Aug. 11, 2021
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AEA Unveils Q2 Avionics Market Report
Avionics sales top $1 billion in first six months of 2021
The Aircraft Electronics Association recently announced its second-quarter 2021 Avionics Market Report. In the first six months of the year, total worldwide business and general aviation avionics sales amounted to $1,069,737,831, or more than $1 billion as reported by the participating companies. The figure represented a 7.1% decrease in total sales compared to the first six months of 2020; however, during the second-quarter months of April, May and June, sales increased 2.1% compared to the same time frame one year ago.

"While it's encouraging to see a modest increase in sales compared to the second quarter of last year, this report is somewhat mixed as it ended a string of sales increases over the preceding nine months," said AEA President and CEO Mike Adamson. "The avionics industry is still facing some headwinds with various supply chain issues and global travel restrictions. With new products and services entering the market, the resounding success of recent trade shows and resilient consumers, there are still positive signs for general aviation to continue its climb." More...
Aviation's Technology Experts to Connect in Orlando, Sept. 29-30
The Aircraft Electronics Association unveiled the dates and locations for its 2021 AEA Connect Conferences in the United States. Technicians can get the latest technical information from leading avionics, instrument and test equipment manufacturers; satisfy repair station training requirements; and learn about new products, their application, certification and installation. Connect with your regional sales and support representatives in the exhibit hall.

Online registration is available for both attendees and exhibitors at
The annual AEA Connect Conferences are two-day events that personally connect general aviation industry professionals. The schedule is as follows:

  • Sept. 29-30: AEA East (Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside; Orlando, Florida)
  • Oct. 27-28: AEA West (Grand Sierra Resort; Reno, Nevada) More...
Aircraft Owners Win $1,000 for Avionics Upgrade
The AEA's booth in Hangar B at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh was full of pilots and aircraft owners throughout the last week of July. Following the event, the Experimental Aircraft Association announced that approximately 608,000 attended the show with more than 10,000 aircraft at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

To help owners of general aviation aircraft modernize their cockpits, the AEA randomly awarded five aircraft owners with $1,000 toward an avionics upgrade during the event. Each of the five winners must use an AEA-member avionics repair station to complete the installation. The winners were: Dennis Dahl of Pocahontas, Iowa; Mark Schlamer of Campbellsport, Wisconsin; Tim Kramer of Monterey, California; Dennis Wilt of Sebastian, Florida; and Jeff Lawson of Houston, Texas.

The AEA captured highlights of the week with several members in attendance in this video.
$100 Mystery Make and Model Challenge
Attention avionics technicians! How well do you think you know your avionics inside and out? New and old? Then put your knowledge to work.

What is the product make and model shown in this image?

Southeast Aerospace will award a $100 Visa gift card to a random winner from among the correct entries submitted, and the winner will be announced in the next edition of AEA Wired.

In addition, all correct answers from 2021 will be entered to win a random drawing for a $500 Visa gift card at the end of the year, also from Southeast Aerospace. Email your answer...
DOT Reopens AMJP Application Process
The United States Department of Transportation reopened the Aviation Manufacturing Jobs Protection program application process on Aug. 4, 2021, for four weeks, closing on Sept. 1, 2021, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. All eligibility requirements remain the same, including the requirement to have an active registration in the System of Award Management before submitting an AMJP application. 

The initial application period for the AMJP program closed, as planned, July 13. However, the DOT decided to reopen the application process because some businesses may not have understood the relationship between the AMJP and the Employee Retention Tax Credit programs.

If you submitted an AMJP application before the original July 13 deadline and received confirmation that your application was received, then you do not need to resubmit. The DOT will continue to evaluate and act upon these applications. More...
Avionics Intelligence
Mitigate unforeseen situations with informed decisions
Talking from his office at the eponymous Thom Duncan Avionics at Tennessee’s Fayetteville Municipal Airport several days after his aborted April 17 flight to Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo 2021, Duncan said what would have been his first visit to the event was memorable, but not harrowing. “It really wasn’t; we had fuel, power and the data needed to make good decisions.”

To the trilogy of wasted aviation resources – altitude above, runway behind, and fuel on the ground – Duncan adds avionics capabilities left on the shop shelf. There was no panic among the three souls on the lovingly restored 1960 M35 V-tail Bonanza. “We didn’t declare an emergency because we had the situation under control,” he said. “Things would have been a lot different if the throttle had stuck at idle power.” More...
Prepare for the AET Certification Exam
If you are not quite ready to take the AET test, AEA has you covered.

Avotek, an AEA member and training partner, offers online courses to help avionics technicians prepare for the AET exam and is offering a member discount of 40% off.

The Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics Part I - Electricity and Electronics and The Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics Part II - Maintenance Practices and Aircraft Fundamentals are the essential guides to aircraft electronics associated with AET certification.

To access the coupon codes, you will need to be logged in to the AEA website. AEA members get 40% off each course with the coupon codes. More...
Theory & Practice: Expectations
August is here, and many colleges and trade schools will be starting up before the end of the month. To be prepared for this experience, you should be aware of what you can expect as a student and what the school or college expects of you.

Let’s start with what you can expect from the college or school. Your educational institution will be invested in your success. You can expect to have the equipment, infrastructure and staff necessary to learn your trade. For avionics, this means the institution should have aircraft equipment and test equipment. Preferably, the school has an airframe, but strictly speaking, an airframe is not an absolute requirement to teach avionics.

When it comes to investment in your success, a quality institution will be regionally accredited. Earning regional accreditation is not easy because the accrediting agencies have extremely high standards. More...
The Story Behind Garmin's Revolutionary Autoland
It’s a safe bet there isn’t anyone in aviation who doesn’t want to give Garmin a big socially distanced hug for the development and certification of its revolutionary Autoland autonomous flight technology. It’s the kind of thing that makes everyone in aviation proud.

While we’re all familiar with how it works, few of us have had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to make Garmin’s Autoland a reality. Well, here’s your chance. More...
Apprenticeships: A Proven Pipeline for Local Talent
Apprenticeships can be an important pipeline for local talent. According to the Department of Labor, 92% of individuals who complete an apprenticeship program retain employment. Apprenticeships are not only workforce pipeline tools, but they improve employee retention by offering new opportunities for growth and can foster good relationships with the local community.

Have you ever considered an apprenticeship program for your organization? Do you have an internal apprenticeship program but assume formal registration through the Department of Labor would be too onerous to undertake? More...
EASA Publishes Easy Access Rules for Large Airplanes (CS-25)
The European Union Aviation Safety Agency provided notice that it has published the Easy Access Rules for Large Airplanes (CS-25) (Amendments: 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26). These consolidated, up-to-date rules are displayed in an easy-to-read format with advanced navigation features through links and bookmarks from the EASA website. More...
Learn Avionics Makes Training Faster, Easier
As the industry grapples with how to shore up the dwindling numbers of avionics technicians and aircraft mechanics, Learn Avionics in Newnan, Georgia, is stepping in to making training faster and easier.

With Learn Avionics, students can train online, in person or a combination of both through the company’s three types of training programs: online courses focused on introducing students to avionics installations; in-person short courses of two to three days for hands-on installation training on specific avionics systems; and a 12-month U.S. Department of Labor-approved avionics technician apprenticeship. 

“We’re really excited about our recently approved paid apprenticeship program, and we’ll now be able to offer federal and state financial aid support to approved veterans and other eligible students,” said Steve Olive, co-owner of Learn Avionics and its sister company, Oasis Aviation Maintenance, a Federal Aviation Administration Part 145 repair station just southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. More...
Continuous Education
Avionics makers stay in-house to create new-product training
Avionics makers often satisfy their customers’ needs for new-product training in-house – and in parallel with the research and development efforts leading to those new-product releases. That was the consistent message exhibiting vendors delivered during the 64th annual Aircraft Electronics Association International Convention & Trade Show at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole June 22-25. To paraphrase the remarks of representatives of exhibiting companies, in essence, the development of training materials begins with the manufacturer’s decisions to bring a new product to market.

Before opening customer access to training materials, the avionics OEMs develop and test-fly training for their own technicians. “The best way to assure the effectiveness of our training is to run our own technicians through the programs before we release the product for sale,” explained a representative of one of the major avionics manufacturers. More...
Frequently Asked Questions: Field Approvals
Question: My local Flight Standards Office does not offer field approvals. What are my options?

Answer: Many Flight Standards inspectors have a false belief that approvals are either a field approval or a supplemental type certificate. But this is a false narrative.

The FAA’s Major Repair and Alteration Data Approval job aid does provide some guidance on alterations and repair, as there is policy that would drive an otherwise major alteration to be treated as a major change in type design and requires a supplemental type certificate. However, absent from this, FAA AC 43-210A describes a standardized procedure for requesting approval of technical data associated with major repairs/major alterations. Figure 2-1 of the AC lists possible resources for approved data relevant to major repairs or major alteration. This list can prove beneficial when trying to find a source of approved data to support your “major” project. More...
Request Your FREE AEA Pilot's Guide
Published annually by the Aircraft Electronics Association, the 2021-22 edition of the AEA Pilot's Guide was recently unveiled. This year marks the 19th annual edition of the AEA Pilot's Guide, a consumer's directory loaded with educational articles, timely information and data about the ever-changing world of avionics technologies. The publication helps pilots and aircraft owners make better buying decisions and locate nearly 1,300 AEA member companies in more than 40 countries, including government-certified repair stations specializing in maintenance, repair and installation of avionics and electronic systems in general aviation aircraft. It also includes the manufacturers and distributors of these products, as well as technical schools and universities, engineers and consultants for the industry. 

Individuals residing in the United States may request a free copy of the AEA Pilot's Guide at while supplies last. More...
AERO: AEA's Online Training Platform
The AEA’s new online training platform called AERO, short for the Aerospace Education Resource Online system, allows users to train at their own pace with the ability to pause and resume courses at their convenience. In addition, AERO operates like a personal learning management system with a history of training and the ability to print certificates from completed courses.

All previous online training from the AEA has been migrated to AERO and is available exclusively to AEA members at with a member login and password. AEA AERO will continue to add content to help members accomplish their training goals. Members with questions about the new AERO online training system may contact Aaron Ward directly at More...
On the Radar: Upcoming Industry Events
AOPA Aviator Showcase
Manassas, Virginia (Aug. 27, 2021)
Fort Worth, Texas (Oct. 1, 2021)
Aug. 27, 2021
This event is designed to connect pilots and aircraft owners with the aviation industry’s vast array of products, services, aircraft, and equipment. The one-day gathering features an exhibit hall with an aircraft sales display and technology-related seminars. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with industry leaders in avionics and cockpit technology, flight planning, weather resources and aircraft manufacturing. More...
AEA East Connect Conference
Orlando, Florida
Sept. 29-30, 2021
Join shop owners, managers and lead technicians for the latest regulatory and technical training at the Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside. Advance registration is open for individuals to attend and for companies to exhibit. The hotel reservation deadline is Sept. 7. More...
NBAA-Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition
Las Vegas, Nevada
Oct. 12-14, 2021
The 2021 NBAA-BACE will take place at the brand-new, state-of-the-art west building at the Las Vegas Convention Center and will bring buyers and sellers together to showcase business aviation products and services. More...
AEA West Connect Conference
Reno, Nevada
Oct. 27-28, 2021
Join shop owners, managers and lead technicians for the latest regulatory and technical training at the Grand Sierra Resort. Advance registration is open for individuals to attend and for companies to exhibit. The hotel reservation deadline is Sept. 27. More...
Avionics Training and Professional Development Classes
Aircraft Instrument Systems
Aug. 17-18, 2021
VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE (9 seats remain)
This course is designed for avionics technicians or apprentices who want to learn more about aircraft instrument systems and better understand their operation, installation considerations, and maintenance to become more effective troubleshooters. From simple mechanical gauges to complex electrical and electronic systems, this course covers nearly every instrument system in an aircraft.
Basic Wiring & Avionics Installation (SOLD-OUT)
Aug. 23-25, 2021
In-person course; Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for certificated repairmen, new avionics technicians, aviation maintenance technicians and recent graduates interested in improving or acquiring the skills necessary to perform avionics installations. This three-day seminar employs in-depth theory and hands-on lab exercises to immerse the attendee in the best practices used to plan, manage, and install a general aviation avionics panel.
Basic Pitot-Static & Transponder Theory, Testing & Troubleshooting (SOLD-OUT)
Aug. 26-27, 2021
In-person course; Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for entry-level avionics technicians or those looking for basic training on pitot-static and aircraft transponder systems. This two-day course covers the history and theory of operation of pitot-static instruments and transponders, as well as system setup, hands-on testing, and the troubleshooting skills necessary to perform FAR 91.411 and 91.413 checks.
Primary Flight Display Installation & Integration (11 seats remain)
Sept. 8-10, 2021
In-person course; Lee's Summit, Missouri
Technicians will learn how to plan, install, interface, configure and check out an installation of a primary flight display, EHSI and GPS/nav/comm consisting of dual Garmin GI 275, a Garmin GTN 650 touch screen, and a Garmin GTX 345 transponder. Designed for technicians who have experience with avionics installation practices and are looking for more training integrating common general aviation installations.
Bench Basics 101 (New course: 12 seats remain)
Sept. 13-14, 2021
In-person course; Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for technicians who have experience with basic avionics installation practice, familiar with basic soldering skills and are looking for experience in LRU bench testing and avionics troubleshooting. Bench testing Nav, VHF comm and transponders will be the focus of study. Technicians will fabricate a general-purpose test panel that they will use in the course. Attendees will keep their fabricated test panel upon course completion.
Transponder Service Training
(New course: 11 seats remain)
Sept. 15, 2021
In-person course; Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for technicians who have experience with basic avionics installation practice and are looking for experience in transponder LRU bench testing, transponder flight line testing and aircraft troubleshooting. ADS-B transponders systems will be the focus of study. Attendees will keep their fabricated wire harness upon course completion.
Nav/Comm Equipment Service Training
(New course: 10 seats remain)
Sept. 16, 2021
In-person course; Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for technicians who have experience with basic avionics installation practice and are looking for experience in avionics flight line testing, LRU bench testing and aircraft troubleshooting. VOR, localizer, glideslope, marker beacon and VHF comms will be the focus of study.
Pitot-Static, Transponder, and ADS-B: Testing & Inspection (SOLD-OUT)
Sept. 17, 2021
In-person course; Lee's Summit, Missouri
Attendees will learn the proper methods for conducting pitot-static and transponder tests and inspections. This full-day course offers hands-on training, including a regulatory review and an explanation of the proper administrative procedures for completing these critical certifications. With so many questions surrounding ADS-B, this course will provide the answers and what you need to know.
Digital Databus Theory & Analysis
Sept. 21, 2021
VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE (13 seats remain)
As today’s modern airplanes become much more technologically advanced, so must the professionals who maintain them. The advanced avionics and instrumentation systems used in these aircraft rely on various forms of digital databus communication. Understanding digital databus theory is becoming more and more important for avionics technicians, and even A&P mechanics, to effectively test and troubleshoot these highly advanced aircraft systems.
Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft (10 seats remain)
Oct. 6-8, 2021
In-person course; Lee's Summit, Missouri
This in-person course is targeted for the homebuilder or avionics technician who wants to learn about performing an avionics installation in an experimental aircraft. The class focuses on the Garmin G3X Touch system, and a simplified example harness is constructed as part of the hands-on portion of the class. While the G3X Touch system is the primary focus, the wiring principles and general guidance can be applied to any experimental avionics system. From the do-it-yourselfer to the avionics shop looking to carve a niche, this class has something for everyone.
ADS-B Configuration, Testing & Troubleshooting
Oct. 14, 2021
VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE (15 seats remain)
This course is designed for currently employed repair station personnel and installers of ADS-B systems. Approximately 7% of all general aviation ADS-B installations are non-compliant based on the FAA’s ADS-B Performance Monitoring System. This course focuses on the proper configuration and testing of ADS-B installations to ensure your installation meets the performance requirements and regulations. Also included are troubleshooting tips and tricks that will help you resolve the common problems found in ADS-B installations.
Inflight Connectivity Foundations
(New course: 15 seats remain)
Nov. 3, 2021
In-person course; Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for certificated repairmen, new avionics technicians, aviation maintenance technicians and recent graduates interested in improving or acquiring the skills necessary to support inflight connectivity system installations and maintenance. This eight-hour training enables aircraft technicians and operators to gain understanding on the basic airborne networks, IFC systems, and the services they provide.
News from AEA Member Companies
Avidyne Corp. announced that its authorized reseller relationship with L3Harris Technologies Inc. has been expanded to now include the ESI-500 and EFD-750 standby instruments, as well as the NXT 600 Mode S ADS-B Out transponders, in addition to the current offering for the Lynx NGT-9000 ADS B In/Out transponder and display series. Avidyne and Switzerland-based Daedalean AG are developing, manufacturing and certifying advanced-technology airborne systems for general aviation, special mission, and advanced air mobility markets to be marketed as the Avidyne PilotEye Vision System. 

Aspen Avionics announced the FAA has approved changes to the backup instrument requirements with the installation of Aspen’s Evolution EFD1000 Pro MAX primary flight display. The approval allows aircraft owners to remove the attitude indicator when installing a single Evolution EFD1000 Pro MAX PFD with the latest released software (v2.11) and the new extended duration battery. A turn and bank indicator along with airspeed and altimeter must be retained as the three required backups.

Garmin announced an update to the GI 275 engine indication system that includes enhanced display layouts that optimize display space and show more engine data on a single page, ultimately helping pilots quickly view essential engine, fuel and electrical data. In addition, improved graphical information and gauges are used to help pilots dynamically visualize sensor data and accurately assess the aircraft’s engine performance. Garmin also announced its pilot training opportunities through June 2022 including a return to in-person instructor led courses beginning in August 2021. A variety of pilot training opportunities are available ranging from self-study materials, webinars, eLearning courses and instructor-led training offered for the GTN Series, G500/G600, TXi Series, G3X Touch, and Garmin integrated flight decks. 

Spirit Aeronautics announced its expansion at Meacham International Airport. Serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, Spirit Aeronautics will operate from Baker Aviation's new 70,000-square-foot hangar facilities providing avionics modifications and flight line support for local aircraft operators. 

Alpine Aerotech promoted Alfonso Garcia to vice president of sales and business development.

Metro Aviation has made an additional investment into its safety and training measures by equipping pilots with the ICARUS view-limiting devices.

Astronics Corp. announced that Peter J. Gundermann, chairman, president and CEO, and David C. Burney, executive vice president and CFO, will present at the Canaccord Genuity 41st annual Growth Conference on Aug. 12. Astronics and 3Oe Scientific Inc. announced that the Iggy hand rinsing device has been declared winner of America by Design: People’s Choice Award. 3Oe Scientific partnered with PDT, an Astronics Company, to design and manufacture Iggy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

West Star Aviation promoted Jeremy Camren to Gulfstream Avionics supervisor at its East Alton, Illinois, facility. It also promoted four technicians to lead positions in the Falcon, Citation and Avionics departments: Kevin Rowe, lead aircraft maintenance, Falcon; Chad Head, lead sheet metal technician, Falcon; Ken Schnurbusch, lead avionics maintenance; and Noah Vogt, lead aircraft maintenance, Citation. Alan Schaake was named the new director of accounting. 

AeroBrigham displayed the latest generation HUD installed on the Air Tractor AT802 Fire Boss scooper fire bomber airplanes during the Airborne Public Safety Association Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Duncan Aviation announced that David Sturdy has joined the company’s recruitment team and will take on the responsibility for generating interest in the industry and the company from the Battle Creek, Michigan, facility. Duncan Aviation also has assumed responsibilities for the component repair and exchange services for specified Honeywell avionics content, flight controls, electronic flight control instruments, air data, and attitude heading reference units on legacy platforms. Duncan Aviation also announced its Engineering & Certification Services recently amended two STCs for the Embraer Legacy 600. Duncan Aviation also announced that Robert Suarez has joined the Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions team as market research analyst. 

BendixKing signed an agreement with Eviation to install its latest flight deck technologies on the Alice all-electric aircraft. BendixKing, in collaboration with Duncan Aviation, is developing an STC for the AeroCruze 100 Autopilot System for Mooney M-20 series aircraft. BendixKing and regional airline Twin Jet have signed an agreement to install BendixKing’s KFC 330 autopilot aboard Twin Jet’s fleet of Beechcraft 1900D aircraft.

Elliott Aviation promoted Josh Oestern to avionics sales manager. He was most recently a project manager for Elliott Aviation’s MRO services at its headquarters in Moline, Illinois.

ACI Jet was awarded International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling Stage II certification from the International Business Aviation Council for its FBO operations at John Wayne Airport.

ACR Electronics introduced the world’s smallest satellite communication device – the ACR Bivy Stick two-way satellite messenger and app. It offers an option for sending SMS messages, tracking and sharing location information, accessing GPS maps, viewing live weather forecasts and initiating a distress call in an emergency.
Pro Star Aviation announced that Embraer selected it as the new Northeast Embraer authorized service center, providing line and base maintenance support on the Phenom 100/300, Legacy 450/500, Praetor 500/600 and Legacy 600/650 airframes.

Trig Avionics announced that Artyom Liss installed a compact Trig TY91 radio and TT21 Mode S transponder on his vintage 1946 Auster.

Thomas Global Systems announced that a major international cargo operator selected its TFD-7076 LCD displays from the TFD-7000 Series to replace the legacy cathode ray tube Engine Indicating & Crew Alerting System displays remaining in the operator’s Boeing 767 flight decks.

VIH Aerospace received Transport Canada STC approval for the H135 left-hand Vertical (Bubble) Reference Window. STC 09-43 was previously approved by Transport Canada, the FAA, and EASA for the right-hand configuration and now with the left-hand configuration receiving Transport Canada approval, the FAA and EASA approvals are pending.

uAvionix received a TSO from the FAA for its "truFYX" GPS receiver for unmanned aircraft systems. The SBAS/WAAS capable GPS is the first to specifically target UAS platform navigation and surveillance solutions, according to the company.

Constant Aviation expanded its nationwide AOG mobile response network by more than 15% this year to meet growing customer demand.

Texas Aerospace Technologies, a subsidiary of Texas Aerospace Services, announced that Vanderlei da Silva was appointed sales manager for Latin America.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. named Christian Flathman director of public and media relations.

Collins Aerospace joined an aviation coalition that jointly donates $400,000 to support COVID-19 vaccination in 92 countries. The donations will be matched by the Gavi Matching Fund, amounting to $800,000 to support global COVID-19 vaccine equity.

Carolina GSE will attend the 41st annual NC Airports Association Conference in Pinehurst, North Carolina in August.

Air Plains Services will join the annual Wellington Municipal Airport open house set for Sept. 11.

Cutter Aviation appointed Nels Peterson as customer relations manager at its Phoenix, Arizona, location

MD Helicopters announced that Huntington Beach Police Department signed a purchase agreement for three MD 530F helicopters in a law enforcement configuration.

StandardAero delivered the industry’s first UH-1H helicopter tailboom modified to be the lightest with the most heavy-lift strength to fly in the hottest and highest altitudes in the world. The first modification was delivered to launch customer, Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff’s Department’s helicopter fleet, in July. Also, German airline Lufthansa CityLine has selected StandardAero to provide support for the GE Aviation CF34-8C turbofan engines powering its fleet of MHI RJ Aviation (formerly Bombardier) CRJ900 regional jets.

KU Aerospace Short Course Program in San Diego is accepting online enrollment for September courses such as EWIS and FAA Requirements and a course on FAA Aircraft Certification and Airworthiness Approvals.
AEA Jobs Board Offers Free Resume Posting
For individuals interested in pursuing professional opportunities in the avionics industry, the job listings page on the AEA website is your one-stop resource. The AEA jobs board provides informational links on how to get AET certified, an avionics technician job summary and wage review, along with scholarship opportunities within the industry. Search the AEA's job listings and see what's on your horizon. Free resume posting is available. Are you up to the challenge? More...
Are You Hiring? The AEA Works for You!
Is your business hiring? The AEA jobs board makes it easier for AEA members to find their next avionics technician, quality manager, inspector, sales representative or engineer.

AEA members may submit a free job posting after entering their username and password at Member companies that optionally choose to upgrade their job posting for a premium will have preferred online placement and also will be published in the next edition of Avionics News. For more information about premium job listings, contact Rachel Hill, AEA advertising executive, at
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