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July 12, 2017
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News from the general aviation industry

AEA to Award $1,000 Toward an ADS-B Out Installation to Five Aircraft Owners at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
To help incentivize owners of general aviation aircraft to meet the Federal Aviation Administration's ADS-B Out equipage mandate in the United States, the Aircraft Electronics Association will randomly award five aircraft owners with $1,000 toward an ADS-B compliant upgrade during the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture Oshkosh, July 24-30, in Wisconsin.  This year marks the fourth-consecutive year that the AEA has made the $1,000 award available to five aircraft owners. 

Aircraft owners may enter to win one of the five $1,000 awards in Hangar B at Wittman Regional Airport, booth No. 2035/2036, beginning July 24. The AEA will announce one winner each day from July 24 through July 28 via its social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and from its AirVenture booth in Oshkosh. 

Aircraft owners must be at least 18 years old to register to win. Each of the five winners must use an AEA-member avionics repair station to complete the installation, and the installation must be scheduled by Aug. 1, 2018. One entry gives aircraft owners a chance to win each of the five daily drawings.   More...

Got ADS-B Questions? FAA and AEA Co-host Twitter Chat, July 19
Are you ready for ADS-B? Will you need it to operate in airspace near you? Need help sorting through the many options and features that are available on ADS-B equipment? Not sure how to apply for the FAA ADS-B rebate program? 

The FAA's Equip 2020 Team can help. This joint government/industry group -- designed to encourage and help aircraft owners equip with ADS-B Out before the Jan. 1, 2020, deadline -- is hosting a live Twitter #ADSBchat to directly answer and address your general aviation questions and concerns. 

The FAA #ADSBchat will take place Wednesday, July 19, 2017, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EDT. In addition to several FAA experts, representatives from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Experimental Aircraft Association, and Aircraft Electronics Association will also help co-host the live question and answer session. Please make sure to include #ADSBchat in all of your tweets. 
To view and/or participate in the Twitter chat, simply click here and watch all of the latest tweets appear. Keep in mind that you will need to have a Twitter account to post questions during the event. Click the sign-up button on Twitter to create an account. More...

AEA's 2017-18 Pilot's Guide to Avionics to be Unveiled at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
Published annually by the Aircraft Electronics Association, the 2017-18 edition of the  Pilot's Guide to Avionics  will be unveiled with free distribution at the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture Oshkosh in Wisconsin, July 24-30. AEA staff members will distribute thousands of complimentary copies to pilots and aircraft owners at the AEA's AirVenture booth, No. 2035/2036 in Hangar B at Wittman Regional Airport. 

This year marks the 15th annual edition of the  Pilot's Guide to Avionics, a consumer's directory loaded with educational articles, timely information and data about the wonderful world of avionics technologies. The publication helps pilots and aircraft owners make better buying decisions and locate nearly 1,300 AEA member companies in more than 40 countries, including government-certified repair stations specializing in maintenance, repair and installation of avionics and electronic systems in general aviation aircraft. It also includes the manufacturers and distributors of these products, as well as technical schools and universities, engineers and consultants for the industry. 

With the Federal Aviation Administration's mandate for aircraft flying in controlled airspace to equip with ADS-B Out avionics by Jan. 1, 2020, this publication covers the topic in-depth and provides answers to frequently asked questions In addition to the initial distribution at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, thousands of copies of the Pilot's Guide to Avionics will be distributed at several industry trade shows and to all AEA member companies at no charge. 

Individuals residing in the United States also may request a free copy of the AEA's  Pilot's Guide to Avionics  online while supplies last. More...

Regulatory Update
All the latest from the international aviation authorities

AEA Opposes H.R. 2997 and ATC Privatization in the U.S.
U.S. congressional leaders in both the House and Senate recently proposed and debated several items as part of the discussions on future funding of the Federal Aviation Administration. The current funding expires in September of this year. Both the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee passed different versions of FAA reauthorization. 

The House bill, H.R. 2997, the 21st Century AIRR Act, was passed by the committee on June 27, and it includes a proposal to privatize air traffic control in the U.S. The Senate version of the bill, S. 1405, the FAA Act of 2017, made its way through the committee two days later on June 29, but it does not include ATC privatization language. 

Just as the one-size-fits-all approach to regulations doesn't work for you or your business, both the House and Senate bills contain promising proposals that will benefit the general aviation industry and aviation as a whole. However, the House bill contains a provision that the AEA and the entire general aviation community are united against: proposed transfer of the air traffic services currently provided by the FAA to a separate not-for-profit corporate entity. 

On June 30, the Aircraft Electronics Association, along with more than 30 general aviation groups, issued a joint statement opposing H.R. 2997. After a thorough and detailed review of the proposal, the GA coalition concluded that these reforms will produce uncertainty and unintended consequences without achieving the desired outcomes. 

According to the joint statement, "While we enjoy the safest, most-efficient air traffic control system in the world, we also believe that reforms, short of privatization, can better address the FAA's need to improve its ability to modernize our system."  Click here to view the statement from the GA groups in its entirety. 

H.R. 2997 Wrought with Incorrect Assumptions
The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee reported that it has researched similar global air traffic organizations and reported their successes as justification to transition the U.S. ATC to a corporate entity. However, there are no other countries with the scope of domestic flight operations in the U.S. and the scope of general aviation operations in the U.S. Additionally, the FAA is the model that all other countries measure themselves against. In essence, the House committee's logic is flawed. 

The House Committee failed to address the fees and charges that general aviation currently pays for flight operations, which have been incorporated into the fuel usage as a federal tax on aviation fuel. This has long been viewed as the most advantageous and cost-effective means of collecting general aviation fees and charges. The proposed corporate entity would not have access to these collection tools and would not only collect these equivalent fees but also add administrative fees on top, thereby increasing the cost of operations to every general aviation pilot. 

The proposed privatization of ATC and the transition to a fee-based corporate entity would have a detrimental effect on safety. In essence, the proposal would discourage general aviation pilots from using the services that, after 100 years of flight operations, has created one of the safest modes of transportation and the safest aviation system in the world. The benefits of the Flight Services, Flight Following, filing Flight Plans, and, where appropriate, filing for IFR flight operations are well documented. Under the House proposal, all of these current tax-paid safety services would become "toll-based" services, which would discourage rather than encourage their use. This proposal runs contrary to every safety-enhancing activity the AEA has supported in the past two decades More...

On the Radar
Upcoming AEA and industry events

EAA AirVenture: Oshkosh, Wisconsin
July 24-30, 2017
For seven days from sunrise to well past sunset, Oshkosh is filled with dazzling displays of aerobatics, informative programs and hands-on workshops, diverse aircraft spanning all eras of flight, concerts and more. More...

Register Now Button AEA U.S. West Connect Conference: 
Reno, Nevada
Sept. 6-7, 2017
The Grand Sierra Resort plays host to this two-day event. Attendees must register in advance by Aug. 30, and hotel reservations should be made prior to Aug. 7. The AEA Connect Conferences offer a forum to see, hear and learn about all the new technology on the market, network with industry peers and discover best practices for the aviation repair station industry. More...

Register Now Button AEA U.S. East Connect Conference:
Jacksonville, Florida
Sept. 18-19, 2017
Attendees must register in advance by Sept. 11, and hotel reservations should be made at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverside no later than Aug. 26. More...

Garmin Ad for Wired The Connection
Meet the leaders in the general aviation industry

Everett Community College offers first Advanced Avionics Program in Washington state
Avionics News recently spoke with Robert Prosch, associate dean of aviation for Everett Community College in Everett, Washington, to learn how the institution has partnered with Boeing and other aviation/aerospace companies located in the Puget Sound Aviation and Technology Corridor to create its brand-new advanced avionics program. 
"Our aviation maintenance program started right here on Paine Field (now the Snohomish County Airport), in 1968, shortly after the U.S. Air Force base was shut down," Prosch said. "We were originally granted old Air Force hangars to house our program. The FAA air agency certificate was granted to the college in 1968 to begin offering airframe and powerplant ratings.  In the mid-1980s, we built new facilities and moved to the opposite side of the airport where we are located today. We have over 48,000 square feet of training space for our A&P and advanced avionics programs, including classrooms, lab facilities and hangars ."  More...  

In the Classroom 
Professional development opportunities

Register Now Button Basic Wiring and Avionics Installation:
Aug. 7-9, 2017
This course is designed for certificated repairmen, new avionics technicians, aviation maintenance technicians and recent graduates interested in improving or acquiring the skills necessary to perform avionics installations. This three-day seminar employs in-depth theory and hands-on lab exercises to immerse the attendee in the best practices used to plan, manage and install a general aviation avionics panel. More...

Register Now Button ADS-B Broadcast Surveillance: All the Ins and Outs
Aug. 10, 2017
This course is designed for currently employed repair station personnel. It will describe and define ADS-B systems and the FAA's guidance and specifications on both ground stations and airborne equipment. More...

Register Now Button IFR 6000 Operations Training:
Aug. 11, 2017
This course is designed to provide maintenance personnel with the knowledge and skills required to operate the IFR 6000 to verify and maintain transponder, UAT, TCAS, and DME systems. More...

Register Now Button Avionics Installation and Integration Training:
Aug. 21-23, 2017
This course is designed for technicians who have completed the AEA's Basic Wiring and Avionics Installation Course and/or have a couple of years of basic avionics installation practice and are looking for more experience integrating common general aviation installations. Technicians will learn how to plan, install, interface, configure and check out an installation consisting of a Garmin GTN 650 touchscreen nav/com/GPS, Garmin GTX 33 ES remote transponder and an Aspen EFD1000 primary flight display. More... 

Register Now Button Pitot-static and Transponder Certification Training with ADS-B Implementation Session:
Aug. 24, 2017
Attendees will learn the proper methods for conducting pitot-static and transponder certification testing. This full-day course offers hands-on training, including a regulatory review and an explanation of the proper administrative procedures for completing these critical certifications. With so many questions surrounding ADS-B. this course will provide the answers and what you need to know to meet the mandate. More...

Register Now Button RVSM Maintenance and Advanced Transponder Training:
Aug. 25, 2017
Attendees will be introduced to the regulations, documentation, test equipment and maintenance practices associated with performing RVSM maintenance and will follow with an in-depth look at Mode S transponders. This course assumes the attendee has good operating knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations 91.411 and 91.413. More... 

Avionics Careers
Job postings, career resources and scholarships

Looking for a Job in the Avionics Industry? 
For individuals interested in pursuing professional opportunities in the avionics industry, the career listings page on the AEA website is your one-stop resource. Avionics technicians are specialists who install, maintain and repair an aircraft's electronic instruments, such as radio communication devices, radar systems and navigation aids. With the advancement of digital technology, technicians are required to maintain and configure complex computer systems. The AEA careers page provides informational links on how to get AET certified, an avionics technician job summary and wage review, along with scholarship opportunities within the industry. Search the AEA's career listings and see what's on your horizon. Are you up to the challenge? More...

Need to Post a Job? The AEA Works for You!
Is your business hiring? Looking for a new avionics technician or A&P mechanic? Want to buy or sell a business in the general aviation industry? Post these professional opportunities to a target-rich environment: the AEA's career listings website.  For $200 a month, you can place a listing online AND receive a print advertisement in Avionics News for FREE! For more information, contact Lauren McFarland, AEA director of advertising, at
The Static
News from AEA member companies

VECTOR AEROSPACE  received a 2016 Boeing Performance Excellence Award for its support of the Chinook heavy-lift helicopter. Boeing issues the award annually to recognize top-performing suppliers who share its focus on first-time quality and on-time delivery . Vector Aerospace also recently ran a series of "Vector Ag Customer Days" for the second-straight year. The events focus on the important Australian agricultural aerial application operator and firefighting segments and took place in collaboration with Field Air and Pratt and Whitney Canada. 

DUNCAN AVIATION customers are now able to review, compare and approve sales quotes via the myDuncan portal. KASEY HARWICK was named director of maintenance at its Battle Creek, Michigan, facility. The Duncan Aviation satellite avionics shop in Sacramento, California, upgraded a Rockwell Collins TDR-94D for a Piaggio Avanti P-180, bringing the aircraft into compliance with the FAA's ADS-B Out mandate. 

AERO DYNAMIX received FAA STC certification for the Airbus H145 D2 Night Vision Lighting Modification. 

CUTTER AVIATION named BRIAN WALKER regional sales manager for the eastern United States. 

JETSUPPORT BV extended the 145 approved maintenance organization approval for the classic Falcon 2000 and Citation Jet 3 & 4 (525B & 525C). 

LATITUDE TECHNOLOGIES named RAYMOND LARKIN vice president of business aviation sales with additional responsibilities as the accountable manager developing military and government programs. 

STANDARDAERO and  Airbus entered into exclusive negotiations with respect to an acquisition by StandardAero of Vector Aerospace Holding SAS from Airbus. 

FLYING COLOURS CORP.'s avionics team has completed its first installation of the Honeywell JetWave Ka-Band satellite communications system. 

SHADIN AVIONICS announced that the European Aviation Safety Agency approved the Shadin Avionics STCs for the Robinson R66 Fuel Flow Management System. 

PRO STAR AVIATION completed all installation requirements on its second King Air series aircraft in support of Advent Aircraft Systems' AML STC -- Installation of an antiskid braking system. 

ACHIEVEMENT AVIATION received its repair station certificate from the FAA with limited instrument and limited radio ratings. 

CMD FLIGHT SOLUTIONS announced the installation of its 330th ADS-B Out solution. CMD also received FAA approval on three additional aircraft on its H/W Primus II Radio Suite ADS-B Out AML STC. The new aircraft include the Dornier 328-100 and the Dornier 328-300, in addition to the Textron 680 Sovereign. 

ELLIOTT AVIATION announced the addition of Citation 500, 550, S550, 560, 560XL and 650 series to its Wi-Fi STC. The FAA STC covers the activation and use of Gogo ATG and 4G Wi-Fi products and allows for blanket approval of the activation of the new AC band of aircraft wireless router protocol to allow for faster Wi-Fi speeds. 

ASTRONICS CORP., through its wholly owned subsidiary Astronics Max-Viz, is collaborating with the FAA in a research project to study operational concepts for the use of enhanced flight vision systems in helicopters. 
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In 2009, General Aviation Caucuses were formed in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate to inform congressional members and staff about the importance of general aviation to the nation's economy and transportation system. Today, the House GA Caucus has grown to become one of the largest caucuses in the House of Representatives. A listing of current House and Senate GA Caucus members is available on the AEA website. More... 

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