As a lender, AEDC works closely with our borrowers. We realize that crises don't always end on a designated time-line. That’s why we continue to have on-going conversations with each of our clients to make sure they're prepared and aware of any upcoming changes headed their way. 

For the past six months, the CARES Act has been providing relief to some of our business loan clients by making loan payments for SBA borrowers. However, September will mark the end of that benefit, which means many businesses will be faced with making loan payments as agreed. 

Our loan servicing officer, Tony Rodrigues, is currently meeting with borrowers one-on-one, asking them a series of questions about the impact COVID-19 has made on their businesses. This information will allow us to identify new opportunities that will help businesses navigate their way during this difficult time. It's important for business owners to know that they are not alone. At AEDC, our mission is to serve our clients and the economic health of the community, which means working to assure all efforts are exhausted to help businesses succeed. 

If you are a business client and you're struggling, do not wait to hear from us. Please call our loan department and let's talk!