Our annual meeting is always a great opportunity to step back and see the bigger picture. It can be easy to get lost in the minutiae of daily tasks and meetings. 

This certainly was and continues to be a year with lots of challenges, but the last several months have also highlighted our strengths. I’m proud of the ways our team was ready to respond not only with financial support but with strengthening our ties throughout the region. While our clients still face many challenges, we are committed to providing any assistance they may need. From lending opportunities to PPE and business support, we will continue to embrace our mission to provide loans and support to entrepreneurial, innovative business and community endeavors. 

The upcoming election is definitely on all of our minds, and we have our own election happening right now as well. Our Board Election ballots went out on Wednesday, October 28th. Janet DePace, Kathy Montagne and Tina Susmilch have all agreed to run for another term. However, Scott Bartlett will be leaving us at the end of December. Larry Oetker, who has worked with AEDC for over a decade—mostly during his term as Community Development Director for the City of Arcata—will be added to the ballot this year. Members, please take time to vote, and submit your ballots for our election as well as the local, state, and national election as well!

-- Ross