April 8, 2020
Keeping the general aviation industry connected
AEA Offers Resources and Information in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis
In alignment with the AEA’s mission to provide effective leadership, educate, communicate and enhance the profitability of its members, the association has gathered helpful federal resources to support ongoing business operations and provide assistance to those affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Resources are grouped by pertinent topics such as health and safety; business; regulatory; international; money and taxes; and member news. More...
AEA to Host Series of Regulatory Webinars for Members
The AEA has scheduled a series of webinars to cover all the regulatory topics that were missed at the AEA Convention. Members can participate on the AEA website ( click here) with their member login and password. Here's the schedule for the next few weeks, and more sessions will be added later in the spring.

Part 43: The Business of Aircraft Maintenance – Tuesday, April 21 (3 p.m. EDT) 
To understand maintenance, you must understand Part 43 and all of the regulatory links from Part 43 to Parts 21, 65, and 91. This session will present an overview of Part 43 and how it relates to repair station design and operations.

FAA Drug and Alcohol Inspection Items: Be prepared for your next auditTuesday, April 28 (3 p.m. EDT)
Did you know that inspectors are not required to provide advanced notice of an audit? During this presentation, attendees will learn the best methods to keep their anti-drug and alcohol misuse prevention program on track. This includes going through the audit checklist, understanding program requirements and keeping organized for a violation-free inspection.

Beyond ADS-B Installations: Continued AirworthinessThursday, May 7 (3 p.m. EDT)
As the ADS-B mandated Jan. 1, 2020, deadline has now come and gone, it is time to look toward the continued airworthiness of these new systems. What checks and inspections are required of the new systems? How to manage software updates with approved “paired” systems such as GNSS or transponders? What are the post-validation requirements for changes within approved ADS-B systems? This session is designed to answer your questions about the continued airworthiness of the ADS-B installed technology.

Part 145: How to Implement and Manage a Repair Station Capability ListTuesday, May 12 (3 p.m. EDT)
Knowing a business’ capabilities is a fundamental element of any successful business. This session looks at the regulatory requirement of 14 CFR 145.215 and the practical application of this requirement for all limited rated repair stations. More...
Aero-News to Spotlight New Avionics Products
Unfortunately, the AEA's New Product Introduction session was canceled in late March when the AEA Convention could not take place in Nashville due to the coronavirus outbreak.

For more than a decade, Aero-News Network has provided live coverage of the AEA's New Product Introduction session during the convention's opening day. This ever-popular event typically involves dozens of new product reveals that are showcased in rapid-fire succession. Although this session did not take place this year, Aero-News is planning to produce its own video program that captures the highlights from those companies that chose to move forward with the introduction of a new product. The media outlet will unveil its "Avionics Innovation Preview 2020" program April 10 on its online portal at Airborne-live.net
Avionics Training Excellence Award Application Deadline Extended to May 1
The annual Avionics Training Excellence award recognizes AEA members for their total commitment to training. Pilots and aircraft owners may not be aware of the avionics industry’s dedication to technician training. For decades, the AEA has led the way with comprehensive programs to cover everything from the basics to advanced avionics instruction. A total commitment to training by AEA member companies and the recognition of the Avionics Training Excellence Award are an easy way for members to demonstrate their dedication to professional career development and assure their customers of a higher level of service.

To qualify, an AEA member company must submit a completed application for recognition form and provide proof of participation in an AEA-recognized training event for every employed technician from January to December of the award year. This year’s deadline has been extended to May 1, 2020. More...
AEA Reschedules May Training Classes to August
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Aircraft Electronics Association has rescheduled all of its May training classes to August. Registration is open and most classes are more than half full. The new schedule is as follows:

  • Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft: Aug. 5-7, 2020
  • Bench Basics & Flight Line Troubleshooting: Aug. 17-19, 2020
  • Pitot-Static & Transponder Testing & Inspection with ADS-B Implementation: Aug. 20, 2020
  • IFR6000 Operations: Aug. 21, 2020

June classes remain as originally scheduled and are still accepting registrations. More...
Paycheck Protection Program
Beginning April 3, 2020, small businesses and sole proprietorships can apply for and receive loans to cover their payroll and other certain expenses through existing U.S. Small Business Administration lenders.

The Paycheck Protection Program authorizes up to $349 billion in forgivable loans to small businesses to pay their employees during the COVID-19 crisis. All loan terms will be the same for everyone.

The loan amounts will be forgiven as long as:
  • The loan proceeds are used to cover payroll costs, and most mortgage interest, rent, and utility costs over the eight-week period after the loan is made; and
  • Employee and compensation levels are maintained. More...
CDC Publishes Fact Sheet for Airport Workers
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published interim guidance for business and employers to plan and respond to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This interim guidance is based on what is currently known about COVID-19.

To help reduce transmission among employees, the CDC recommends to actively encourage sick employees to stay home. Most importantly the fact sheet includes: What Aircraft Maintenance Workers Need to Know about COVID-19. More...
Avotek Helps AEA Members Prepare for AET Test
Have a little extra time as you self-quarantine or practice social distancing? Take this opportunity to study for the Aircraft Electronics Technician certification exam.

Avotek, an AEA member and training partner, offers online courses to help avionics technicians prepare for the AET exam and is now offering a member discount of 40% off. To access the coupon codes, AEA members must visit the AEA website and sign in with a member login. More...
Registration Open for AEA Connect Conferences
Join aviation's technology experts at one of the upcoming AEA Connect Conferences later this year. Online registration is available for both attendees and exhibitors. The schedule is as follows:

Sept. 10-11: AEA Canada (Calgary, Alberta)
Sept. 23-24: AEA East (Naples, Florida)
Oct. 19-20: AEA Central (Kansas City, Missouri)
Oct. 27-28: AEA West (Irvine, California)
Nov. 10-11: AEA South Pacific (Queenstown, New Zealand) More...
Request Your FREE AEA Pilot’s Guide
The AEA Pilot’s Guide is a consumer’s directory loaded with educational articles, timely information and data about the ever-changing world of avionics technologies. In addition to a complete directory of AEA-member government-certified repair stations, avionics manufacturers and distributors located in more than 40 countries, the publication features educational articles to help pilots and aircraft owners make better buying decisions. Individuals residing in the United States may request a free copy while supplies last. More...
On the Radar: Upcoming Industry Events
FAA UAS Symposium
Baltimore, Maryland
June 16-18, 2020
The Symposium will bring together representatives from the FAA, other government agencies, industry, and academia. The presenters and panelists will discuss the latest information and advancements related to the diverse uses of unmanned aircraft, and how these new entrants are being safely integrated into the National Airspace System. More...
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
July 20-26, 2020
Experience the largest annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts. From unique, historic aircraft to world-class daily air shows, you don’t want to miss the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration. The AEA will be distributing free copies of this year's AEA Pilot's Guide in Hangar B, booth 2035/2036.  More...
Boston, Massachusetts
Aug. 10-12, 2020 (tentative rescheduled date)
At the world’s largest event for unmanned and autonomous systems, explore today’s proven capabilities and tomorrow’s advancements through hands-on exhibits and interactive demos. More...
Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Aug. 11-13, 2020
LABACE is one of four NBAA partnership trade shows worldwide and the largest business aviation event in Latin America. It is a consolidated business opportunity thanks to its visitors and partners. More...
AEA Canada Connect Conference
Calgary, Alberta
Sept. 10-11, 2020
Join shop owners, managers and lead technicians for the latest regulatory and technical training at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel. Advance registration is open through September 2 for individuals to attend and for companies to exhibit. More...
AEA U.S. East Connect Conference
Naples, Florida
Sept. 23-24, 2020
Join shop owners, managers and lead technicians for the latest regulatory and technical training at the Naples Grande Hotel. Advance registration is open through September 18 for individuals to attend and for companies to exhibit. More...
KGB Aviation’s New Device Shines Light on Black Box Data
KGB Aviation Solutions is developing a new, easier way for technicians and engineers to download and monitor data from black boxes.

“It’s like a laptop or tablet on steroids,” said Kevin Balys, co-founder of KGB Aviation Solutions. “It’s designed with cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet access. We can add capabilities and troubleshoot and monitor the health of the device out in the field. Like your phone, we can push an update with new capabilities, new menus, new anything, and everyone will get it.”

Created for airlines, corporate flight departments, repair stations and other maintenance repair organizations, KGB’s DART, which is short for Data Acquisition Ruggedized Tool, connects to flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders, allowing technicians and engineers to see live, meaningful data. More...
Guardian Avionics' CO Detector: Saving Lives One Flight at a Time
Why is carbon monoxide so dangerous? In pure form, it’s colorless, odorless and tasteless. When it’s inhaled, CO is then absorbed into the bloodstream, where it attaches itself to hemoglobin, preventing the transport of oxygen. Symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to hypoxia.

Not wanting to tempt fate twice, Ash Vij went in search of a reliable and accurate portable CO detector. He couldn’t find anything but the inexpensive chemical spot detectors you see taped to so many instrument panels. More...
$100 Mystery Make and Model Challenge
Attention avionics technicians! How well do you think you know your avionics inside and out? New and old? Then put your knowledge to work.

What is the product make and model shown in this image?

The first individual who submits the correct answer will be awarded a $100 Visa gift card, courtesy of Southeast Aerospace, and the winner will be announced in the next edition of AEA Wired.

In addition, each award recipient in 2020 will be entered to win a random drawing for a $500 Visa gift card at the end of the year, also from Southeast Aerospace. Email your answer...
Avionics Training and Professional Development Classes
Register quickly, as most classes sell out!
Certified Repair Station Training
June 1-5, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This weeklong course provides an interactive environment to learn, understand and implement the regulations that govern repair station design and operations. Current quality managers, technicians, mechanics, and repairmen who are involved in the management of a repair station as well as individuals looking to establish a 14 CFR Part 145 repair station should attend. This course will include a complete review of the FAA guidance and policy regarding the procedures to assure a repair station is operating within the criteria of its manuals.
Basic Wiring & Avionics Installation
June 15-17, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for certificated repairmen, new avionics technicians, aviation maintenance technicians and recent graduates interested in improving or acquiring the skills necessary to perform avionics installations. This three-day seminar employs in-depth theory and hands-on lab exercises to immerse the attendee in the best practices used to plan, manage, and install a general aviation avionics panel.
Basic Pitot-Static & Transponder Theory, Testing & Troubleshooting
June 18-19, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for entry-level avionics technicians or those looking for basic training on pitot-static and aircraft transponder systems. This two-day course covers the history and theory of operation of pitot-static instruments and transponders, as well as system setup, hands-on testing, and the troubleshooting skills necessary to perform Federal Aviation Regulations 91.411 and 91.413 checks.
Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft
Aug. 5-7, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for the homebuilder or avionics technician who is looking for guidance in completing an avionics installation on an experimental aircraft. While the Garmin G3X Touch system is used as an example in the course, the wiring principles and general guidance can be applied to any experimental avionics system. From the do-it-yourselfer to the avionics shop looking to carve a niche, this class has something for everyone.
Avionics Installation and Integration Training
Aug. 12-14, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for technicians who have completed the AEA’s Basic Wiring & Avionics Installation Course and/or have a couple years of basic avionics installation practice and are looking for more experience integrating common general aviation installations. Technicians will learn how to plan, install, interface, configure and check out an installation consisting of a Garmin GTN 650 touch screen nav/com/GPS, Garmin GTX 345 transponder and an Aspen EFD1000 primary flight display.
Bench Basics and Flight Line Troubleshooting
Aug. 17-19, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for technicians who have completed the AEA’s Basic Wiring course and/or have a couple of years of basic avionics installation practice, familiar with basic soldering skills and are looking for experience in LRU bench testing and avionics flight line testing. ADS-B transponder systems, nav/ILS and VHF comms will be the focus of study. Technicians will fabricate a general-purpose test panel, a bench test harness, and a transponder test harness that they will use in the course. Attendees will keep their fabricated test panel and harness projects.
Pitot-Static and Transponder Testing and Inspection with ADS-B Implementation
Aug. 20, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
Attendees will learn the proper methods for conducting pitot-static and transponder tests and inspections. This full-day course offers hands-on training, including a regulatory review and an explanation of the proper administrative procedures for completing these critical certifications. With so many questions surrounding ADS-B, this course will provide the answers and what you need to know.
IFR6000 Operations
Aug. 21, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed to provide maintenance personnel with the knowledge and skills required to operate the IFR6000 to verify and maintain Transponder, UAT, TCAS, and DME systems.
The Regulations of Maintenance
Oct. 22-23, 2020
Orlando, Florida
Understanding the regulations of the repair station is only part of the equation. Like pieces of a puzzle, each regulation is needed to fit together in order to fully view the repair station’s requirements. Understanding the regulatory relationship between the business (Part 145); the maintenance it performs (Part 43); the parts it uses (Part 21); as well as the needs of customers (Part 91) are essential to provide regulatory compliant services in aviation maintenance. This session will cover the basics of the maintenance and modification regulations, but more importantly, it focuses on their integrated relationship with the business.
News from AEA Member Companies
Appareo introduced a new flight app called Stratus Insight, an electronic flight bag suite that includes VFR sectional maps, IFR low/high charts, geo-referenced approach plates, TAWS, and AHRS with synthetic vision. Beyond typical EFB features, Stratus Insight also provides ATC Radio Transcription and Playback, Vertical Weather Profile, Radar Forecast, and Smart Flight Plan. The Stratus Insight application supports integration with all generations of Stratus receivers, which provide subscription-free weather, WAAS GPS information, and ADS-B traffic to the app during flight. In addition, Appareo announced its commitment to the North
Dakota Department of Emergency Services to produce 2,000 emergency ventilators by the end of the month to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aspen Avionics reduced pricing on multidisplay systems and will also offer Evolution Synthetic Vision as standard for new installations of the MAX series of primary and multifunction displays. Upgrades such as angle of attack and ADS-B enablement software have also been reduced.

Universal Avionics is assisting the local Tucson community in protecting healthcare workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is currently providing the nonprofit group, Hope Worldwide (Tucson Chapter), with assembly line space at the Tucson headquarters to manufacture medical face masks and shields.

Duncan Aviation named Tyler Spurling assistant manager of its MRO Rapid Response Team. The company also added a new tech position at its Lincoln, Nebraska, headquarters. Robert Montano was tapped as an engine tech rep, providing troubleshooting and technical support to Rolls-Royce engine customers, and Duncan Aviation engine line maintenance teams.

Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus is expanding its aviation offerings to include an online bachelor's degree geared for students who have previously earned aviation-related certificates, ratings, licensures or college credit.

Innovative Solutions & Support Inc. was awarded Transport Canada Civil Aviation supplemental type certification for its ThrustSense Autothrottle on the Pilatus PC-12 Legacy and NG. The ThrustSense Autothrottle is the first turboprop full regime autothrottle certified by the FAA in 2017.

West Star Aviation’s website has been revamped with several new enhancements including easier navigation, updated design and an all new in-depth careers page. 
ACR Electronics, ARTEX, and Ocean Signal are raising 406 MHz beacon awareness and offering important advice on the eighth annual 406 Day, April 6. The awareness day encourages aviators, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts to update their beacon registration, check their battery expiration date, and self-test their beacons to make sure they are working perfectly.

Garmin will host a series of aviation webinars focusing on its latest generation of avionics, portable navigation solutions and more. These webinars are for aircraft owners and pilots to learn more about Garmin aviation products and services before purchase as well as best practices for operation.

Genesys Aerosystems announced that a Pakistan Aeronautical Complex MFI-17 Super Mushshak recently made a successful first flight with a full Genesys Aerosystems glass cockpit.

L3Harris Technologies launched Express Readout, an automated aircraft recorder validation service that provides the necessary reports about recorder functionality as mandated by aviation authorities.

Avidyne's sister company, Autonodyne LLC, is lending resources to assist local hospitals in meeting the demand for face shields and ventilator masks used to protect medical staff and treat patients diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Air Plains Services gained parts manufacturer approval from the FAA to manufacture new replacement airbox gaskets for a variety of Cessna single-engine piston aircraft.

Preston Pressure announced the latest addition to its family of digital test equipment. The PS-625 is an RVSM tester intended to be budget-friendly, and the unit is calibrated up to 65,000 feet and 650 knots.

Shadin Avionics announced its new Volta Series data converter platform as a software free complement to the Avionics Interface System Configurable Converter Platform.

Avotek announced that all of its textbooks will be free through RedShelf and VitalSource until at least May 25. This gives access for up to seven free books through these providers.
AEA Opens the Door to Your Future: AEA.net/Jobs
For individuals interested in pursuing professional opportunities in the avionics industry, the job listings page on the AEA website is your one-stop resource. The AEA jobs board provides informational links on how to get AET certified, an avionics technician job summary and wage review, along with scholarship opportunities within the industry. Search the AEA's job listings and see what's on your horizon. Are you up to the challenge? More...
Need to Post a Job? The AEA Works for You!
Is your business hiring? The AEA jobs board makes it easier for AEA members to find their next avionics technician, quality manager, inspector, sales representative or engineer.

AEA members may submit a free job posting after entering their username and password at AEA.net/Jobs. Member companies that optionally choose to upgrade their job posting for a premium will have preferred online placement and also will be published in the next edition of Avionics News. For more information about premium job listings, contact Rachel Hill, AEA advertising executive, at rachelh@aea.net.
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