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Dec. 26, 2012
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AVGROUP announced JIM SPENCER has joined the team as regional sales representative. His focus will be on customers in the northwestern states of the U.S. and in Canada. 

EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY - Asia graduated its inaugural class of 19 MBA in Aviation students during a recent ceremony at Singapore Aviation Academy, where the MBAA courses are taught. Launched in January 2011, the first specialized MBA program offered by Embry-Riddle in Asia has quickly grown to 69 students. Counting the first class, three other MBAA classes are under way, and another begins in January 2013.

STEVENS AVIATION announced the addition of aviation industry veteran JOHN BERIZZI to its technical sales group based in Greenville, S.C.

UNIVERSAL AVIONICS announced the company will open a new satellite office in Singapore. Slated to open the first quarter of 2013, the Asia Pacific office will further support Universal's significant customer base in areas including Thailand, Japan and Australia, where numerous flight deck retrofit projects are in work.




General Aviation: A State-by-State Economic Impact Survey


The Alliance for Aviation Across America launched a wide-scale economic impact survey to outline the benefit of general aviation on businesses, local economies and communities around the nation. AEA Wired will highlight a different state each issue:


North Dakota


Airports: 89

Pilots: 2,998

Aircraft: 2,419

Jobs: 920

Econ. Impact: $218 million


Note: Agricultural aviation and air tourism are big business in N.D.



U.S. General Aviation Caucus Update


General Aviation Caucuses were formed in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate in 2009, to inform members and staff about the importance of GA to the nation's economy and transportation system. To date, 192 members of the U.S. Congress have signed on to the General Aviation Caucus. Click below to see if your elected representative is a member. If not, please contact them immediately and ask them to join the GA Caucus to promote the value of the general aviation industry to our nation's economy.




Tillman Part 1  
Col. Mark Tillman, the United States' 12th Presidential Pilot, during the opening ceremonies of the 55th annual AEA International Convention and Trade Show.
(Part Three) 
 Aircraft Electronics





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Coalition to Save Our GPS Files Comments with FCC
The Coalition to Save Our GPS has stressed to the FCC that as it considers expansion of terrestrial use of the mobile satellite spectrum adjacent to GPS, it is vitally important that expansion "not come at the expense of critical GPS services" and called for a "comprehensive consideration of all relevant public policy issues" and careful consideration of "the overall public interest, not simply the immediate exigencies surrounding the proposed business plan of a private party." More... 



Commentary: It's Time to Balance The Budget 

"OK, so what does sequestration really mean? Simply put, we should not spend more than we make. As a small business owner, finance major and treasurer of the AEA, I understand the importance of balancing a budget... There have been many unsuccessful efforts in the past that were laced with sound bites appearing to address the nation's financial problems, but each was a temporary Band-Aid. Tampered and limited sequestration will not solve the budget crisis, and it unfairly reduces the budgets of many programs. Regardless of who won the election last month, we need leaders willing to tackle the tough issues facing the nation and our global economy."  


To read more thoughts on the topic from Jeanne Rau-Flattery, AEA Treasurer, click here.



FAA and Industry Rotorcraft Forum

The third Federal Aviation Administration and Industry Rotorcraft Forum is scheduled for Jan. 23-24 at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas. This is a two-day forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the certification and installation of new avionics technologies in the rotorcraft market. The aim of the forum is to open the lines of communication between industry and the Rotorcraft Directorate. This event is a continuation and follow-up on the first and second FAA and Industry Rotorcraft Forums, which took place in February and August.


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Save the Date June 12
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Reg Update June 12

Do You Have Questions About ADS-B? 

As mentioned at the recent AEA South Pacific Regional Meeting, there are numerous online resources available for information on ADS-B technology. In addition to the AEA's own ADS-B minisite at www.aea.net/ads-b, which contains countless resources on the topic, the following documents were discussed and have recently been added to the AEA website.
Questions and Answers for Owners of Australian General Aviation Aircraft  
Airservices Australia and the AOPA have prepared a frequently asked question booklet, which can be downloaded here: www.aea.net/ads-b/pdf/FAQ_ADS-B_1-01_30OCT12-1.pdf.
The Australian government's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has also produced a booklet explaining the fundamentals of ADS-B technologyClick here to download the booklet (PDF format). 

PG2A Oct12
Pilot's Guide to Avionics

PG2A 12-13

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AEA Members Regard Avionics News Magazine as Their No. 1 Association Benefit    
Avionics News readers on the move can now take the magazine with them through a new mobile app designed for iPad, iPhone or iOS devices. Simply search the App Store for "Avionics News" or click here from any iOS device.
Once installed, open the Avionics News app and go to the catalog to read issues online or download and read offline.
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Start the New Year with Training at the AEA!


Four Training Courses are offered at the AEA Headquarters in January. Class Sizes are Limited...Register now to guarantee your seat!
The Aircraft Electronics Association is offering four educational courses to begin the New Year in the Dan Derby Center for Professional Development at its international headquarters in Lee's Summit, Mo.


Pitot-Static & Transponder Class

Jan. 24, 2013


RVSM Maintenance & Advanced Class

Jan. 25, 2013


Foreign Object Elimination Training Class

Jan. 30, 2013


Digital Databus Theory Training Class

Jan. 31, 2013


Click here for more information and to register now.



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