remain current with the latest technologies: AM/FM/P25, 256 BIT AES Encryption. 

ASPEN AVIONICS announced a price reduction on its single-band ATX100 and ATX100G transceivers. Originally priced at $3,995, the ATX100 now lists for $2,645. The recently certified ATX100G price also has been reduced to $3,495 from $4,995. In addition, Aspen announced the pricing for its recently introduced Evolution Angle of Attack Indicator. Aspen's patent-pending solution integrates AOA technology directly into its Evolution primary flight and multifunction displays. The software upgrade will be listed at $1,995 and is expected to be available in July 2015.

FREEFLIGHT SYSTEMS said its certified ADS-B In systems have joined the ForeFlight Connect program. FreeFlight and ForeFlight will conduct extensive ground and flight testing to ensure a seamless customer experience. 

PS ENGINEERING introduced the PDA360EX, a new product designed exclusively for the experimental aircraft. The PDA360EX provides access to the new technology known as IntelliAudio while at the same time reducing the cost and optimizing operation for the homebuilder, according to the company.

GARMIN enhanced new and existing G500 and G600 glass flight display systems, including ADS-B display capability, and faster and modernized mapping. 

BECKER AVIONICS named ANTONIA ALDINGER sales representative for Europe.

CUTTER AVIATION named MARK NIEHAUS vice president of technical services. 

DAC INTERNATIONAL named BRADLEY SUTPHIN regional sales manager. 

JETTECH said it is seeking EASA approvals for several of its FAA-approved STCs, including those incorporating LPV and ADS-B solutions for legacy Citation 500 series and Citation Jet 525 series aircraft. 

JEPPESEN added audio warnings feature to Mobile FliteDeck VFR, featuring Sennheiser headset technology. Jeppesen also teamed with Peters Software to provide instrument helicopter training in Europe. At Sun'n Fun, Jeppesen said it will supply Purdue University's aviation program with professional pilot training materials, and it also announced that Kings Avionics is now featuring bundled Jeppesen navigation data and chart services.

GOGO BUSINESS AVIATION was selected by NetJets for a new program that will bring a minimum of 650 Gogo in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems to the JetJets fleet. 

TRUE BLUE POWER, a division of Mid-Continent Instrument Co., filed documentation with the FAA to secure an STC for the TB44 (46 amp hour) Advanced Lithium-ion Battery on all Cessna 208 and 208B Caravan aircraft, with anticipated completion in the fourth quarter of 2015.

SPIRIT AERONAUTICS delivered the 11th FAA KingAir B300 aircraft with avionics upgrades and total interior refurbishment as part of an 18-aircraft commitment.

WOMEN IN AVIATION, INTERNATIONAL will expand its Girls in Aviation Day beyond a one-location WAI Conference event for the first time. WAI's nearly 100 chapters will each host a unique program on Sept. 26, 2015. 

KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY SALINA named TARA HARL to lead the new airport management program, the first full-time faculty member hired specifically for the program since it was established in 2011. 

DMA AERO and DAC INTERNATIONAL introduced a new multiport RVSM Air Data Test Set. DAC International is DMA's distributor in the U.S. for its Air Data Test Sets.

CONSTANT AVIATION completed the first installation of ROCKWELL COLLINS Venue Cabin Management System in the Legacy 600.

GA Caucus

Industry advocates on Capitol Hill


In 2009, General Aviation Caucuses were formed in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate to inform congressional members and staff about the importance of general aviation to the nation's economy and transportation system. Today, the House GA Caucus has grown to become one of the largest caucuses in the House of Representatives. A listing of current House and Senate GA Caucus members is available on the AEA website. More...


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